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Flying a remot control plane in doors. Great control.
17 Apr 2006
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This looks like a great remote control jet, it gets some serious speed and can do all sorts of moves, definitely worth checking out.
19 Sep 2006
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This project contains all about how to make a chip to control your computer remotely with almost any remote controller you can find in your house. All parts can by found at local radioshack shop. Everything cost about 10$. Schematics are made by some guy name Igor. He also made plugin to program girder. OK thanks for Igor and let start making real goods!!!
1 Apr 2007
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THis is a remotely controlled truck being used for a test, but the operator can't make it stay on the assigned course.
29 Mar 2007
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Make visible signal at your TV Remote Control.
10 Apr 2007
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magic remote control
17 May 2007
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This Remote control makes a lot of problems. And i think it will enjoy itself
11 May 2007
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This video shows how to "remote control" your iPod with your cell / mobile phone. In detail, it shows how a cell / mobile phone during a call emits enough electromagnetic radiation to effect the iPods capacitive sensing click wheel, and thus adjust the volume. The phone is a Siemens ME45 using the GSM-standard. The iPod is an Apple iPod Video 60 GB.
23 May 2007
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This is a simple yet effective way to power any 2AA or 2AAA remote control using the sun. The Solar panels are available on Ebay, the diode and battery can be scavenged or gotten at Radio Shack.
4 Jul 2007
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Kids having fun with the remote control cars.
9 Jul 2007
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Remote control BMW M3 drives off of parking garage. squish.
24 Jul 2007
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Sexy Track Girls -Remote Controler Drifting Cars-
19 Nov 2007
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The Logitech Harmony 550 Remote Control brings Logitech smarts to your home theater. Access your entire Home Entertainment system with just the push of a button! No more juggling remote controls for different components. The Harmony 550 Universal remote sends the right commands to all of your equipment, so you don't have to switch between controls or remember a sequence of buttons. A brightly lit LCD screen and easy to use controls tell you what you want to know. Want to watch a DVD? Just choose that activity, and all the necessary components power on at your disposal. You can even get online updates for your remote. Make your home theater easy again with the Logitech Harmony 550 Remote Control.
1 Aug 2007
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wasted in minute............... A remote control vehicle is defined as any mobile device that is controlled by a means that does not restrict its motion with an origin external to the device. This is often a radio control device, cable between control and vehicle, or an infrared controller. A remote control vehicle or RCV differs from a robot in that the RCV is always controlled by a human and takes no positive action autonomously.Recently, Sony Ericsson released a remote control car that could be controlled by any Bluetooth cell phone. Radio is the most popular because it does not require the vehicle to be limited by the length of the cable or in a direct line of sight with the controller (as with the infrared set-up). Bluetooth is still too expensive and short range to be commercially viable.
23 Aug 2007
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if your remote control does not work more, not to replace it! probably it has only the dirty circuits
28 Aug 2007
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remote control tech
4 Sep 2007
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