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Two birds one stone!
27 Jun 2017
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Team members at Toyota's assembly plant in Indiana have come up with some pretty innovative ways to reduce waste. Changing the treatment chemical for wastewater turned the resulting sludge into a perfect replacement for cement in cement kilns. For more information, visit ***********/environmentrepo...
10 Dec 2013
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In 2008, Brad Roderick and InkCycle *******www.inkcycle**** launched the Grenk *******www.grenk****/blog line of products. Grenk is a new line of remanufactured ink and toner cartridges designed to leave the smallest environmental footprint possible. Over the last few years, there are better practices to be able to remanufacture, recycle, reduce and reuse materials than there ever have been before. There has been a ground swell of people that are much more engaged in green aspects to help their business, to help promote them better and to help do the right things. We have also seen an increase in demand for companies that bring environmental solutions to the table. For more information visit *******www.inkcycle**** and *******www.grenk****/blog
9 Jan 2010
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Is it a trash can or a TARDIS? The built-in trash compactor in this trash can from Compaction Technologies makes it seem bigger on the inside than the outside! It even has a display screen that can keep track of how many bags have been saved from going into landfills by the compactor's actions. *******gamehackerz****/stormfall-age-of-war-cheats-and-hack
28 May 2013
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Find more CSR videos like this by following the 3BLMedia Youtube Channel: ***********/3blmedia GE Appliances is the first and only manufacturer to partner with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on its Responsible Appliance Disposal (RAD) Program to reduce emissions and materials from appliances typically sent to landfills. According to the EPA, roughly 9 million refrigerators and freezers are disposed of each year.[1] The sheer volume of this, coupled with the fact that consumers want their appliances recycled and are willing to go out of their way to purchase from a manufacturer that recycles, made it a smart decision for GE Appliances to step up to become the first appliance manufacturer in 2011 to partner with the EPA in its RAD Program. This program significantly reduces the landfill waste of appliance disposal and also helps cut greenhouse gas emissions. According to a 2010 consumer survey conducted by the Stevenson Company on behalf of GE Appliances & Lighting, 70 percent of consumers want all or part of their appliances recycled, 82 percent will go out of their way to purchase from a manufacturer that recycles, and 67 percent are willing to pay more for an appliance if a retailer has recycling programs.[2] A big part of GE Appliances’ recycling commitment is being carried out through a collaboration with Appliance Recycling Centers of America (ARCA) at its regional recycling center in Philadelphia operated by ARCA Advanced Processing (AAP). GE Appliance’s agreement with ARCA includes supplying used appliances to the Philadelphia center from a 12-state region on the East Coast of the United States. In the first quarter of 2013, GE Appliances and ARCA reached a milestone of more than 1 million appliances processed through AAP, and estimates that this initiative already reduced landfill appliance waste by about 318,000 pounds a month, or 3.8 million pounds annually.[3] GE Appliances’ collaboration with ARCA includes foam insulation recovery, transportation, and other end-of-product-life processing, which will not only appeal to its many customers, but also differentiates GE Appliances from the competition. “Customers care about the environmental impact of the products they purchase, and at GE, we’re committed to reducing that impact,” said Mark Shirkness, General Manager, Distribution Services, GE Appliances. “By participating in this effort, we have made a voluntary commitment to both the EPA and our customers to report how we have improved performance on a variety of environmental metrics.” Full Story: *******3blmedia****/News/CSR/Product-Life-Cycle%E2%80%94Reducing-Waste-and-Greenhouse-Gas-Emissions
12 Jun 2013
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ARM & HAMMER®, one of America's most trusted brands with a century-long history of concern for the environment, introduces environmental ingenuity to the household cleaning category with ARM & HAMMER® Essentials™ Cleaners. The new products—Cleaner & Degreaser, Multi-Surface Cleaner and Glass Cleaner—are made from plant-based and other biodegradable cleaners, work as well as traditional cleaners, and save consumers money. Best of all, they are housed in innovative, environmentally sensible packaging designed to reduce the amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfills. Of the 60 billion pounds of plastic waste Americans generated in 2006 alone, only a meager 7 percent was recycled1. The ARM & HAMMER® Essentials™ Cleaners refill system—a reusable trigger spray bottle and replaceable cleaning concentrate cartridge—uses 80 percent less packaging than traditional pre-filled cleaners, significantly reducing plastic waste and its impact on the environment. To view Multimedia News Release, go to *******www.prnewswire****/mnr/armandhammer/35065/
24 Sep 2008
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The new video from The Abe Lincoln Story promoting the use of canvas bags at the supermarket. San Francisco recently banned plastic bags from their supermarkets - is your city next? Reduce waste - get your "I Don't Need a Bag!" bag at www.idontneedabag**** today!
