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This video will show you what to look out for the next time you use a public PC. You need to know this! This is becoming the most used method to record keystrokes and invade privacy.
11 Oct 2007
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BY JING LIU ANCHOR MEGAN MURPHY You're watching multisource global video news analysis from Newsy. German officials have admitted to using computer spyware on citizens-- sparking what the media are calling a surveillance software scandal. MSNBC reports-- a European hacker group made the discovery. “...the German-based Chaos Computer Club announced it had examined a Trojan horse program allegedly spread by government officials to secretly spy on citizens' Internet travels, e-mail, chat and more… So far, four German states -- including Bavaria -- have said they've used the program.” Those officials say-- they’ve only used the program within their legal bounds. Deutsche Welle explains Germany approved the use of the spyware three years ago. “The German Constitutional Court in 2008 established barriers to implementing such software, requiring that interception of Internet-based phone calls only be done with a warrant and court order.” (AOC) But the hacker group says the government has broken its own rules. (GFX_CCC) "Our analysis revealed once again that law enforcement agencies will overstep their authority if not watched carefully.” ******* (AOC) What exactly is the malware capable of? Wired breaks it down. “In addition to monitoring Skype calls and recording keystrokes to monitor e-mail and instant messaging communications, the Trojan can take screenshots and activate a computer’s microphone and webcam to allow someone to remotely spy on activities in a room.” (AOC) Add to that-- Gizmodo reports the potential threat to citizens’ privacy may stretch beyond Germany. (GFX_Gizmodo) “....the company that made [the malware] R2D2 says they also sold the program to Austria, the Netherlands, and Switzerland, and the Chaos Computer Club…believes it could easily be hijacked by third-party users.” *******gizmodo****/5848799/german-states-used-malware-to-spy-on-their-citizens (AOC) The Justice Minister has called for an investigation into the incident.
15 Oct 2011
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19 Feb 2012
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