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Hollywood based gothic metal rock band Midnight Reign performs three songs live in the flashrock studio. Awesome visually stunning music video that includes an interview with TFG
11 Apr 2008
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6/16 Rule and Reign (Proverbs 12:24) Today's encouraging word and video daily devotional with Minister Jeff Fannell. To see other devotionals or ministry clips, or for more info, visit the website at www.ongoodground**** Distributed by Tubemogul.
7 Jul 2008
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JAZZY B—REIGNING SUPREME! JAZZY B well known punjabi singer once again coming with his new album ”RAMBO”. The colossus of sound, style, fashionand entertainment that is JAZZY B return of the fore with his eleventh studio album titled” over three years since his smash hit album”Romeo”. Fusing an array of sound and lyrical delights-The fundamental element that make a jazzy b record great. The music is composed and produced as usual by”The Music Man” SUKSHINDER SHINDA. Once again he concocting a blend of folk,funk, desi and tailor made beats. Jazzy b brings to life his own blend of modern bhangra styles compliment his electric dance moves and live stage act. Throughout his career he has maintained a close relationship with the urban music scale as well as the traditional sounds generated from the villages and cities of punjab Jazzy b “RAMBO” is filled with a mix of dance orinted blended of the seven surs of punjab music and pop with sprinklines of hip hop styled break beats and smooth RNB rhythms. He also sang for movie like TEESRI AANKH AND UDHAM SINGH. Jazzy B (given name Jaswinder Singh Bains) was born on April 1, 1975 in Nawanshahr, Punjab. Raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, he currently resides in Birmingham, England and is a transatlantic superstar who has introduced a fresh new image to the world of bhangra music. He was dicovered at the age of 18 by noted bhangra producer Sukshinder Shinda, who has gone on to produce all of his albums. Since his debut album “Gugian Da Jorra” in 1993, Jazzy B has become one of the most important names in the Punjabi music world of modern times. His sassy lyrics, recognizable voice, and hardcore street credibility have kept him popular ever since. He has aquired the tags of “the original Folksta” “the Canadian Sensation” and the “Crown Prince of Bhangra” as he continues his revival of Bhangra in a big way while wooing audiences across the globe. Releases of hit albums such as “Oh Kedi” and “Tera Roop” show that this megastar packs an enormous tidal, On this new album JAZZY B is brilliant throughout, from the punchy beats and lyric of the title track to masterful use of simple harmony on the spanish guitar influenced him. H.S COMMUNICATION
3 Jul 2008
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The Who - Video Slide Show Tribute with music Love Reign O'er Me
27 Jan 2009
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Writer Zeb Wells calls Marvel Hotline this week to discuss DARK REIGN: ELEKTRA #1 and what's in store for the assassin in the post-Secret Invasion world.
26 Mar 2009
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RPG gamers rejoice, Reign of Swords, the iPhone app published by Punch Entertainment, Inc., allows you to strategize and conquer anywhere you go. Graphics compare to those of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Genesis.
15 May 2009
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Today's show has reviews for Mysterius The Unfathomable #6, Dark Reign: Hawkeye #3, and Invincible #63. Be sure to comment, subscribe, and tell your friends!
25 Jun 2009
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Our God Reigns Here!
7 Jul 2009
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*******www.realcoachingradio**** B Hopkins guest hosting the show. You can let fear have a reign of terror in your head. *******
20 Aug 2009
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The Storm Reign is a new Advanced Performance bowling ball that is to be released on 9/24/2009. Watch our reaction video and check out our reviews at *******www.bowlingball****/reign
10 Sep 2009
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Today's show has reviews of Dark Reign: The List: Avengers, Models Inc. #1, and Frank Castle Punisher MAX #74! Be sure to comment, subscribe, and tell your friends!
16 Sep 2009
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Today's show has reviews of X Necrosha #1, Dark Reign: The List - Punisher #1, and X-Factor #50! Be sure to comment, subscribe, and tell your friends!
3 Nov 2009
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*******swburl****/b972 God He Reigns DVD Experience how wonderful life is... Be strong Stand Firm. GOD He Reigns *******www.ShopWatchBuy****
17 Nov 2009
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Lord Reign in me
9 Dec 2009
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bowlingball**** staff members demonstrate the new Storm Reign of Fire bowling ball in this reaction video. For more information or to purchase this bowling ball, please visit: *******www.bowlingball****/storm-reign-of-fire-bowling-ball.html?lf=youTube
18 Dec 2009
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The Millennial Reign is a 1,000 year period defined in Revelations starting from the time when the Lord comes and takes His redeemed to the paradise of Heaven (the Second Coming), to the time the Lord returns to the desolate earth with His chosen people in the holy city (the New Jerusalem.) The 1,000 years is also a time of adjustment needed for God's people, in that they will come to understand why the wicked (or quite simply, those who did not choose Christ) were blotted out from the Book of Life. This places a great emphasis on the Word getting out to people, as there are no second chances for those who don't accept Christ and repent. This time is "valuable time", and the existence of the Millennial Reign proves this. There will be tinges of sadness for those whose loved ones are not in the Kingdom of God, but over time the Lord will show them that His judgments are righteous, and that everyone selected for the second resurrection deserves the end fate of the Lake of Fire which will destroy all sin.
5 Jan 2010
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