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All of the choices I've seen around youtube for Nessie, combined into a video. Who's your favorite?
14 Mar 2009
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Ok, so this is the same video I had posted with the song It's only life, but due to copyright claim, I had to take the video off or mute the music, so I redid it, only with a different song this time. Hope you will like it, I think the song still fits very well. No copyright infringment intended. All rights to their respectful owners.
14 Mar 2009
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I challenged myself to make one video for each book in the Twilight series and here's the final installment. =] SUMMARY: Jacob did not think he could make it through the day that Bella gives birth to a vampire child. Ironically, that ended up being the day that he got over her. DOWNLOAD: YouTube totally jacked up the quality, so here's a download link. *******www.sendspace****/file/9gshtv NOTE: Please don't post any negative comments about my casting. I already know my actor choice for ...
25 Apr 2009
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Read first!!!! Breaking Dawn spoilers. Don't watch if you haven't finished. I own none of these clips or characters. i credit some of the clips to madforpenguins and derieagle. i couldn't have created this without them. i hope you do not mind. This vid shows the relationship between Jacob and Nessie. I love the song because it shows the happiness/light (yellow) that Nessie brings into his life, and also the devotion and need he has for her. It begins with her birth, and him imprinting. He ...
29 Apr 2009
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" if I'd always known that the Volturi would come to take my happiness from me..." Color- Present Grayscale - Flashback/Past Sepia - Dreams **I don't own any clips used. Credit to rightful owners. Won't you come out and play with me? Visit me at www.myspace****/lightofthecity or www.fanfiction****/~kireemariee
25 May 2009
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My Breaking Dawn movie, comments and ratings are highly appreciated :D thanks for watching!
25 Apr 2009
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Just another preview. Comment and Rate!
16 Nov 2009
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this is edward and bella's daughter. bella has her in breaking dawn while giving birth edward turns her into a vampire to save her. That is why she has red eyes.
24 Jan 2010
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they r such a cute family!!
2 Jul 2010
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I decided to make another Nessie video. this one for edward.
21 Jul 2010
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made it for a compition with my friend.
15 Oct 2010
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UPDATE: Because I´m getting a litlle tired of receiving the comments like the last one, I want to say that this is a video from March 2009. There were almost any clips with the guy that plays Jacob now, and even there were a thousand, i prefer this actor. So this is called creativity, and by that I mean vidding: create our own story or tell a story already published the way you want it, with frames from movies that you choose. This is breaking dawn told by the way I chosen. HUGE HUGE HUGE SPOILERS ABOUT BREAKING DAWN, STEPHANIE MEYER´S BOOK! Thank you so mutch for all the lovely comments this movie received! There are 3 people I want dedicate this movie: xxxAccioHagridxxx, KataraWatertribreGirl and AddictedtoJonas17. A big thanks to you all!! Serious, if wasn´t you guys, i would never finished this! I thought it really sucksbut now I like it! About the video! So, it is about Breaking Dawn, a book I loved to read! I tryed to put the most information I could. So, if you have doubts, continue reading! 00:00 00:27 The Edward´s and Bella´s Wedding. 00:28 1:05 - The travel to the Esme Island. The Island. Their first time. They enjoying the Island. Bella dreams with a baby. 1:06 1:15 - Bella discover that she is pregnat. Edward and Bella living the Island. 1:16 - 1:42 - Jacob´s go visit Bella. He tells her to give up of the baby. Edward is going mad of pain. 1:43 2:01 - Bella is serious sick. Jacob and Edward are devastaded. Edward is always next to Bella. 2:02 2:23 - Bella starts to giving birth. She is in pain. Renesme born. 2:24 2:38 - The baby bits Bella. Edward took some venon of him and injects in Bella. The transformation of Bella. 2:39 2:49 - Bella wake up. Renesme bites her. They go Hunt for the first time. 2:50 3:11 - My favorite part: The imprinting of Jacob on Renesme. Bella is furious. She atacks Jacob. 3:12 3:21 - The House of Bella and Edward. They make love. 3:22 3:33 - Alice´s vision. Bella tooks Renesme in her harms, scared. 3:34 3:51 - Credtis. All movies I used are there. Againno copyright intended to be infrigment. I won NOTHING! Just for fun. And againI am so sorry for my english! It really sucks lol Oh, and I don´t have the book with me! I had some doubts about the sequence of the scenes, and I think Renesme bits Bella when she is already transformated, and in the movie it appears before the transformation. Sorry :)
6 Aug 2011
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Breaking Dawn film crew have responded to the uprising as to Mackenzies' age, and have said (to quote source breakingdawnmovie****): "Now I know you have all been wondering how Mackenzie is going to play a child quite a few years younger than she really is. Well according to unnamed sources, "Dawn" director Bill Condon will employ similar digital effects to those used by David Fincher in 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,' where Mackenzie's face would be digitally transferred onto the face of a younger child. It's also probable that the studio will hire a younger child in some capacity too." I am so glad we all got this cleared up. This girl has been in the talks for the role for weeks now, and it has just today become official.
12 Oct 2011
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Rob Pattinson and Kristen stewart - A hand-full of my favourite fan-made pictures from breaking dawn! I made this because its my favourite book in the series, and i hope you like these pictures as much as i do! Please. Comment. Rate. And subscribe! And thanks to all the people who created these amazing pictures!
16 Oct 2011
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its a movie trailer for my fanfic "When The Day Met The Night."
19 Oct 2011
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UPDATE: I made this video about 2 years ago, before the films were released, and before the resulting mass Twilight hysteria put me off the series for good. Please feel free to talk amongst yourselves in the comments, but I no longer use this account and I will not be reading or responding to any of them.
14 Nov 2011
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