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Stars who are secretly religious
24 Mar 2017
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This is the excitement when residents do Muslim religious wedding china with a camel ride
29 Mar 2017
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Epiphany book applies James’s expertise in corporate diversity management to religion. It challenges readers to celebrate and applaud their differences – as God does – and to seek their personal truth wherever it may come. Begin your journey by reading Epiphany: Finding Truth Without Losing Faith.
17 Mar 2017
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Firudin Gilar Bek offers you courses to learn “Bird language” of King Solomon. In ancient philosophy was considered as the symbol of human spirit, the particle of primary matter and its part. “Bird language” is considered as a language of first great men that came from east and built Babylon Tower. This language is a language of primary matter that comprises the foundation of all in the universe. This language being the “language” of ancient prophets and kings is also called as the language of language of symbols, esotermism, Sufism, germetism, etc. All ancient religious, philosophical and etc sources were written in this language. By learning this language you will be able to perceive first the Allah in the last millennium, his creatures, meaning of holy books and etc. Using this language you will be able perceive divine secrets like ancient prophets and kings. Then you will not afraid of “apocalypses”. In contrary, you will wish it comes earlier. By perceiving secrets you will survive from “Judgment Day”. After death your soul will get a happy life in Gor paradise (Christ paradise) in the skies. We offer you a life of a perfect man like a generation of those going the way of Gor (Christ) God that gained the happy life in the two worlds. Today nobody in the world knows what and who is Allah. By our help you will be able not only perceive the divine law and forces but also will get knowledge about technology of creation of cosmic life, god Ra, generation of gods, paradise, generation of sacred, ordinary people, etc.
2 Mar 2017
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Plastic Company in Viet Nam Rang Dong Plastic Joint-Stock Company ABOUT US: I. HISTORY: -From 1960-1975: established and operated under the name UFEOC (Union of French far East rubber factory), later renamed to UFIPLASTIC. Is one of the first plastic business, modern equipment imported from Japan, Taiwan to PR -From 1975-2005: renamed rang Dong plastic Factory, the company is constantly growing and expanding. The factory/branch in hoc Mon district, Nha Trang, Hanoi, Nghệ An. .. in turn is formed. In 2003 the company received the ISO 9001-2000 certificate. 02/05 -2005-present: rebuilding the headquarters in District 11-HO CHI MINH CITY. HCM, manufacturing activity continued to expand, Dennis. Upgrading the plant Hormones into Plastic Packaging factory in Cu Chi district-HO CHI MINH CITY. HCM. Plastic First Paint II. INTRODUCTION: The main products of the rang Dong plastic Corporation include: -Packaging: the packaging menu membrane layer, complex and multi-layered rolls and bags, plastic labels, label paper, pallet wrap-shrink-film (Stretch Hood). Print from 1-12. -LEATHER: production of PVC, PU leather for the sofa, saddle, pair-handbags-fashion shoes, harness-sports, apparel, fabric, waterproof, fire retardant fabric, ... -THIN FILM: thin PVC, PE, PEVA, EVA used as raincoats, towels, Binder, salt-covered waterproof membrane in construction ... -Religion: Religious BOARD-game of PVC, PP, PE, sheet paste-plastic laminate bulkheads, ceilings. -Products: raincoats, towels, ... Rang Dong Plastic Joint-Stock Company Address: 190 Lac Long Quan Street, Ward 3, District 11, Ho Chi Minh City , Viet Nam Tel: (84-8) 3969 2272 Fax: (84-8) 3969 2843
23 Mar 2017
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Om beach is the most famous among-st several other beaches present in the town of Gokarna at a distance of approximately 8 km from Gokarna. Two semi-crescent shapes that join together resembling the Hindu religious symbol ‘OM’ is the reason behind the name of the beach.
27 Mar 2017
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Catholic priest explains why religious freedom is not absolute and why society must place limitations on it. Bigamy and child marriage are rightly outlawed. The question is where to draw the line on the government's power to limit religious freedom and expression.
13 Dec 2006
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Religious Blessings on Christmas
20 Dec 2006
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A caller posing as a very irrate elderly atheist calls in to a religious talk show and gets into an uproarious argument with the show's dogmatic host.
16 Mar 2007
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Profa de religie pozata in timp ce facea yoga O_O
1 May 2007
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Every human being must see the life history of Lord Buddha. First Religious Reformer of India.
21 Jun 2007
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Lt. Neal Larson, played by Michael Dorn ("Star Trek's Worf) takes charges of breaking up the religious protest as reporter Don Deetz (Jason Wiles) and his cameraman Jerry (Paul Tipton) cover the news event. For more information about our how our Web Theater works and why we are doing it this way, search for our Web Theater introduction video titled HOTB-BTS-00. HEART of the BEHOLDER -
15 Aug 2007
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Behind-the-Scenes - Deleted Scene - Reverend Matthew Brewer (John Prosky) and his "Citizens for Decency", protest at the funeral of a murdered gay college student. St. Louis Reporter Don Deetz (Jason Wiles) covers the story. The religious singer is award-winning artist Niki Hornsby who donated several songs to our movie. For you Star Trek fans, the woman to the right of the singer is Susan Sackett. Susan was the assistant to Star Trek's creator - Gene Roddenberry. For more information about our how our Web Theater works and why we are doing it this way, search for our Web Theater introduction video titled HOTB-BTS-00. HEART of the BEHOLDER -
17 Sep 2007
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Religious Converters always knock your door disturbing your peace. These converters are an example of religious madness. Imagine if the whole world was converted to one religion, people will still find a reason to kill each other. Why convert others from one religion to another religion, while keeping them in a small box. Enlightened Master, Acharya Shree Yogeesh, emphasizes the only reason to convert: Convert the people's hearts. Convert them to be more compassionate, kind, and loving people. There's no need to convert their religion, convert their hearts.
10 Jan 2008
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Ave Maria! This is a special AIRMARIA report on the status of religious liberty in America, relative to the ongoing push on the part of the homosexual lobby for full same-sex marriage in Connecticut. Last year same-sex civil unions were legalized by the state assembly with an amendment defining marriage as a union of one man and one woman.In Connecticut, same-sex couples already have all the rights and benefits of married people, just not the name marriage. This year they are back for what they call equality, but in reality the legalization of same-sex marriage in Connecticut will only codify the defense of traditional marriage as a form of discrimination.Witness the erosion of your religious liberty! This assault will not stop at the state line. The same-sex marriage lobby wishes to challenge the federal Defense of Marriage Act. This affects you, no matter where you live in America. On March 26 2007, Brian Brown, Executive director of the Family Institute of Connecticut, testified before the judiciary committee of the state legislature in regard to raised House Bill 7395: An Act Concerning Marriage Equality. He was grilled on the question of commitment to civil rights and his religious convictions. Brian defended both traditional marriage and religious liberty in an eloquent and courageous way. He continues to be attacked on the FIC blog. In this video Brian also tells us what we can do to protect religious liberty. Don't underestimate this attack on religious liberty. This has implications for us all. Bill Donohue of the Catholic League picked up on the threat and is bringing it to national attention. This video is a good synthesis of what happened last Monday.Ave Maria!
23 May 2008
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Investigation about how religious and political lawa interact. Part1
26 May 2008
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