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A Theme deck, previously known as a Reconstructed Theme Deck, is a playing deck of Pokemon Trading Card Game cards, sold pre-packaged alongside mainstream card sets. Most Theme decks are designed with a specific strategy (such as Special Conditions) or theme (such as starter Pokemon) in mind. Available in market from years, new Pokemon theme decks are released frequently and have become wildly popular amongst Singapore Pokemon fans over the period.
27 Feb 2017
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Atlanta Design & Build is one of the most experience bathroom remodeling companies in Atlanta. We have skilled designers for home redesigning like bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, etc. The designs of our designers will make use of all the free spaces of your bathroom in an efficient way to give you a better result. Our certified professionals will provide you a best and qualified reconstruction to your bathroom, which suits to your expectations and your budget.
14 Feb 2017
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A burns survivor whose face was was melted by scorching butter as a toddler now rejects surgery because she has learnt to love her scars. Alyssa McDonald’s parents were told to make funeral arrangements after she tipped a pain of melted butter onto her face when she was two years old. But she defied doctors and went onto have over 100 surgeries, including skin grafts, the fitting of a prosthetic eye and lip and eyebrow reconstruction. However, the 25-year-old, from Cincinnati, has not had surgery for almost a decade and now goes by the motto ‘I wear my flaws like diamonds’ The day care teacher, said: ‘After being rushed to hospital I slipped into a coma, where my mom said my head swelled ten times its normal size. | Metro News
8 Feb 2017
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Dr. Amit P. Patel Awarded Invisalign® Preferred Provider Status A P. PATEL, DMD, FMIII, FICOI, is the Director of Surgical Implant and Reconstructive Dentistry at American Dental Care. Dr. Patel was voted for “Top Dentist in Delaware for 2012, 2015 and 2016” by Delaware Today magazine reader’s poll and by peer review respectively. Book An Appointment With Us Today To Restore The Beauty of Your Pearly Whites!
6 Jan 2017
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HOW TO NEGOTIATE WITH AN IRS AUDITOR Despite IRS claims that auditors can’t negotiate. Give-and –take is part of the process. An IRS Auditors job performance is based largely on how many cases closed – marked at “agreed”. The Auditors wants you to consent to their findings and not appeal or go to Tax Court. This gives you negotiating power. This means the auditor wants your signature so badly she will allow bogus business expenses or overlook unreported income. Here is one negotiating strategy. DO NOT JUST SIT THERE: Keep asking the auditor about disallowances she is considering as the audit progresses or they won’t tell you what’s on their mind so you can be in the dark until you get the examination report. Don’t let an auditor take the easy way out – make her face and justify her actions. In turn, you can argue your position right there and then. If she plans to make an adjustment because you didn’t produce records, you can ask for time to find or reconstruct the documents. For Example: The IRS Auditors tells Joseph an SEO consultant, that he is disallowing his deductions for the theft of his computer. Joseph’s reason is that there is no documentation for the loss. John should instead get a police report for the Auditor. NOTE: Keep in mind, the difference between arguing and negotiating. Negotiating is the art of meeting in the middle. For example: Let’s say you lost all your paperwork for a $600 office supply deduction. The auditor proposes to disallow 100% of the deduction. You can negotiate like “Since I made a profit and maintained an office, I must have bought office supplies. I lost my receipts, but my reconstruction of expenses is reasonable. I should be allowed at least 50%." ADVANCE TAX RELIEF 800-790-8574
20 Dec 2016
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1:35 - Cosmetic dentistry is a type of dental procedure and treatment that helps improve the appearance of the mouth and teeth. It deals with the arrangement, color, shape, and correct alignment of the teeth. The procedure differs depending on the individual's preferences and not on health issues. Several treatments/procedures included in cosmetic dentistry are: • Composite Bonding • Dental • Dental Veneers • Full Mouth Reconstruction • Inlays/ • Smile Makeover • Teeth Whitening The cost of cosmetic dental procedures can be very expensive due to the costly materials used, extra time and effort from the cosmetic dentists, and mostly done in first-class cosmetic dental clinics or laboratories. Despite being an expensive dental procedure, it has nevertheless gain popularity and in demand these days. However, many individuals are looking for affordable ways to have it done. The majority of dental insurance do not cover cosmetic dental treatments, but there is a good alternative called discount dental plan. Discount dental plans offer discounts from 10% up to 60% on dental services from any participating dentists in their network of dental providers. This can be a wise investment with the high cost of dental procedures and treatments. An individual, family, or group only needs to pay the low monthly or annual fees to become a member. Pre-existing conditions are no problem and there are also no long waiting periods, no deductibles, no claim forms to fill up, and no annual limits to how often one can use the membership card as needed. There are different discount dental plans to choose to suit an individual according to his or her needs. Learn how to save 10% to 60% on cosmetic dentistry treatments and procedures! Simply contact us today & mention coupon code mysmile10 to Save 10% off your already low cost enrollment fee!
