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Red vs Blue - Episode 10
25 Jun 2008
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Red Vs Blue - Episode 11
30 Aug 2008
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Red vs Blue - Episode 12
23 Oct 2008
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Red Vs Blue - Episode 13
23 Oct 2008
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Red vs Blue - Episode 14
7 Oct 2008
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Red Vs Blue - Episode 15
19 Oct 2008
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1 minute sample from "The Red Vs. Blue Conspiracy"-Destruction Chad and his Blue team suffer a humiliating defeat at the hands of the Red team. But the defeat comes as no surpsrise to anyone. Chad's lack of leadership and team-building skills placed even his seasoned members at the mercy of the under-skilled Red team. Working as a team and having a predetermined strategy gave the Red team the advantage they needed to win the battle.
10 May 2009
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The guys from Red vs. Blue explain the surprising origins of the Thanksgiving holiday and offer some culinary advice.
28 Jan 2009
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Red vs. Blue Episode 1
19 Jan 2009
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This is a tribute to "Sister" from red vs blue. A small character but with enough humour to earn herself a best bits vid. Enjoy. I used the song Zebrahead - "Playmate of the Year" Disclaimer: I do not own red vs blue or rooster teeth.
24 Jul 2010
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A remake of 'Why are we here?'. The classic first episode of Red vs Blue. I did this as a quality test with my new capture card. I take no owner ship in the audio or idea of red vs blue. I'm just a really big fan. :)
20 Aug 2011
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Red vs. Blue is back! The longest-running web series of all time returns Monday, May 28th. The biggest news for Season 10? Elijah Wood is joining the cast of the show as the voice of the artificial intelligence program "Sigma". Check out the Rooster Teeth website Monday for the first full episode.
25 May 2012
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Buy the album: ************/us/album/red-vs.-blue-season-10-soundtrack/id584539501 Google Play: ************/store/music/artist/Jeff_Williams?id=Abdbhdq3rd46ui2fbp6ofs3fwoq Songs Used in RvBS10: ***********/playlist?list=PLCZ1zMlAC-DtXUcsaU3ApJUziE7BEZqQX Season 10 OST Playlist: ***********/playlist?list=PL96AEF0CAF0F742DF Lyrics (enable CC on the video player) Thanks to the commenters for helping: I ain't trickin the narrative, People say it's suicidal or it's arrogance Crucify me as heretic, perished to embarrassment Heralding under marriages, pocketed in it's garishness Murders splurges is fervently, gather me, it's inheritance Kill the messenger, knock em' down and blow across a blessed verse Massacre the hours till the power aches and seconds hurt Fate is half a mistress, but the rest of her's a passenger She is tragedy to those whoses death defines and makes her work I don't believe in time, stick a knife into my spine Watch the shadow bleed me dry then take my eyes and leave me blind Heavens hell is no surprise I'm just here to scrutinize the euthanized Despise the sacrifice but never eulogize I sworn to elegance, decadently in sentences Maybe I'm just a veteran running out of his medicine Maybe a definite epitaph would've been generous But all I get's a whisper, "Yo where the fuck is Connecticut?" Pray for the day that the lies don't find you Pray that the end isn't right behind you Yo Listen Yo, So pick your poison Shotgun shell to the face, Or pull this sidearm from my waist Ruin the whole scene, I ain't coming from a civilized place Where violence is preferred to sitting and saying grace The young warlocks ain't got patience or respect Cause the animal within don't even speak that dialect And all they know is war, So you better come correct They'll catch a bullet to the head just for dramatic effect These savages is mean and only understand gun fire Don't get caught slippin up in the jungle squire They want your armor so believe in one simple fact Just for that they'll take your face off just like that Lies and deceit, Disguise and critique Be on yo P's and Q's, Wit' everybody you meet And trust is a weakness on this side of the fleet Cause they'll fake showin' loving and leave you bleedin' in the street And that's real Pray for the day that the lies don't find you Pray that the end isn't right behind you
24 Jan 2014
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The message from the past to stop a bad event.
16 May 2006
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Cant get enough of this show
4 Jan 2007
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comedy, halo
6 Apr 2007
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