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Sponsor: PorcFest**** - Dan Stewart is a "Recount Junkie," a Paul activist heavily involved in the controversial New Hampshire Primary recount. He says the NH Secretary of State's office has been picking and choosing what gets counted first, and that may mean the more interesting ballots are just now coming under scrutiny. Also in this report: What are the potential positive results that could come from this recount and the heavy scrutiny it has placed on the state's ballot process? And who really controls the ballots? Dan gives us his take. Additional keywords: Dave Ridley Report blackboxvoting**** vote fraud diebold
9 Feb 2009
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Sponsor: SakalCAI**** - Tensions boil over at the New Hampshire primary recount when state officials temporarily run out of ballots...leaving volunteer observers with nothing to do. Additional keywords: black box voting blackboxvoting**** super tuesday part 2 is up at
9 Feb 2008
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More at *******www.theuptake****. Common Cause, a nonpartisan organization designed to hold local government accountable to public interest, will be overseeing the Minneota Senate recount, which begins on November 18th. The advocacy group held a press conference to address their role in observing the recount process.
16 Nov 2008
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More at *******www.theuptake****. Lawyers for Norm Coleman and Al Franken dueled in Minnesota while the state canvassing board reset the race to zero-zero and the recount begins.
20 Nov 2008
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At the Hennepin County elections warehouse in Minneapolis, one calm person is in the eye of the storm between election judges, the media, and campaign lawyers: Cindy Reichert, Director of Elections for Minneapolis. Cindy describes the challenges that arose on the first day of Minnesota's senate recount. We also take a look at a sampling of challenged ballots, including a glimpse of a "Mickey Mouse" ballot, and a bit of MN GOP chair Ron Carey being interviewed. Produced by Chuck Olsen for The UpTake: *******theuptake****
21 Nov 2008
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Day 3 of Minnesota's Senate recount brings some welcome comic relief in the name of write-in candidates on challenged ballots: Lizard People and Flying Spaghetti Monster, with a little Frankenstin [sic] for good measure. Video by Noah Kunin and edited by Chuck Olsen for The UpTake: *******theuptake****
19 Dec 2008
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This story as told by Mr. X details his worst experience in Iraq. Baghdad marines
30 Jun 2008
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FESPA Events MD, Frazer Chesterman recounts the FESPA success story and how its portfolio of events and exhibitions is being shaped by developments in technology.
17 Jul 2009
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Larry “Wide Stance” Craig’s prosecutor speaks out, Republican voters like SCHIP, and the HBO movie “Recount.” For more, see Mike Allen's Playbook column: *******www.politico****/playbook Please subscribe - new episodes every weekday morning.
25 Sep 2007
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Has the paper trail that protects the votes of NH citizen's been compromised? Toby and Nick show some disturbing video of the NH Primary recount before diving into this week's Downsizer Dispatch. Later, decriminalizing marijuana in NH with video from co-sponsor Representative Fontas and active duty NH police officer Bradly Jardis. Also, Ron Paul news, why do anti-war Americans vote for McCain? (fools), Giuliani drops out, and the Mail Bag
2 Feb 2008
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Read my blog! *******www.politico****/KOTECKI Deep Throat dies, the Minnesota recount drags on, and Monday is the last episode of KoteckiTV.
