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Balanced Health Today Call Now 1(888)277-4980 Our standard under bench filter provides great protection from the contaminants found in public water supply systems with the combination of KDF and Carbon treatments. Unlike carbon filters, the KDF technology increases the range and effectiveness of treatment, while creating an environment which will not support bacterial growth. KDF® the name for high purity copper and zinc granules. In solution, these two metals interact to create a slight electrical charge. The resulting ionization and oxidation/reduction processes modify the structure of heavy metals and other contaminants. This media is a major advancement in water treatment technology that works on the electro-chemical and spontaneous-oxidation-reduction (redox) principles. Chlorine is instantaneously and almost inexhaustibly oxidized. Iron and hydrogen sulfide are oxidized into insoluble matter and attach to the surface of the media. Heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and aluminum are removed from the water by the electrochemical process. Arsenic and radon are reduced. Metals are attracted to the surface of the media, much like a magnet. The media also inhibits bacteria growth throughout the entire unit and in fact, has been shown to reduce it up to 90%!
12 Apr 2017
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Ionized water is very alkaline (if your ionizer makes the water alkaline), has a high redox potential (i.e. it is a good antioxidant because its ORP value is very negative), and it has its water molecules in smaller clusters than normal water. All of these things help inhibit the spread of cancer and aid in killing cancer cells, directly or indirectly. However, there is not enough evidence to categorize it as a stand-alone treatment plan. Cancer cells: Ionized water works on cancer in three major ways. Because it is a good antioxidant, meaning it has a very negative ORP value (Oxidation Reduction Potential), it neutralizes free radicals (i.e. ROS - Reactive Oxygen Species), making many oxygen molecules available to the cancer cells; either to slow the growth of cancer or to kill the cancer cells. This is done with the hydroxyl ions in the ionized water. Unlike hydrogen peroxide, which adds oxygen molecules to the body (i.e. they don't already exist in the body), ionized water makes existing oxygen molecules, already in the body, available to the cancer cells by giving them electrons. This actually has advantages because it removes damaging free radicals at the same time. Ionized water is also very alkaline. Cancer cells do not thrive in an alkaline environment:
8 Sep 2009
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Since the first Model-T vanadium has been vital to American industry as a steel strengthener. Today vanadium is poised to take on another critical role by enabling the electrification of our world. Vanadium redox flow batteries used for grid-scale mass energy storage will enable the renewable energy sector and improve the efficiency of the nation's power grid. And adding vanadium to the cathode of lithium batteries greatly increases the power density/range and safety of electric cars. American Vanadium is developing America's only domestic vanadium mine in Eureka, Nevada. Their deposit is unique in that it will produce battery-grade vanadium at low-cost thus offering the sureness of supply and price needed to accelerate the development and deployment of vanadium battery technologies.
2 Dec 2011
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For a sample of ASEA visit *******www.RedoxHealth**** ASEA is the first and only stable, perfectly balanced mixture of Redox Signaling reactive molecules that exists outside the body, and can be used to help maintain proper balance inside the body to support the immune system and healing process. 10 Reasons To Try ASEA: 1. The first and only source of balanced, stabilized Redox Signaling molecules outside the body. 2. Supports the vital activity of cellular communication. 3. Promotes enhanced immune function. 4. Protects against free radical damage. 5. Boosts efficiency of the body's own antioxidants by up to 500%. 6. Provides superior support to athletes. 7. Supported by research and clinical results. 8. Completely native to the body. 9. Proven to be completely safe, with absolutely zero toxicity. 10. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! (just send in the empty bottles) To try ASEA for yourself with ZERO risk, click below. *******brandonolson.teamasea****/order/index.html or *******www.RedoxHealth**** for more info, or a sample! Category: Science & Technology Tags: asea water supplement buy advancing life review drink what is testimonials redox signaling molecules signalling mollecules molecule mollecule amazing redoxsignalingwater amazingmolecules**** verdis norton gary samuel james pack science scientist vo2 max ventilatory threshold jim team teamasea**** sample samples tour de france wall runner triathalon ironman 70.3 License: Standard YouTube License
