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garagefarm dot net- Learn how to create or setup basic V-ray materials that you can use for future renders such as plastics, glass, metals and more. With this tutorial, you will learn how to apply reflection color, fresnel, glossiness and more.
26 Apr 2017
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Reflecting a seamless organic shape and timeless form, the Eero saarinen tulip table has become a symbol of modernism for over the past 60 years. Before its release, homes were filled with clunky remnants of an industrial age long gone by. While we don’t limit ourselves to plastics and wood, Poly + bark do insist on fabulous materials and high-end craftsmanship. Address - 2500 West Bradley Place, Chicago, IL 60618 Phone - 8553101450
3 May 2017
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In Theatres May 5th, 2017 | © 2017 Janus Films One of the most immersive and rarefied experiences in the history of cinema, Andrei Tarkovsky’s Stalker embarks on a metaphysical journey through an enigmatic post-apocalyptic landscape. A hired guide—the “Stalker” of the title—leads a writer and a scientist into the heart of the Zone, the restricted site of a long-ago disaster, where the three men eventually zero in on the Room, a place rumored to fulfill one’s most deeply held desires. Adapting a science-fiction novel by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, and making what would be his final Soviet feature, Tarkovsky created a challenging and visually stunning work, his painstaking attention to material detail and sense of organic atmosphere further enriched by this vivid new digital restoration. At once a religious allegory, a reflection of contemporary political anxieties, and a meditation on the film itself—among many other interpretations—Stalker envelops the viewer by opening up a multitude of possible meanings.
5 May 2017
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h t t p s : / / g o o. g l / 3 8 l f 7 Z Here is a very durable, theftresistant bag / backpack. While nothing is theft proof, this may be the closest thing on the market. The LocTote bag features a special material making it very difficult to cut. Will the LocTote be your next backpack? Fabric: high molecular weight polyethylene (HMWPE) used by the army for armor and other security clothing SECURE LOCKING SYSTEM - Pull it, lock it and leave it. It’s that simple. Anti theft backpack. We attached a flexible cut-, tear- and rip-proof wired belt to the opening. Indestructible! The opening of the backpack is secured with the security shackle including the brass ring and the steel rivets, as well as the combination lock, which can be locked by an individual code. Forget about pickpockets! InGwest Anti-Theft Bag will keep your stuff! Anti theft backpack is a good choice for travel EXTREME CUT & SLASH RESISTANT - Our bags are crafted from a double-layer of the most advanced cut resistant fabric in the world. Woven from a blend of high molecular weight polyethylene (HMWPE) and other avant-garde fibers, the fabric was used by the army for armor and other security clothing. Our bags have the highest possible Blade Cut Resistance, Tear Resistance, and Abrasion Resistance. Our bags are 5 times more cut resistant than Kevlar, a material known for its use in bulletproof vests. BALANCED REFLECTIVE DRAWSTRING ROPES - Our Bag has four straps, just like a gym bag. These straps, normally used for mountain climbing, can carry up to 1000 lbs! They are very strong and durable! No chance of tearing or ripping. Get wild! WATER RESISTANT - The inner bag of your Cut Resistant Bag is water resistant! So you don’t have to worry about rain, spilled drinks, or any other liquid on the bag. The inner layer is made out of waterproof nylon fabric and inside pocket have 100% the waterproof zipper. All your electronic treasures such as iPads, smartphones and cameras are safe.
17 May 2017
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The road to romance is covered with roadkill hearts and solitary love. Much time can go with us taking the same tedious activities that get us the same lousy outcomes over and over. How can one get the alternate desires popping? Just look at more appealing parts of them and fill your soul with adoring caring reflections. Special ladies will have a great time during the consideration! Speaking of looks, dress adequately each time you hit the road. Primary looks are all judgment skills in action! That is valid for both genders. Puzzled at having nothing to express yourself? Listen painstakingly for small details as you both talk. a great opportunity for meeting 95% of qualified ladies is showing interest in their passions. A good share of the best connections occurred amid chance experiences at the daily normal transport bus stop.
21 May 2017
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Australian Hoverboards is one of the few hoverboard suppliers in Australia that you can rely on. Besides hoverboards, however, we also offer many other types of products, such as skateboards, stunt scooters and more. Something that really makes us stand out from others is our focus on quality and safety. We understand that these factors are crucial when it comes to these products, especially given the safety concerns that have been associated with them in the past. However, the fact that we offer a safety guarantee clearly reflects our confidence in the safety and quality of our products. We are not sure if our products are the cheapest you can find on the market, but they are surely very affordable, and more importantly, of a very high quality.
24 May 2017
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Top Hat Catering Company San Diego, a leading corporate catering service provider looks at every corporate event as unique and knows it has to be a reflection of you. Whether you're the CEO or the assistant given the task of finding a quality event catering in San Diego with great food, service and presentation, who is on time and detailed orientated, our two decades of Corporate Catering will do that for you. Address 8053 Broadway, Lemon Grove, CA 91945, USA Phone 619-469-8889
25 May 2017
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A Catholic priest reflects on the Mark Foley scandal and the importance of all levels of society to protect teenagers and children
13 Dec 2006
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Reflections; 100,000 lights synchronized!! Brought to you by the brilliant Marty Slack. Many thanks goes out to his neighbors for loosing sleep during the holliday season... ROFL !!
18 Dec 2006
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This tutorial will guide you through the step on how to create your own reflections.
3 Jan 2007
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a very fast demo of a reflection and hidden button creation in Flash
1 Feb 2007
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It Takes Just 2 Minutes To Create Cool Glossy Reflections! PS: 'SMALL SCREEN READY' VIDEO!
26 Jan 2007
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this tutorial will explain in HEBREW how to make reflection to text
8 Feb 2007
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All across the internet, you'll find flashy logos and text effects with a glossy white reflection across the top of the graphic. There are many ways to achieve an effect like this in Photoshop, and in this tutorial, Zoro teaches you how to make a catchy glossy reflection text.
14 Mar 2007
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2006 Visual Effects sample from Reflective Layer
14 Mar 2007
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We're two students and we've made our own independant video studio, called Muse-Reflect. This video is our studio's animation. Ours shorts films will be soon available
14 Mar 2007
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