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Projet art et spectacle du Label Independant SIXCLIK Présentation : Sixclik et un Label indépendant non signé comportant plusieurs Artists de style musical éclectique tel que le collectif Le 6.35 pour le Rap & Slam Avec L-ody auteur - interprète Messa auteur - interprète Made-in-k auteur - interprète S-Kro L'authentiks auteur - interprète Rs-CooL Prod Compositeur - Technicien - Manageur Ou Pigeon-record et Cyclone-Center pour la musique électronique ainsi que Kévin & Ludwig pour le Rock Nous avons plusieurs concerts à notre actif tels que Le Sidaction D'abeville ainsi que des représentations en Radio telle que l'émission R.D.H de Pastel FM Notre Premier album est en Préparation et prévu pour fin 2009. Le 6.35 participe a chaque concours qui leurs sont présenté. Le 6.35 c'est 18 Blogs 2 sites Web et Plus de 300 000 visites Nos acquis : Présence et assiduité aux ateliers lyrics et réunions d'informations rencontres clé, Partages des techniques et connaissances musicale, de chants et beat vocal et la corrélation entre la mélodie " Les harmoniques aux flow " Contact et référencement à plusieurs organismes d'aide aux artistes Nordiste telle que Domaine Musique ,L'ara ,la cave aux poètes, le clap ect.. Ciblage de notre public ( de tous ages et tous milieux). Nos Projets : Participer aux plus grands nombres possible d'ateliers,de représentations ainsi que des concerts trés anime en faisant participé notre publique a des Free-Styles ou Batles lyricale Disponibilité : Le Collectif 6.35 s'engage pour une durée d'une année à intervenir gracieusement aux prêts d'associations, de comités de quartiers, centres sociaux et organisme humanitaire ainsi que les entrepris HLM Contact et réservation : Rombeaut Sébastien Tel : Mail : r[email protected] Blog : insrtu : Merci pour le temps qui nous a été imparti Nous restons à votre disposition Cordialement
Analysts say the seventh "Harry Potter" movie will bring in enough sales to pass "Star Wars" and make it the biggest movie franchise ever.
19 Nov 2010
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On May 29th, an 875hp Pro-2 will drop 10 stories down 90 feet of orange track. Here's a preview of what's to come at the Indy 500. To stay up to speed with the latest Team Hot Wheels news, visit www.teamhotwheels******
3 May 2011
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August 1, 2011 (1:56) In the U.S. some two thousand heat records were broken in the month of July. Some call the heat wave unprecedented.
2 Aug 2011
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Taylor Swift has sold out the Staples Center in Los Angeles 11 times, setting record.
21 Aug 2013
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The ever-popular boy band, One Direction, has officially been named the most popular band and recording artists in the world.
31 Jan 2014
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Katy Perry has a new crown to wear… she's the most followed person on the social media site!
4 Feb 2014
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Once you see this kid playing this computer car game, you are sure to believe that he can break any record in the car rally when he turns adult.
7 Sep 2017
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The highest record of standing jump is getting broken by this Canadian on camera and with his first attempt, he breaks the world record. Bravo man.
4 May 2018
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California's Six Flags Magic Mountain roller coaster, speed 62mph, height 170 ft., elevation change 263 ft. first drop 111 ft. 4 inversions, record breaking 124 ft. pretzel roll, 103 ft. flat spin, and my favorite part...the 96 ft.tall zero G roll...It's a Fantastic ride !!!
27 Oct 2006
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December 2006 (Medialink) -- Continuing a nine year trend, FedEx Corp. expects to make history again when a record-breaking total of 9.8 million packages move through its global and ground networks on December 18, 2006. This could be the busiest night in the history of FedEx, breaking the company's previous record night of 8.9 million last year. According to FedEx chief economist Gene Huang, growing volumes are a positive sign for economic strength during this heightened retail season. The National Retail Federation predicts a solid holiday season, citing anticipated growth of 5 percent over last year, bringing projected holiday spending to $457.4 billion. Also, online retailing is expected to increase 18 percent over last year. While sending gifts early will save time, FedEx is ready to help last minute shoppers get their gifts delivered in time for the holiday. The last day to ship with FedEx Express is December 22, 2006. The last day to ship FedEx Ground is December 15, 2006. On its first day in operation in 1973, Federal Express (as it was then known) delivered 186 packages. This year, the holiday season began in July of 2006 as goods left overseas ports and entered the FedEx Freight system for delivery to retailers. FedEx Express and the company overall will see its peak in mid-December as the highest value goods move from manufacturers directly to retailers and customers. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Produced for FedEx
3 Jan 2007
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A hilarious, fish-out-of-water comedy about superstar rap mogul, C-Note (Big Boi), who runs into fierce opposition when he tries to join the super stuffy Carolina Pines Golf & Country Club. Undeterred, C-Note gets the brilliant idea to buy the land adjacent to the golf club’s 17th hole, which he cleverly leverages to gain membership. C-Note’s crew wreaks havoc as they bring their larger-than-life style to the club. As the club’s hoighty-toighty leadership desperately tries to revoke C-Note’s membership, our hero realizes that his family’s honor - and secret record-breaking golf history - is at stake. As he takes on the fight of his life, C-Note pulls out all the stops to bring down the club’s backwards establishment and welcome them to the 21st century
26 Jul 2007
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The Weyerhaeuser AuSable River Canoe Marathon is a two-day, non-stop one-hundred-twenty mile canoe race across the state of Michigan. The marathon celebrated it's 60th running in 2007, and saw a record breaking seventy-six teams vying for their share of the over $50,000 prize pool. It begins at 9:00 PM, on the last Saturday of July in Grayling, and teams must reach the finish in Oscoda by 4:00 PM the following afternoon. This is a short race promo, the full video of the whole two-day event will be available isvideo**** on Oct 21, 2007.
8 Oct 2007
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