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20 Dec 2012
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20 Dec 2012
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22 Dec 2012
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That must have hurt... A red card for sure!
10 Apr 2006
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Final Game, Rio de Janeiro/Brazil League. Attendance: 120,000. Fluminense: Wellerson,Ronald,Lima,Sorlei and Lira;Marcio Costa, Aílton,Djair and Rogerinho(Ézio);Renato Gaúcho and Leonardo(Cadu). Flamengo: Roger,Marcos Adriano(Rodrigo), Gélson,Jorge Luís and Branco; Charles, Fabinho, Marquinhos and Willian (Mazinho); Romário and Sávio. Date: June 25, 1995 Goals: Renato Gaúcho 30mins.', Leonardo 42mins, Romário 71mins, Fabinho 73mins and Renato Gaúcho 86mins. Red cards: Fluminense - Sorlei, Lira and Lima. Flamengo - Marquinhos.
10 Sep 2006
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The red cards turn blue....i couldn't figure out what he was saying but i liked the trick...
19 Jun 2006
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How can this behaviour pass without a red card...
20 Jun 2006
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I don't beleive that a player is stuiped enough to elbow in cup derby final in the first half and get a red card. It wasn't even during play!! He should go and try wrestling for a sport. Someday he might be good.
20 Jun 2006
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Did he get a red card for that tackle.
5 Jul 2006
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Cristiano Ronaldo making sure that Rooney gets the red card.
1 Aug 2006
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on the 7th minute... Delvecchio got a red card Materazzi got a yellow card lol dejavu! *******www.disy****.br/
30 Jan 2007
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Jose Alhy first team captin nervous and taking off his cloth to the refere and he had taken a red card Isnpite of all of this he is the best captin who came to El Ahly and made El Ahly go to Japan twice
19 Mar 2007
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SkySports Highlights from the Premier League's third week fixture between Manchester United and Arsenal. It's the debut game for United's newest wonderboy David Villa, while Mikaël Silvestre takes place against his former club and team mates. Tomasz Kuszczak replaces Ben Foster between the posts as Villa takes the place of Wayne Rooney who's suspended following his red card against Blackburn Rovers. On the other side of the pitch, Abou Diaby has made it to a spot in the starting eleven for the first time in his career at Arsenal.
22 Apr 2007
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Really cool trick where I play with blue and red cards...and your brain...:)
21 May 2007
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ronaldinho take red card
27 May 2007
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*******online-magic.blogspot**** Free Online Magic For Everyone Check it up. o v e r v i e w: Is it red or black, learn this today and only needs a simple slight. Description: The magician displays 10 cards, ace through five (red) and ace through five (black). The aces are on the table. Then magician then deals the black cards in front of the black ace, and the red cards in front of the red ace. He then proceeds to swap the aces so the red ace is in front of the black pile etc. But miraculously when the magician turns over the top cards they have switched places too! No matter what piles he switches the cards automatically switch so the colours always match! Wonderful trick that fools every time! Only one simple sleight needed to learn this trick! This trick has a difficulty rating of 2.
14 Jul 2007
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