20 Dec 2008
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More at *******www.theuptake**** US Senate candidate Al Franken was loose and making jokes as his legal team prepared for Monday's election contest trial that could determine who is Minnesota's next US Senator. After a state-wide hand recount, Franken holds a 225-vote lead over former US Senator Norm Coleman. Coleman is taking the election to court claiming irregularities on how some of the votes were counted and handled. You can watch that trial live on The UpTake *******www.theuptake**** starting Monday at 1pm CT/ 2pm ET/ Noon MT/ 11am PT. Known initially as a comedian, Franken solidified his seriousness about politics while hosting a radio show on Air America. Saturday he recalled those days while speaking at a party thrown by the Minnesota Air America affiliate AM 950, KTNF "The Voice of Minnesota". While he joked he has "lost his sense of humor", Franken showed that he still has his comic chops and used them to make points about the right wing, the recount and the future of America. Partial Transcript: I feel coming to the Blue State Ball that this is my base. I am very proud of what we did with progressive radio. I am very proud of people like Rachel Maddow who have gone on to such great things. And we've really established a foothold. We really have. The other side is really floundering. They don't know what to do. Rush is now " I want 'em to fail". It's pretty amazing, huh? Showing their stripes. And don't they show their stripes. First of all I want to say something about Amy. Amy really taught me how to run for the Senate. In the '06 cycle I must have done about 50 or 60 bean feeds and burger bashes and spaghetti dinners around the state. And everywhere I went, out of the 60, say Amy was at 40. And if Amy wasn't there, her husband John was there. And if John wasn't there her dad Jim was there. And if none of them were there I wondered 'why am I here, there must be something wrong with this, must be something wrong with this one' (laughter) And when I started, and it's almost two years ago now, we on the Franken campaign believe the third year of our campaign will be the best ever (laughter and applause) But when I started two years ago, I said ' no one will work harder for this Senate seat than me because Amy Klobuchar isn't in the race'. (laughter) And Franni and I worked really hard and we're really proud of that. (applause) And Franni was amazing, has been amazing this whole time. You know when I first started I called all my friends and said 'Franni and I are running for the Senate and if we win I get to be the Senator' (mild laughter) And at a certain point in the race I had a lot of people coming up to me and saying like 'God I love Franni.' So I finally had to put in my speech for awhile, then it got cycled out after everyone heard it, was that it's fine to like Franni more than me, but you just, you don't have to tell me. (laughter) I'm the candidate and ... (audience member "we love you too") Well thank you (applause). What an amazing week. Franni is here, where are you honey? (applause) . We were in Washington last week. An unbelievably inspiring inauguration. To look around and see folks as far as the eye can see. You could not see the end of people. There were people from the Capitol, where Barack Obama was sworn in, all the way to the Lincoln Memorial where 45-years ago Martin Luther King gave his 'I have a dream' speech. This has never happened before. It was just awe inspiring. And the President said something that spoke to me. He quoted the bible and said 'it's time to give up childish things ' I think. And it made me think, about what I'm doing and the transition I'm making. And there will be some that argue that what I did was .... Audience member: Please don't give up humor. (laughter) No I, the gentleman said 'please don't give up humor'. I've lost my sense of humor. (laughter). That happened in the ... Audience " no...
26 Jan 2009
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More at www.theuptake**** Video-Chuck Olsen, Text-Noah Kunin -- Quick recap: lots of talking about previous positions by each campaign, when those positions were taken, when they were reversed. Not a lot of discussion on who actually got the most votes. In fact, the scope of this election contest actually SHRANK. Upon questioning from Joe Friedburg, Deputy Secretary of State Jim Gelbmann discussed the chain of custody regarding 171 ballots unscanned ballots in a voting machine during the recount. Satisfied with Mr. Gelbmann's explanation, Friedburg dropped that complaint from the Coleman election contest. While yesterday was dominated by testimony from Mr. Gelbmann, today the Coleman legal team mixed it up a little with testimony from two additional voters whose absentee ballots Coleman claims were improperly rejected. Overall, Coleman's argument is that a lack of adherence to statute or rule requirements should not mean those votes are rejected as long as they are registered voters in MN.
24 May 2009
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Iran's election officials recount part of the votes and declare the presidential vote valid, US combat troops withdraw from Iraqi cities, and North Korea is peeved by missile defense in Hawaii. Marta Costello hosts the gnooze (the g is silent), the day's top stories in under 5 minutes. Bloopers, t shirts and more at *******gnooze**** ! Sign up for twitter updates at twitter****/gnooze for a glimpse inside the mind of Marta! Thanks to Oz J. Thomas for the show open! Check out *******www.ozjthomas**** for more. Music by Pistol Youth: http:pistolyouth**** and Special Thanks to Lettuce for the t-shirt/logo design - *******www.lettuceoffice**** Distributed by Tubemogul.