7 May 2007
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The Environmental Protection Agency reports that Americans produce approximately 220 million tons of garbage each year. Environmentalist Bob Lilienfeld believes it's better not to create waste than to figure out what to do with it. He says choosing certain products over others is one way people can help reduce excess waste, like buying foam egg cartons that weigh less than an ounce instead of those pulp paper egg cartons, which weigh close to two ounces. Consumers can also use canvas shopping bags rather than wasting disposable plastic bags. Some companies are even reformulating their products to fit in smaller packages to lessen overall environmental impact -- recently detergents such as Tide, Gain, Cheer, Era and Dreft have become available in 2X concentrated forms, which means you get the same amount of loads in a bottle half the size. This means a reduction in the amount of packaging, less water used in the formula and less fuel needed to transport the now smaller bottles. Using any of these practices and products, consumers can improve their lives, while also making important contributions to environmental quality and society. Bob Lilienfeld's interest in sustainability and the environment took shape in the early 1990s and that's when he decided it would be better to not create waste than to figure out what to do with it. Bob, along with Dr. William (Bill) Rathje, the world's first and best known Garbologist, and Director of The Garbage Project at The University of Arizona published Use Less Stuff: Environmental Solutions for Who We Really Are. In 1996, Bob Lilienfeld declared the third Thursday in November, "Use Less Stuff Day" in an effort to raise awareness about the importance of reducing waste and protecting our environment. Produced for P&G
8 Feb 2008
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BatteryDoctors Asia re-energizing system can help to reduce waste disposal and toxic gas emission cause by recycling.
14 Sep 2010
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USA Network has announced the winners of the first-ever Character Approved Awards to honor individuals from a cross-section of creative disciplines who are positively influencing American culture. This year’s winner for Architecture is West Coast designer Jennifer Siegal. Being revered as an imaginative and inventive designer on the forefront of the prefabricated architecture movement simply isn’t enough for Siegal. She is also helping reduce waste with reusable and recycled materials, as her vision for environmentally sustainable buildings continues to change the landscape of urban and suburban living. For more information on Jennifer Siegal and the Character Approved Awards, visit *******characterapproved.usanetwork****.
28 Jan 2009
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Want to build responsibly, reduce waste, and help preserve the environment? Green Building & Remodeling For Dummies is your friendly, step-by-step guide to every facet of this Earth-friendly method of construction. Building a home?even a green home?uses plenty of resources and energy. This practical, hands-on book shows you how to build or remodel conscientiously, whether your dream home is a simple remodel or a brand-new multimillion-dollar mansion.
18 Feb 2009
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Want to build responsibly, reduce waste, and help preserve the environment? Green Building & Remodeling For Dummies is your friendly, step-by-step guide to every facet of this Earth-friendly method of construction. Building a home—even a green home—uses plenty of resources and energy. This practical, hands-on book shows you how to build or remodel conscientiously, whether your dream home is a simple remodel or a brand-new multimillion-dollar mansion.
20 Feb 2009
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Light emitting diodes, or LEDs, are widely used today in a variety of devices – they are often integrated in remote controls and toys, and are commonly used for street and traffic lighting. However, LEDs have become popular in the mainstream consumer market. In this segment of 21st Century Business ROAL Living Energy will share more on their solutions. “Energy consumption is a growing global concern. Worldwide energy usage is estimated at 16.8 trillion watts, of which approximately 22% is consumed by electric lighting. Technologies that contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions generated by this energy usage are necessary and ROAL has demonstrated that it is possible to design and develop more efficient products that not only save energy and reduce waste, but are good for the environment, for our customers, and improve the quality of life,” stated Alessandro Leopardi, ROAL Electronics CEO.
25 Apr 2009
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MBar - Service Engineers - Vacuum Pumps - Overhauls _ Energy Savers - Reduce Waste Water/Toxic Emmissions - M.Bar - 60/1 Bruce Berquist Drive, Te Awamutu, Hamilton, New Zealand - contact Paul & Debbie Vickers - 0800 622 758 or +64 7 871 8192 - view more *******www.mbar***.nz - Distributed by *******
19 Aug 2009
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It's the latest trend in green living: "Up-cycling". See how to give some of those items in your trash can a second life, while reducing waste.
21 Oct 2009
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*******www.thewormfarm****/ We raise and sell Earthworms and Earthworm Products: We have Red worms for sale, plus Worm Castings, Compost, European Night Crawlers - Fishing Worms - Worm Bins and kits - and more! We grow composting red worms & nightcrawlers in windrows - outside for spring, summer, and fall harvesting, and in barns for harvesting in the winter. With our mild Northern California climate & our covered growing areas, we have nightcrawlers, & red worms available year round. The Mission of The Worm Farm is to provide gardeners with a better means of producing healthier plants while affecting the environment in a positive manner. One of the amazing benefits of raising composting worms, you see, is their utility as virtual organic garbage disposals: Red worms actually consume all sorts of kitchen scraps and organic compounds like shredded paper and cloth, manure feed them bits of banana peels, watermelon rinds, blue jean rags, manure (just about anything organic except meat, dairy, and oily substances), and you end up with organic, odorless, castings that will transform fruits, vegetables, and flowers. In some parts of the world, like the Philippines, China, and elsewhere including parts of the U.S., communities are using composting worms to help reduce waste and grow healthier plants and gardens. This video distributed by Net Biz Inc. SEO 2.0 *******www.seo-search-engine-optimization****biz****
18 Aug 2010
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