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Secrets of the Red Light District 1 : The Weeping Tower of Amsterdam. The Schreierstoren is a medieval monument to the old city with an interesting history. Lets explore the tower as we start our walk into the heart of the Wallen, the old city of Amsterdam's Red Light District where we discover hidden places, secrets, and alternative things to do and explore in the city. If you enjoy this, please like, comment and subscribe. If enough positive reaction, then we will continue our journey and explore the hidden gems off the beaten path in the heart of the Wallen, you may be surprised....
7 Dec 2017
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Red Light District Miami Caliente Willys Birthday out of control
20 Sep 2008
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Amsterdam red light district
18 Nov 2009
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Here are two sex kinos near the Red light district in Dortmund Germany.
13 May 2007
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Scenes fresh from the Streets of Amsterdam, looking at the Tulip Festival this spring/summer at Museumplein, Dam Square, Rijks Museum, Heineken Experience, Oosterdok, Flower Market, and Begijnhof. Join me for a short look at the Tulips around Amsterdam Centers greatest hits. Wonder why people put children in Tulip pots? Ducks raising chicks near local restaurants. Kermis on the Dam flinging tourists to their doom. Thousands of groups of Chinese tourists being bussed to every tick the box location on mass. People crushing at the flower market. Tourists who can not cycle take to the streets like an 80's computer game. Tourist season has only just begun. Join me to see more. Coming soon, Secrets of the Red Light District / Wallen, a new 7 part series investigating the real red light district and revealing hidden secrets, horrible history, and hidden places. Please like, subscribe for more.... Previous video’s reveal the Ghosts of Amsterdam, horrible history, festivals, and walking tours. Music in this video is by Annie Palmen (live recording 1957), along with a street organ and orchestra at the Rijks Museum recorded live this weekend.
18 Apr 2017
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Kingsday in Amsterdam 2017 : Everyone knows the crazy dutch celebration, overcrowded streets, orange beer and the smell of urine. However, we explore the city Kindsday celebrations early morning to see the real festivities before the drinking crowds arrive at midday. Looking at Amstelveld, Vondelpark childrens celebrations, then Jordaan street markets, running across to the red light district / Wallen, Nieuwmarkt and the Dam Square just as the crowds begin to arrive and ramp up the party. I hope you enjoy my view of Kingsday, and were you there? Are you on the video? Did you enjoy the party? Are you planning on coming? Or watching from afar? Let me know. Love to hear from you, appreciate likes, support, subscribes and appreciation :)
19 May 2017
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Its a place where you go to talk to women and nothing else. You pay €5 entry, a beer is €5 and to talk to a girl you must buy her Its a place where you go to talk to women and nothing else. You pay €5 entry, a beer is €5 and to talk to a girl you must buy her a drink for €15. Nothing else available.
22 Apr 2007
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This is the complete Linienstrasse RLD from bottom to top filmed at 9 am on march 13th 2007. Most windows were vacant but some women were present.
9 May 2007
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Partytreff Selm Exterior March 07. An excellent club, well worth visiting (more)
7 May 2007
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Here is the great partytreff Selm behind the Beer Truck, and with the Renault Dealership across the road. How do those guys working concentrate knowing what activity is going on across the road??
29 Jun 2007
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The 23rd Stallion has returned from his trip to Amsterdam and brought back some music from Holland. Popular song "I'm from Holland" by Bobby Burns gives a good Insight to the Holland culture.
20 Apr 2009
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In an alley
30 Sep 2009
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Image driven, concept video shot all over Amsterdam, featuring historic landmarks and an all-star cast of cameos.
7 Feb 2010
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Amsterdam 2010 - KONINGINNEDAG (part2) - PARTY PARTY PARTY!
2 May 2010
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The city of Amsterdam discovered a creative way to show their city, share a fun story and invite tourists to win some hard cash. Anyone who's planning to visit Amsterdam soon should definitely check this out, as this is pretty much what you can expect in terms of scenery, people and parties... Want to have a memorable day in Amsterdam yourself? Check *******www.iamsterdam****/my1000 for the details on how to win a 1000 euros.
14 Sep 2010
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Please support independent film makers by visiting us at *******goingdutchstills.tripod**** Have you ever been bored with New Year's Eve? Fed-up with the traditional celebration in your community? If you are then you should join our intrepid presenter as he braves public transport between Christmas and NewYears, leaving London on an expedition to Holland, or to be more precise, Friesland. It's certainly flatter than home and he already knows it's famous for its cows, but he gets the shock of his life when New Year's Eve comes at last and the locals start hauling out monster milk churns filling them with a secret explosive and exploding them all over the countryside in a mass celebration. The lids of the churns travel out of sight in the air with a deafening roar and return just as quickly, to prove essentially that flying man hole covers are not the best vehicle for a space program. By the end of the event everybody is deaf, their hands are burnt, nobody is quite sober.
17 Nov 2011
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