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This is tight slap on our WCD Minister's face! Renuka Madam, once said, "don't trust Men, trust Condom"!!! Now take this Madam!
9 Feb 2009
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Renuka Chaudhary says Indian men are not trustworthy
4 Dec 2008
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Ashwin (Jeeva), a young, energetic photojournalist working for the private newspaper Neti Vartha, witnesses Naxalites robbing a local bank. He chases them and manages to click photos of the robbers. When he tries to escape, he is stopped by a young woman (Karthika Nair) who assumes he is the culprit and helps the robbers to take his camera. However, he is able to secure the memory card of the camera and to prove that he is a press photographer he shows the photos to the police, who identify everyone except the gang leader (whose face is covered by a mask). At his office, he meets Renuka 'Renu', the woman who earlier mistook him, who has newly joined as Article Editor. Saraswathi 'Saro' (Piaa Bajpai) also works in his office who has feelings for Ashwin. After finding out that Ashwin likes Renuka, she sacrfices her love. Vasanthan Perumal (Ajmal Ameer), a recent graduate and engineer, strives hard to enter the political field. He is in contest against his rivals who capture the people at the time of elections by giving freebies and money. No one cares about Vasanthan and his team of graduates, who promise a healthy government to people. Their group name happens to be 'Siragugal'. Meanwhile, Renuka writes a cover story about politician Aalavandhan (Kota Srinivasa Rao), describing his attempt to marry a minor. Enraged by this, Aalavandhan barges into the newspaper office and shouts at Renuka. The audio recording of her interview disappears, and she is fired from her job for falsified reporting. Ashwin now risks his life to capture the pictures of Aalavandhan who actually engages in child marriage. Later the story with the photos is printed in their newspaper and this makes Renuka to fall in love with him. Vasanthan organizes a political campaign meeting. Ashwin receives a text message from Saro that states there is a bomb underneath the stage where Vasanthan and his political party is. Ashwin manages to save Vasanthan, while he finds Saro seriously injured and fighting for her life amidst the riot, eventually dies from her injuries. Ashwin, through a video clip recorded by another photographer, finds out that Saro was intentionally killed by someone. He later notices a resemblance between the leader of the bank robbery and this unknown killer, concluding that it is the same person. Vasanthan wins in the elections taking majority, gaining the title of Central Minister and his party raises to the secretariat. He orders the release of 20 naxals on Republic Day, citing humanity. Hearing this, Ashwin rushes to meet Vasanthan. In Vasanthan's office, he finds the leader of the bank robbery who had also killed Saro. He tells Vasanthan about it, but he ignores him and pretends to be busy. Ashwin then follows the leader to his hideout.At the same time, the CM (Vasanthan) orders Tamil Nadu Police to go kill the naxals at the address Vasanthan gave and the Police Commandos surrounds the perimeter. There he learns that it was Vasanthan who, with the help of the naxals, planted the bomb and killed Saraswati as she saw the bomb being planted. In the end Vasanthan gets killed by a blast. Ashwin never reveals the relationship between Vasanthan and the killer to the media. Ashwin feared that if he does so, other party members who won along with Vasanth in election will lose their seats because of people. Ashwin tells the press that Vasanth sacrificed himself to kill the naxals.
9 Apr 2012
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******* Khan-1 With Break Ke Baad, I’m officially instituting the two and three- quarter star rating on our show. This is for films, which show promise and sparkle but eventually don’t deliver the goods. Break Ke Baad, co-written and directed by debutant Danish Aslam, starts off well enough. Over a long title sequence, we are introduced to Abhay, played by Imran Khan and Aaliya, played by Deepika Padukone, both Hindi movie fanatics who share their first kiss during their third viewing of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. She’s gorgeous, headstrong and sometimes insensitive or as she puts it during a drunken interlude, she is a soaring kite and he is her strong manjha. Which means he is sincere, committed and pretty dull. It’s not the most original scenario but Renuka Kunzru, who has done the dialogue and screenplay, makes it crackle. I thought I should share this with you. Off late I have been watching all my movies on BESTMOVIESCLUB. I'm a life member and I have access to their 80 million+ movies database. I can download or watch online anyhwere anytime. You should check it out. The link has been pasted on top of this review.
6 Jan 2011
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New Delhi: . Congress spokesperson Renuka Chowdhury has said that Rahul Gandhi is already the No. 2 in the party and there is no need to anoint him. For more info visit:*******raajneeti****/ & *******raajneeti****/news/congress-rahulalready-the-second-in-commandthere-is-no-need-to-anoint-him/
8 Nov 2012
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