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XinFin successfully demonstrated financing of a solar plant using blockchain technology. The simulation involved digitising and representing a solar plant on the blockchain. The buyer and finance entered in to a smart contract over the Blockchain and the solar plant was financed using the underlying XDC tokens. The IoT integration enabled real time monitoring and reporting of the plant performance. The IoT signal was fed to the smart contract between buyer and financier thereby triggering peer to peer wallet transfer toward repayment. XinFin has developed a highly scalable secure permissioned and commercial grade hybrid Blockchain that leverages public blockchain technology while being enterprise ready. XinFin blockchain is powered by XDC01 protocol and underlying XDC tokens that can be used for real time cross border settlement. XinFin is revolutionizing peer to peer trade and finance using secure and immutable Blockchain technology. XinFin’s TradeFinex platform helps buyers secure capital at globally competitive rates, suppliers get visibility on global customers and financiers get real time visibility on their global investments. This simulation demonstrates that any projects including those of national infrastructure importance can be financed peer to peer without burdening the treasury. Demand for cross border finance can be met by greater co-operation between governments and Blockchain capital by creation of new models of investment and financing. XinFin - eXchange inFinite XDC - XinFin Development Contract
17 Nov 2017
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Interest Only Mortgages Vs Repayment Mortgage Expert Gary Williams Explains the benfits and disadvantages of both interest only mortgages and repayment mortgages. What is an interest only mortgage, what is a repayment mortgage and which is right for you? Part of a series of information videos from The Mortgage Hotline the main independent mortgage brokers in the UK (view them all here www.themortgagehotline******) offering mortgage / remortgage help and advice so that you can make better mortgage decisions – save a lot of money – when applying, arranging and getting your own mortgage. If you are looking for a mortgage expert to guide, help, advise, and compare mortgage rates with you, and to apply and arrange your mortgage then ask the mortgage expert Gary Williams the UKs leading mortgage advice expert. Visit www.themortgagehotline****** - or FREEPHONE for further details on 08000 372 372.
15 Sep 2009
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Citigroup Inc's. (NYSE:C) stock is down nearly 5% in late-afternoon trading Monday in reaction to the announcement that the bank will repay the Troubled Asset Relief Program, or TARP, $20 billion, but analysts say the news is good over the long term. As the Wall Street Journal put it, "Once the knee-jerk selling and the taxpayer is out of the way, Citi will be free to become a fat cat once again, and that should be good for the stock over the medium to long term." Repaying TARP is a sign of " financial strength and management strength" for any bank, said Chip MacDonald, partner, Jones Day, in a video interview with The Deal shot on Monday at the NYSE Euronext. Subscribers to The Deal Pipeline may read more on Citigroup's TARP repayment plan here. -- Mary Kathleen Flynn
15 Dec 2009
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Do I Have To Repay My Creditors In Bankruptcy If I Own A Home? - Attorney John G. Merna discusses the general implications of owning a home when considering what bankruptcy chapter to file (Chapter 7 or Chapter 13). Having a home alone does not mean you have to repay your creditors in bankruptcy. www.mernalaw****
6 Aug 2010
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Credit Cards Debt Consolidation - Plan your debt repayment with debt cutter and live debt free life from credit cards debt consolidation, Debt Repayment and many more, we provide you complete debt repayment solutions.
3 Sep 2011
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Loan Reypayment - Debt Cutter is Government Approved Debt Agreement company that provides complete solutions for loan repayment which is referred to as refunding the amount of loan and loan repayment options. Visit us at *******www.debtcutter****.au/help-with-loan-repayments.html.
5 Sep 2011
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Debt reduction in repayment - If you owe $10,000 or more in credit card debt or medical bills, Debt Help Center USA can settle your debt for far less than what you owe. Call (800) 981-5323 today.
30 Nov 2011
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How long does it take to repay an IVA? Find out what the repayment periods for an Individual Voluntary Arrangement are and how long it could take to clear debts with an IVA in this short video from Baines and Ernst. For the video transcript, go to: *******www.bainesandernst******/news/debt-guides/what-are-the-repayment-periods-for-an-iva/ repay iva, repayment periods for an Individual Voluntary Arrangement, clear debts, iva, baines and ernst,
20 Dec 2011
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Find out if the companies you owe money to will accept lower repayment rates if you enter a debt solution like a Debt Management Plan or an IVA in this video from Baines and Ernst. For the video transcript, go to: *******www.bainesandernst******/news/debt-guides/will-creditors-accept-lower-repayments/
11 Apr 2012
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This video provides 4 killer tips about what to do if you are without a job or income and you are unable to repay your student loans. *******greatlakesloaninfo****
14 Feb 2013
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We will negotiate with your creditors and you will only pay pennies on the dollar. Let us save your credit...Guaranteed. Free settlement proposal
5 Aug 2009
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April 21, 2010 (2:08) Although General Motors repaid its $8.1 billion in U.S. and Canadian government loans, critics are skeptical the company is really on the road to recovery.
28 Apr 2010
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The government will make a profit on the AIG bailout, IF shares stay at their same level as the government divests itself of AIG ownership.
4 Nov 2010
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*******www****pletely-awesome-stuff**** YES! Free money that you never have to repay! It’s the secret that nobody talks about. Discover the dirty little secret the U.S. Government has hidden from you.
10 Sep 2009
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*******debtconsolidation4studentloans**** 7: Take Advantage of Tax Savings 8: Repayment Tips information regarding your student loans, always remember that the financial aid staff at your school is probably your most important resource.
9 Mar 2010
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