30 Jun 2009
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Senator-Elect Al Franken thanks The UpTake for its coverage of the recount and election trial. Franken talks about how his campaign staff insisted that he take a vacation the first week of the trial and how he spent his vacation watching The UpTake.Franken talks about health care, the late Senator Paul Wellstone and the logistics for his swearing in next week.Franken has two words of advice for any DFL candidate who may possibly end up running against Norm Coleman for Governor: "call me."
4 Jul 2009
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BY ALANA YOUNG ANCHOR CHRISTINA HARTMAN You're watching multisource political video news analysis from Newsy. It’s an election that had a surprising and dramatic twist -- and some say symbolizes recent uproar over Governor Scott Walker’s budget repair bill -- which limited collective bargaining rights in Wisconsin. She was largely considered a long shot - but Democrat-backed Joanne Kloppenburg bested the 12-year incumbent and former Republican legislator David Prosser in a tight race for the Supreme Court justice seat. Then - as early as Thursday afternoon - Winnebago County gave a 40-point lead to PROSSER. Those numbers are not yet official - but analysts say the very, very tight race shows how deeply divided Wisconsin voters are. RACHEL MADDOW: “A month and a half ago there was a primary in this same Wisconsin Supreme Court election, and a month and a half ago, the incumbent conservative judge who used to be a Republican legislator, who was supported by the conservative establishment in Wisconsin, who was associated with Republican Governor Scott Walker, and who Scott Walker said he would vote for, a month and a half ago, that justice finished 30 points ahead of his nearest challenger in that primary. … Last night, however, with 100% of precincts now reporting, it looks like that justice, that conservative judge has been unseated.” Because the race was so close, Kloppenburg quickly received criticism for announcing her victory Wednesday -- and calls for a recount soon surfaced. According to Business Insider - Wisconsin law allows for a free election recount if polling results differ by .5 percent or less. Incumbent candidate David Prosser would have three days to request one. Along with cries for a recount, a few conservative voices are raising issue with Wisconsin voting rules -- and say voter fraud is a legitimate concern with this election. JOHN FUND: “Wisconsin is one of only a handful of states that allows same-day registration. You go into the polls, you register and you can immediately vote. There is almost no I.D. requested. If you have no I.D., some guy down the street can vouch for you. ... Milwaukee cast almost 4,000 more votes for president than people who showed up at the polling place or cast absentee ballots. So there are all kinds of problems here that have been allowed to fester.” And while some conservatives are raising doubts over the vote’s results - others - like Forbes’ Rick Ungar - say it proves Governor Walker doesn’t command as much support as he thought. “While Wisconsin judicial elections are officially nonpartisan, Prosser is well known as a Republican who was quickly associated with Scott Walker... The inescapable bottom line is that the many political miscalculations of Scott Walker are now coming home to roost...” But a writer for the Wall Street Journal says it’s not over yet -- unions might fight hard -- but state Republicans should fight harder for reform. “Big Labor went all-in to seek revenge against Governor Scott Walker's public union reforms, and they may have taken over the state Supreme Court in the bargain... Unions were never going to easily give up their dominance over the public purse. The lesson of Wisconsin is to retool the reform message so taxpayers know the stakes.” And what does the Governor have to say about what’s being called this “turning political tide” in his state? Walker says he is all about making sure the election process is equal and fair. SCOTT WALKER: “Uh, I wouldn’t think something’s wrong as long as it’s fair. To me, democracy, which, guarantees that you give everybody a right. That everybody has a right to have a say.” Wisconsin election officials are preparing for recount efforts. If Kloppenburg secures a victory, she will assume duties August 1st. Follow Newsy on Twitter Newsy_Videos for updates in you stream Get more multisource political video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy.
12 Apr 2011
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