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1 Healthcare organizations face an ongoing compliance burden involving the protection of sensitive patient data. 2 In record rooms, now protected health information (PHI) is mostly electronic, on the move via email. Securing PHI in email will not only meet a regulatory compliance need but will protect an organization's reputation. ZixCorp, the Leader in Email Encryption
31 Mar 2017
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Balanced Health Today Call Now 1(888)277-4980 Radiation exposure is measured primarily in Rem (in the US) and the Sievert (SI unit), and is a measure of the radioactive dose absorbed relative to its possible health effects on the body. This is called the “equivalent dose,” and is weighted to account for the fact that the same amount of time in an alpha radiation field, for example, would have different long-term effects as the same time in a gamma field of equal strength. Rem is broken down further into millirem (mrem) and microrem (µrem), which are the levels that are going to usually be talked about. Another common usage is in talking about dose rate, given in rem/hr or mrem/hr, which is a useful measurement of the field strength in an area, designating how quickly someone will reach a given dose level. About 150 people living or working around Japan's damaged nuclear facilities have been monitored for potential radiation exposure, and 23 have been found to be in need of treatment. How is the extent of their exposure measured? According to the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), "exposure" refers to the amount of radiation, such as X-rays, gamma rays, neutrons, alpha and beta particles, present in the air. Exposure, usually expressed in units of roentgens, is measured by Geiger counters and similar devices. A Geiger counter registers how much the gas it contains gets ionized by incoming particles of radiation, and converts that information into an electronic signal. People don't absorb all the radiation they're exposed to, however; most of it passes straight through their bodies. A small amount of the energy carried by radiation gets absorbed by bodily tissues, and that absorbed amount is measured in units of "radiation absorbed dose" (rad). Radiation affects different people in different ways, but a rule of thumb used by safety crews is that a single roentgen of gamma- or x-ray exposure typically produces an absorbed dose of approximately 1
12 Apr 2017
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The Shifting Landscape of Health Care Fraud and Regulatory Compliance Regulators Increase Scrutiny As Health Care Costs Consume Higher Share of GDP. As health care costs continue to accelerate and consume an ever-higher percentage of GDP, federal and state regulators are ratcheting up efforts to find fraud. According to the Deloitte Forensic Center, criminal investigations, civil investigations, civil penalties and criminal convictions are all on the rise. The threat of treble damages, higher rewards for whistleblowers and more sophisticated "data mining" techniques give regulators more weapons in their fraud-fighting arsenal. Both for-profit and non-profit health care providers need to be alert to recent shifts in the regulatory environment that are making robust, top-to-bottom compliance with federal and state fraud laws and regulations more critical than ever. To view Multimedia News Release, go to *******www.prnewswire****/mnr/deloitte/32650/
20 Aug 2008
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SunGard’s What Happens Next? SunGard talks to David Wright, Bob Greifeld, Guillermo Kopp, Emmanuel Daniel, and William Wright about the new regulatory environment.
12 Feb 2009
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Let the professionals conduct and Environmental Site Assessment of your land for regulatory compliance management. Visit *******www.AustinEnviroSolutions**** for more information.
5 Aug 2009
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In 2009 our work on regulatory agility is focused on helping you emulate the approaches of some leading companies who have been aggressive and organized in identifying regulatory change – and mobilizing the organization to respond to those changes before the regulations come into effect. This is a big challenge and a major focus of our research this year. How can you manage through this regulatory change while keeping in mind the difficult financial position of your company? Watch this brief video to find out.
20 Aug 2009
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In 2009 our work on regulatory agility is focused on helping you emulate the approaches of some leading companies who have been aggressive and organized in identifying regulatory change – and mobilizing the organization to respond to those changes before the regulations come into effect. This is a big challenge and a major focus of our research this year. How can you manage through this regulatory change while keeping in mind the difficult financial position of your company? Watch this brief video to find out.
27 Aug 2009
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Regulatory and compliance attorneys provide legal help to individuals and businesses on issues of licensing defense, environmental compliance and remediation issues, state tax defense, electric and utility certificates of convenience applications, state agency hearings representation, nurse and doctor license defense, business license application and defense, state commission hearing or board hearing defense and federal regulatory compliance and defense representation.
17 Nov 2009
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*******theskywardgroup****/ Looking for reliable medical device consulting firms? The Skyward group, LP has medical device regulatory consultant suitable for FDA compliance. Visit us today!
3 Jun 2011
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*******www.theskywardgroup****/ FDA compliance is amongst the arduous and challenging part in medical device manufacturing. To learn more about medical device regulatory consultant and medical device consulting firms. Visit us today!