27 Sep 2016
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Dr. Scheinman and his team of expert staff will discuss all possible options to create the best suitable plan for you. You can call them up or contact them via mail to book and appointment and plan your breast reconstruction surgery.
9 Aug 2016
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6:44 ----------- Dr. Jeffrey Ditesheim is a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon operating in Charlotte, North Carolina. Cara talks about the why she chose Ditesheim Cosmetic Surgery for her breast reconstruction surgery.
16 Jan 2014
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3:53 ----------- Shirley, a patient of Dr. Jeffrey Ditesheim's, explains how Dr. Ditesheim is only among a handful of surgeons in the country to perform breast reconstruction surgery after a patient has been diagnosed with breast cancer.
16 Jan 2014
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For more information on Clearwater Water damage restoration:- Call at 727-657-8873 / 727-657-3704 Clearwater Water damage restoration offer services to homeowners and businesses that have been affected by any kind of damage.Remove all standing water with wet vacuums and pumps and dry all surfaces.We specialize in all restoration and reconstruction services.Technicians are available at all times to provide any service needed to the customers.
14 Jan 2014
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This summer, pack your shield and helmet, and join us for a Viking Adventure at the maritime museum. There's something for the whole family! Climb aboard a reconstructed Viking longship, battle your friends in Viking Wetworld, explore life in a Viking village, uncover the truth about Vikings in a circus-style Viking theatre show, have your photo taken with a Viking re-enactor, marvel at over 500 rare treasures in our Vikings exhibition and complete the Viking kids trail to win cool prizes. Afterwards, relax in front of a Viking film or explore the Cabinet of Curiosities to see what Vikings really wore in battle, such as armour, helmets, swords and beads! Viking Adventure is for a limited time only at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour Sydney. Must end 2 February 2014. Tickets available now at For more information visit
23 Dec 2013
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Visual Effects Showreel for Russian World War II drama "Stalingrad" (2013).
21 Dec 2013
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For more information on Clearwater Water damage restoration:- Call at 727-657-8873 / 727-657-3704 We Specialize in all restoration and reconstruction services. Clearwater Water damage restoration offer services to homeowners and businesses that have been affected by any kind of damage.We will strive to satisfy all of our clients restoration needs to the fullest. Our technicians are available at all times to provide any service needed to our customers.
17 Dec 2013
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Reconstructing the rise of life during the period of Earth’s history when it first evolved is challenging. Earth’s oldest sedimentary rocks are not only rare, but also almost always altered by hydrothermal and tectonic activity. A new study from a team including Carnegie’s Nora Noffke, a visiting investigator, and Robert Hazen revealed the well-preserved remnants of a complex ecosystem in a nearly 3.5 billion-year-old sedimentary rock sequence in Australia. 
11 Dec 2013
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0:38 - Facial Plastic Surgeon Philadelphia PA Call (215) 503-3223 Facial Plastic Surgery Philadelphia, 3 World Class board certified M.D's specializing in Facial Plastic Surgery both cosmetic and reconstructive purposes. Facial Plastic Surgeon Philadelphia PA Jefferson Facial Plastics 925 Chestnut Street, 7th Floor Philadelphia, PA 19107 (215) 503-3223
22 Nov 2013
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At the Yeung Institute, we provide facial cosmetic, skin care, and sinus services which exceed the expectations of our patients in the utmost private, serene, and professional setting, with superior quality every time. Conveniently located in the heart of the museum district and just minutes away from the Galleria and Medical Center, the procedures are performed in our state of the art surgery center with the most innovative technology and skill without the inconvenience of a hospital. The team consists of top ranked nurses and anesthesiologists. The facility truly is a unique center built with the patient's best interest at heart. Dr. Yeung is a Board Certified Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon. He is double board certified with the American Board of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery and the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery He has dedicated over 15 years of his medical career to the art and science of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.
19 Nov 2013
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