11 Jan 2012
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Redox of Tin and Zinc from an acidified Tin(II)Chloride solution is poured on granulated Zinc. The displacement is easy to see, as it begins immediaely. In addition, there are bubbles of hydrogen being produced, due to the acid in the solution. The zinc begins to formm pointed crystals of tin. Video from: *******www.chemtopics****/unit02/munit2.htm
15 Jul 2008
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The VRB Energy Storage System (VRB-ESS) is an electrical energy storage system based on the patented vanadium-based redox regenerative fuel cell that converts chemical energy into electrical energy. Energy is stored chemically in different ionic forms of vanadium in a dilute sulphuric acid electrolyte. The electrolyte is pumped from separate plastic storage tanks into flow cells across a proton exchange membrane (PEM) where one form of electrolyte is electrochemically oxidized and the other is electrochemically reduced. This creates a current that is collected by electrodes and made available to an external circuit. The reaction is reversible allowing the battery to be charged, discharged and recharged. it consists of two electrolyte tanks, containing active vanadium species in different oxidation states (positive: V(IV)/V(V) redox couple, negative: V(II)/(III) redox couple). These energy-bearing liquids are circulated through the cell stack by pumps. The stack consists of many cells, each of which contains two half-cells that are separated by a membrane. In the half-cells the electrochemical reactions take place on inert carbon felt polymer composite electrodes from which current may be used to charge or discharge the battery. The VRB-ESS employs vanadium ions in both half-cell electrolytes. Therefore, cross-contamination of ions through the membrane separator has no permanent effect on the battery capacity, as is the case in redox flow batteries employing different metal species in the positive and negative half-cells. The vanadium half-cell solutions can even be remixed bringing the system back to its original state. The open circuit cell voltage at a concentration of 2 mole per liter for each vanadium species is 1.6 V when fully charged. The relatively fast kinetics of the vanadium redox couples allows high Coulombic and voltage efficiencies to be achieved without costly catalysts. The same current is passed through all of the cells as they are arranged in series. Such systems have many admirable properties including high efficiency, long cycle life, ease of scalability and negligible environmental impact. *******www.vrbpower****/index.html
24 May 2009
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You will learn how to balance simple redox reaction by using the "half-reaction method."
14 May 2009
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Oxidation reduction (or redox) reactions
15 Aug 2010
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Nail + Copper Chloride
1 Mar 2009
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Hey guys..! first mix of the year..hope you like it..i turned a bit to tecktonik. Made on fl studio..! And i danced a bit for fun nothing big:P I know some will say tecktonik suck but think about the song ...Hope you like it also check : ***********/user/pedrolaure
19 Jun 2010
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After my other earth cells redoxed out after 5 days i decided to exploit the reasonably large voltage potential between stainless steel and zinc. These cells are activated off tap water only. With a 20/80 coca cola/water mix the VP is higher and the materials seem to hold up well. I have also found potentials between high and low grades of stainless.
20 Jan 2009
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This is another "disco polo" mix by DJ DawidWarsaw. Previous mix of this genre is here: ***********/watch?v=-WmNdU6mOj4 "Disco polo" is Polish disco music, that was popular in the 90s, short after end of comunism. Here's more info about disco polo: *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Disco_polo Lyrics of the songs are just about love, desire and relationship with girls. Tracklist: 1. Notice Me (Club Vocal) - Sandée 2. Pomarańczowe Lato - Megam 3. Twoje Ciało - Play & Mix 4. Moja Gwiazda - Akcent 5. Tak Bardzo Zakochani - Shazza 6. Zakochany Klaun - Redox 7. Eksplozja - Impuls Notice, that in this 10 minutes mix, I increased, the speed of mix from 116 BPM (thats tempo of first song), to 160 BPM (thats tempo of last song) :) .
