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17 Aug 2010
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Play at the Wendover Nugget Hotel & Casino or Red Garter Hotel & Casino and earn rewards. Redeem your rewards at either hotel's restaurants, bars, lounges, gift shops, hotel rooms and many others.
3 Jan 2018
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Slot machines are the most popular form of gambling in American casinos. They sure are popular at the Wendover Nugget Hotel and Casino and the Red Garter Hotel and Casino.
17 Jan 2018
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Slot machines are the most popular form of gambling in American casinos. They sure are popular at the Wendover Nugget Hotel and Casino and the Red Garter Hotel and Casino.
18 Jan 2018
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Gambling good times is a regular in Wendover Resorts. But do you know what else we have that could add more to your fun and gambling excitement? Check out this video today!
28 Dec 2017
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As young as less than a year, #OneClub already has its own share of fallacies! Whether that's a good sign or not, we are not sure. What is certain is that we are here to debunk any of these rumors as much as we can.
29 Dec 2017
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Find out the exclusive perks of the top 3 Membership Levels of One Club! You will be blown away by what it has to offer!
11 Jan 2018
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Cedar Point may be best known for its thrilling roller coasters and other adventurous rides but the amusement park has so much more to offer guests. From delicious food to fantastic entertainment, Cedar Point has everything you need for a fun-filled day. And in the fall, park guests are treated to a hauntingly good time at Cedar Point's HalloWeekends. Food and beverage: Gary Gochenour, director of food and beverage at Cedar Point is proud to offer a wide variety of food. "We have our traditional park favourites like pizza, elephant ears, funnel cakes, but we also have great healthy choices at the park, as well as many sit-down restaurants that offer great choices as well." Guest favourite foods include the fresh baked pizza, made with fresh ingredients daily, Cedar Point's signature 16- inch long churros, new grab-and-go item, the Go cookies are perfect for a late afternoon snack, and of course the souvenir bottles are always a hit. Themed after the park's new ride, Shoot the Rapids, the icy mix can be refilled all summer long. Joe Cool Café is a great compliment to Planet Snoopy. This kid-friendly restaurant features Pizza Hut pizza, mini cheeseburgers and fries, and each child gets to take home their own souvenir lunch box with Snoopy on it. Entertainment: "Cedar Point has a great package of entertainment for our guests," says manager of live entertainment Herbe Donald. The park's many theatres are all unique and offer a different type of entertainment. The Palace Theatre in Frontiertown features Grand Ole Country for those who like the country tunes, while the Red Garter Theater, a tiki bar that's been plopped down in the middle of Frontier Trail, is churning out Jimmy Buffet and Gloria Estefan hits with Tropical Heat -- Island Beat. Fans of the game Rock Band can compete for a chance to be part of the Rock Band Live show in the Aldrich Theatre, and if you love Snoopy, then you'll love the new Everyone Loves Snoopy ice show at the Good Time Theatre. If you're a little more adventurous, the Extreme Sports Stadium is the place for you. Featuring a variety of inline skating, biking, tumbling and dancing demonstrations, the gravity defying stunts will amaze you. Or enjoy the family-friendly Starlight experience at the Frontier Trail. With its many lights, music and all the Peanuts characters, the seasonally-themed show is fun for everyone. Cap off a wonderful evening at the park with the Hot Summer Lights show. Cedar Point hasn't held anything back when planning this event. Everything from fireworks, pyrotechnics, music and video is incorporated into this multi-sensory extravaganza! HalloWeekends: All you fear is here, weekends from September 17 through October 31, 2010 at Cedar Point's HalloWeekends. Daytime activities include a parade and kid-friendly haunted houses. But as the sun sets, John Taylor, manager of graphic services says the park gets darker and scarier. With 400 people in frightening makeup and costumes and a fog so thick you can't see your hand in front of you, park guests will be terrified as they stroll through the park and its haunted houses, especially Eerie Estates inside the G.A. Boeckling Mansion. Built by Cedar Point founder George Arthur Boeckling in 1928 as his residence, the building has since been converted into one of the world's most terrifying haunted houses. Written by: Christine Davis
23 Oct 2010
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