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The clip religion and science Part 2 from Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (2008) with Ben Stein We're not going to take away their churches. But what we have to do is get it to a place Where religion is treated At the level it should be treated. That is, something fun That people get together and do on the weekend And really doesn't affect their life As much as it has been so far. Stein: so what would the world look like If dr. Meyers got his wish? Greater science literacy, Which is going to lead to the erosion of religion, And then we'll get this nice positive feedback mechanism going, Where as religion slowly fades away, We get more and more science to replace it. And that will displace more and more religion, Which will allow more and more science in, And we'll eventually get to that point Where religion has taken that appropriate place As a side dish rather than the main course. Stein: but will eradicating religion Really lead to a modern utopia? Hmm. Let me try to imagine that. And let's let history be our guide.
23 Nov 2011
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