6 Aug 2010
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ASEA , il prodotto che sta rivoluzionando il mondo della Salute e dello Sport Una straordinaria opportunità che si sta presentando nel mercato Italiano ed europeo... Con ASEA trovate un'opportunità incredibile Un'attività che rende possibile l'indipendenza finanziaria per migliaia di persone. Per chi vuole costruire la propria impresa "condividendo" ASEA e approfittando di un piano di compensi che offre sette modi per guadagnare denaro. maggiori info: www.redox-sport**** mail: alberto.aseagmail****
22 Jan 2012
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Is there energy hidden inside your pocket change? Convert pennies into make-shift batteries that can drive small current devices like LED's and calculators. *******www.thekingofrandom**** Many people have asked how long the green LED stayed on. Surprisingly, it was bright for 2-1/2 weeks before finally fizzling out! Music by Kevin MacLeod - (Pure Attitude) *******incompetech****/ Project inspired by: Julie Yu *******www.exo****/~jyu/activities/penny%20battery.pdf WARNING: Use of this video content is at your own risk. LEGALITIES: Some people have asked about the legality of treating pennies in this manner. The federal law states that there are exceptions made for use as "educational, amusement, novelty, jewelry, and similar purposes as long as the volumes treated and the nature of the treatment make it clear that such treatment is not intended as a means by which to profit solely from the value of the metal content of the coins." For more information, see: ******** This is a wet-cell battery. Pennies newer than 1982 are nearly 98% Zinc. The redox reaction between the copper and zinc metals allow electrons to flow and each cell provides around 0.6 volts of electric potential. Here is how to light up an LED and power a calculator using some loose pocket change! I found this link that helps explain the reaction and why it works: ******* Basically, a galvanic cell consists of at least two half cells, a reduction cell and an oxidation cell. Chemical reactions in the two half cells provide the electrons for the galvanic cell operations. Copper ions gain electrons (reduced) while zinc ions give them up (oxidized). = (redox) An electrolyte like salt water or vinegar helps get the metals into ions. Electrons flow through the electric conductors connecting the electrodes, as ions flow through the salt bridge. The overall reaction of the galvanic cell is: Zn + Cu2+ = Zn2+ + Cu
23 Aug 2013
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Her Winning answer in Miss World 2013 ***********/watch?v=Movdn30U2FY& Filipina--American actress Megan Lynne Young, 23, will represent the Philippines in this year's Miss World competition to be held in Jakarta, Indonesia next month. The Question:Why you want to become Miss World? Maegan's Answer:Being Miss World is all about being "selfless," a virtue which, she said, she has already committed herself to."If I become Miss World Philippines, I would pour my heart and my soul into helping others, which is what Miss World is [all about]: beauty and giving," During Sunday's pageant, Young also won seven special and sponsored awards, which had the following winners: Best in Fashion Runway - Megan Young Miss Friendship - Zahra Bianca Saldua Best in Talent - Samantha Mae Bernardo Miss Sports Fila - Megan Young Miss Olay - Megan Young Miss Novu Hair - Patricia Lae Ejercitado Best in Swimwear - Janicel Lubina Miss Redox Fat - Maria Paula Bianca Paz Miss Revlon - Megan Young Miss Figlia - Megan Young Miss Laguna World - Megan Young Miss Photogenic - Janicel Lubina Miss Bench Body - Megan Young Best in Gown - Maria Paula Bianca Paz Young holds dual Filipino and American citizenship, and is currently a student at the De La Salle--College of Saint Benilde taking up Bachelor of Arts in Digital Filmmaking. She is the older sister of "Mundo Mo'y Akin" star Lauren Young, and has made several movies including "Enteng Ng Ina Mo" (2011), "Shake, Rattle & Roll XI" (2009), and "Say That You Love Me" (2005). Miss World finalists Ever since the Philippines joined the Miss World pageant, only six candidates have come close to winning the title. In 1973, Evangeline Pascual placed second to Marjorie Wallace, who was dethroned a month later for failure to fulfill her duties as Miss World. Traditionally, the first runner-up gets the title but Pascual refused to accept it, saying that the judging during the competition held at the Royal Albert Hall in London was not fair to Asians. Sharmaine Rama Gutierrez—popularly known as Ruffa Gutierrez, and daughter of actor Eddie Gutierrez and talent manager Annabelle Rama—was already a popular showbiz celebrity when she joined the Miss World competition in 1993, where she came in third. In 2011, candidate Gwendoline Ruais came close to bagging the crown again but finished second to Ivian Sarcos of Venezuela. Three other Filipina candidates finished 4th runner-up in the pageant: Arene Cecilia Amabuyok in 1968, Maria Rafaela Verdadero Yunon in 2003, and Maria Karla Rabanal Bautista in 2004.
22 Oct 2013
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00:00 Vertus - Zagadka 01:46 Forti - Stare Czasy 03:03 Kukiz - O Hela 03:50 Dance Project - Fiku Miku (Cosmic Ravers Remix) 04:56 Tropic - Chcę być żoną 06:40 Avanti - Ten Kto Się Śmieje 07:58 Mateo - Kochanka (DJ Cookis Remix) 09:26 Discover - Ruszaj Ruszaj 10:34 Redox - Biznesmen 11:47 Magra & Terpee - Hej Blondynko wszystkie te piosenki są na ******* zapraszam :D
31 Oct 2013
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