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Ren and Stimpy-s Kagdila
27 Aug 2007
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Hanging out with Billy West, the voice of Ren and Stimpy and Futurama!
13 May 2008
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The top five ren and stimpy moments of all time
13 Nov 2008
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Full Episodes www.watchrenandstimpy**** - <A href="*******www.watchrenandstimpy****">Watch Ren and Stimpy Online Streaming Free</a>
17 Nov 2008
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lemmi know whatcha think!!!! its my 4th amv
3 Apr 2008
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Finally after people nagging me, here are some cartoon voice impressions. Busy as a bee, but I must keep you entertained! Featuring: Professor Farnsworth Captain Hook SpongeBob SquarePants Ren and Stimpy Bender Mickey Mouse Shrek The Mad Hatter Elmo Kermit the Frog The Joker Peter Griffin Stewie Griffin Marvin the Martian Homestar Runner and Kif
6 Nov 2008
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THE REN AND STIMPY SHOW! Stimpy's Invention review for Sega Genesis. Classic Game Room reviews THE REN & STIMPY SHOW: STIMPY'S INVENTION for Sega Genesis released in 1993 which is based on the awesome, Billy West voiced Nickelodeon TV show from the early 90's! This Ren and Stimpy Show video game is a cartoony 2D side scrolling platformer where players can control either Ren or Stimpy, the characters from the Nickelodeon cartoon show. CGR Ren & Stimpy Show Stimpy's Invention video review shows Ren and Stimpy Sega Genesis gameplay in HD.
3 Jul 2012
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The Ren & Stimpy Show: Stimpy's Invention review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of The Ren & Stimpy Show: Stimpy's Invention from BlueSky Software and SEGA for the SEGA Genesis. Stimpy's Invention is the second of the Ren and Stimpy video games, and it's like the interactive embodiment of what people who didn't get Ren and Stimpy thought of Ren and Stimpy. It has all the violence and toilet humor without all the ingenious writing and context. You poorly platform through levels while collecting the pieces of Stimpy's latest catastrophic invention. On the bright side of the log, the game does get a few things right. The sprites are fantastic recreations of characters from the show, including the pro wrestlers Lump and Loaf from Mad Dog Höek, the dog catcher from Big House Blues and of course Mr. Horse. It's not a terrible game, but if Derek doesn't like it, that's saying something. This video review features video gameplay footage of The Ren & Stimpy Show: Stimpy's Invention for the SEGA Genesis and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Derek.
4 Oct 2012
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Twilight Breaking Dawn animated parody, the sequel to Eclipse and New Moon starring Bella and Edward in Ren and Stimpy mode this time. Bellas voice by Tprinces, and Sparkle by Jimmy Hill of PLECOSTOMUS, who provided the rockin music! A cartoon by Myk Friedman 2010 Toonsmyth Productions
13 May 2013
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On this episode, ren and stimpy move out from the mouth of a Bum to a spit bucket (WARNING VERY GRAPHIC, If you don't have the stomach don't open this video.)
6 Apr 2010
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This is mortal combat potrayed by some of our favorte childhood cartoons Note:i do NOT own the ren and stimpy serieses nor the muisc portrayed in this video UPDATE!! 7/14/09 WoW!! over 70,000!!! i didnt think it would be this popular!!! ty all so much! 8/15/09 82,800!!!! keep it up guys! 10/1/09---100,000!!!!!!!!!!!! 6-26-10-----240,400!!!!!!!! 12-27-10-----370,000!!! In 6 months watched 100,000 times!
9 Jul 2011
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Early 90's classic Nick commercial for Ren and Stimpy. Freewebs****/stuffilike - Classic shows on DVD
30 Oct 2011
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The ren and stimpy
21 Nov 2012
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Parlez vous Francais? Non? Than you need the all new International LOG! This International LOG commercial from the Ren and Stimpy show was not yet uploaded on YouTube. I only have the audio, but who cares? It's still great fun! Ey! Can't you see I'm WALKIN' HERE!!! LOG, from Blammo.
29 Aug 2013
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This is the super-awesome psychadellic song from the R&S Episode "Jerry the Belly Button Elf." I couldn't get the original video, this is only the song with some images. The video to go with it and the episode it's from is really something to see, so go watch it some time if you haven't already. Ren & Stimpy, this song, and all related images are copyright Nickelodeon and Spumco. If you like this, do them a favor and buy some R&S DVDs. They should be available at your nearest video store.
6 Sep 2009
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This is a short cover of a classic song from a classic shut the hell up.....
23 Dec 2009
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