6 Jun 2011
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Hondo Minerals Corporation trading with the symbol HMNC, is engaged in the acquisition of mines, mining claims and mining real estate in the United States, Canada and Mexico with mineral reserves of precious metals or non-ferrous metals — Hondo owns the Tennessee and Schuylkill Mines in Chloride, Arizona — The Tennessee Mine was the largest producing silver mine in Arizona history— The Tennessee Mine operated from the late 1800’s until 1947 producing lead, zinc, gold and silver— The Company also owns numerous other mining claims in the US Southwest, which are being evaluated for additional reserves—Hondo recently acquired additional E-Leech equipment for its Tennessee Mine production facility. E-Leech technology is a patent pending process used to generate pH levels low enough to leach metals such as Gold, Silver, Zinc and Rare Earths into a solution for recovery at an extremely low cost per ton —The company has completed the operation to produce ionized water which is the critical substance needed for the extraction of minerals as required by its process and will be produced in a nearby offsite to be stored — With machinery in place to load and crush its tailings and electric generation to power its processing equipment, Hondo awaits regulatory inspections for final approvals for its site and facilities— The full mineral extraction process onsite will begin immediately following the Mining Safety and Health Administration regulatory and safety training certification—Hondo’s initial independent testing has indicated the Tennessee Mine tailings and dumps could produce an average of 1 oz. to 3 oz. of gold and about 30 oz. or more of silver per ton using their exclusive environmentally friendly technology— At the Tennessee Mine there are approximately a million tons of metal rich tailings and dump material— For more information on Hondo Minerals Corporation symbol HMNC visit hondominerals****. I’m Christina Collins with CRWE Newswire ********************************* THIS IS NOT A RECOMMENDATION TO BUY OR SELL ANY SECURITY! Disclaimer: Never invest in any stock featured on our site or emails unless you can afford to lose your entire investment. crwenewswire**** publisher and its affiliates and contractors are not registered investment advisers or broker/dealers.Our disclaimer (Read more at *******www.crwenewswire****/disclaimer) is to be read and fully understood before using our site, reading our newsletter or joining our email list. Release of Liability: Through use of this website viewing or using, you agree to hold crwenewswire**** report and Crown Equity Holdings Inc. CRWE, its operators, shareholders, employees and/or contractors harmless and to completely release them from any and all liability due to any and all loss (monetary or otherwise), damages (monetary or otherwise) that you may occur. Rule 17B requires disclosure of payment for investor relations. Crown Equity Holdings Inc. (CRWE.OB) is a newswire as well as an IR and PR firm. Crown Equity Holdings Inc. (CRWE.OB), in some cases, provides media advertising and public awareness for both public and private companies, as well as disseminating news. As such, in some cases, when Crown Equity Holdings Inc. (CRWE.OB) advertises for a particular client, Crown Equity Holdings Inc. (CRWE.OB) charges an advertising fee which it must disclose under 17B. The fee may be in cash, in free trading stock or in restricted stock. Crown Equity Holdings Inc. (CRWE.OB), if paid in stock, can and may sell those securities during the advertising period. Crown Equity Holdings Inc. (CRWE.OB) has received twenty five thousand dollars ($25,000) in cash from a third party (Friona Gold, LLC) for 1 week of media advertisement services for Hondo Minerals Corporation (HMNC.OB).
8 Jun 2011
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*******www.employmentcrossing****/jobs/q-Regulatory-cat-Compliance-jobs.html - Serch Email regulatory compliance jobs. find all compliance jobs and regulatory jobs on EmploymentCrossing****.
28 Jul 2011
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I work for Dell and thought this infographic was really interesting. It provides more information on regulatory compliance and the consequences of non-compliance. You can view the full infographic here: *******en********/dell-blogs/enterprise/b/inside-enterprise-it/archive/2011/07/19/effective-compliance-what-s-it-worth-to-you.aspxFor more info on their associated products, click here: ***********/us/en/enterprise/by-need-governance-and-compliance.aspx
10 Aug 2011
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*******www.theskywardgroup**** What makes The Skyward Group different from other medical device regulatory consultants? It is a one stop shop committed to serve you on consulting, funding and manufacturing of your intellectual property.
26 Aug 2011
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Regulatory framework *******www.detective-zakynthinos****/Content.asp?Code=000002 The Profession of Private Investigator is perhaps one of the most misunderstood around the world, mainly due to the sensitivity of the cases handled. It is for this crucial reason that the state created a framework of laws, regularly updated in line with technological developments in the field. The relative importance of this legislative framework cannot be overemphasized. Zakynthinos™Detective Agency present the laws currently in force in its original Greek text.
16 Apr 2013
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May 3, 2013 /3BL Media/ - Michael Robinson, Vice President, Sustainability & Regulatory Affairs at General Motors sat down for an interview at the 2013 Ceres Conference, which took place May 1st and 2nd in San Francisco, CA. Ceres is an advocate for sustainability leadership. Ceres mobilizes a powerful coalition of investors, companies and public interest groups to accelerate and expand the adoption of sustainable business practices and solutions to build a healthy global economy. Ceres also directs the Investor Network on Climate Risk (INCR), a network of 100 institutional investors with collective assets totaling more than $10 trillion. For more information, visit *******www.ceres****/
21 May 2013
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