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Top business advice from David Meerman Scott, bestselling author of The New Rules of Marketing & PR, tells you why the press release is still a great tool, and shows you how to use it to reach more customers. See more business news television shows featuring these experts, as they give their top expert business advice at David Meerman Scott: … the one slowly press release used to be a tool of getting the media to write about or broadcast about your company. It used to be that only a handful of people ever saw your press release, maybe a dozen members of the media were the only people who saw the press release. Today, literally hundreds of millions of people, anyone with an internet connection has access to your press release prior to the media seeing it in its raw form. So to be effective don’t even think about the media. Instead think about the people who are reading the press release and can make a decision right from that release not from people who will be seeing the content of the release after it’s written about later on by the media. And if you do that it will cause the release to be written in a very, very different way because rather than use big words trying to impress members of the media so that they will call you up for an interview, you are using the words and phrases instead that your buyers are using and you are writing in such a way that your press release will be visible to the search engines, that it will create and compel people to click on one of the links in your press release and go to your site which is ultimately what you want people to do when they are reading an online news release is to take the next step which is typically going to your site. Have you got a great business, idea, product or service, but you just can't get the revenue growth you are looking for? If you'd like your business to be considered for the Million Dollar Challenge click here Find out more about the very latest in Million Dollar team developments and news by visiting our blog at
24 Oct 2008
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A new report released Thursday shows that students in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools outperform students from most other nations in mathematics. The analysis, conducted by the American Institute for Research (AIR), shows that students in only five of the 24 comparison countries did better than CMS students in fourth grade and only nine of the 43 comparison countries did better in eighth grade. To view Multimedia News Release, go to
28 Oct 2008
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The Interactive News Release is a PR 2.0 tool that allows companies and professional communicators to deliver multimedia content (such as corporate video, images, text) directly to consumers. The Interactive News Release was created to enable consumers to participate in news dissemination in a friendly format. Consumers can email, embed, share and bookmark content to their friends via a plethora of popular social networking tools, such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Digg. To view an example of an Interactive News Release, click here Contact Medialink for more information at
4 Nov 2008
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0:28 Al Qaeda just endorsed John McCain (take that, Colin Powell). They've just released their first Barack Obama attack ad. Watch more at
19 Mar 2009
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Bald Eagle Release by the Arizona Game and Fish Department
6 Nov 2008
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GT Catch and Release Program - It's open season on slow.
9 Feb 2009
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GT Catch and Release Program - It's open season on slow.
9 Dec 2008
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25 Jan 2012
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Nick Hogan was released from jail after serving 166 days of an 8-month sentence. He pleaded no contest to reckless driving in May 2007. However, Hogan was released from jail early for good behavior and into the custody of older sister, Brooke Hogan. The Sun is reporting that the king of pop might be coming to a city near you. That’s right, a source told The Sun that Michael Jackson is finalizing details for an upcoming world tour. If the rumors are true, this will be MJ’s first tour since 1996. And I, am definitely getting tickets. Word on the street is that things on the set of Ugly Betty were definitely getting ugly when Lindsay Lohan was around. In fact, what was supposed to be a 6-episode run onthe ABC sitcom was cut down to 4, according to the New York Post. A source from the production team told the post that the actress was constantly smoking, left her trailer a mess, and that there was some kind of feud between Lohan and America Ferrera. But the four episodes that LiLo did participate in will be airing later this season, so check it out on ABC. Distributed by Tubemogul.
11 Nov 2008
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Smoking is Haram in Islam FATWA Released All Muslims must See this video and forward the video or message to all your friends and relative. Rash
13 Nov 2008
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Learn about the features and benefits of Cisco Network Admission Control (NAC) Appliance Release 4.5. For more info:
13 Nov 2008
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WARNING: THIS VID IS A SUPER SPOILER AND IT CONTAINS CLIPS FROM EPISODES AS NEW AS 191! NOTE: I DO NOT OWN BLEACH OR ANY MATERIAL IN THIS VID. IT IS PURELY FAN MADE Anyway, this is my vid on every arrancar release to date. I got the clips from and got Cirucci Thunderwitch's and Grimmjow's releases from Eseyy (A YouTube user) Ye so hope u enjoy Dont forget to comment, rate and subscribe! :D Arrancar No. 107 - Gantenbainne Mosqueda Arrancar No. 105 - Cirucci Thunderwitch Arrancar No. 103 - Dordonii Del Socacchio Menis (Patros' Comrade) Aldegor (Patros' Comrade) Patros Arrancar No. 15 - Illforte Grantz Arrancar No. 13 - Edorad Leones Arrancar No. 11 - Shawlong Qufang Espada No. 9 - Aaroniero Arrurueire Espada No. 8 - Szayel Apporo Grantz Former Espada No. 6 - Luppi Espada No. 6 - Grimmjow Jeagerjaques
31 Jan 2009
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Only Men Aloud! are the winners of Last Choir Standing 2008. This video is a trailer to support the release of their self titled debut album 'Only Men Aloud!' released on the 24th November.
23 Apr 2009
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0:33 The new Xbox Experience (NXE) is being released on the 19th of November 2008 at about 2.00 am Pacific time USA and 10.00 am UK time.
19 Nov 2008
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Mulatto Patriot does it big for his album release party Nov. 1st at Reggie's in Chicago, IL. Vide Features Chip Fu of Fu-Schnickens, Paige Monroe, Puglslee Atomz, Decay of Molemen, Czar from Animated Objects, Dj Intel, Awdazcate Prosper Jones and more. "Sonic Visuals" is currently in store and also features Ras Kass, Casual (Hiero), Pumpkin Head(Brooklyn Academy) and more. Cop the album on I-Tunes now. Http://
21 Nov 2008
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Cloud Nine Human Growth Hormone releaser, the herbal anti-aging remedy for men and women composed of 100% natural ingredients, is designed to cure many common ailments associated with the aging process. Go to to read more...
25 Nov 2008
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