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Active Directory Reports Tools Enables AD User Reports Direct Reports Exchange Reports ou Reports Security Reports NTFS Reports Group Reports Active Directory Audit Reports from Active Directory. JiJi Active Directory Reports Tools user friendly Reports Tool.JiJi Active Directory Reports Reporting Tools .JiJi Active Directory Reports (ADR) enables IT organizations to extract vital data from Active Directory in seconds after installation. ADR provides the best solution to meet Active Directory Reporting requirements. ADR has an extensive reports list with over 100 out of the box reports. Armed with this information , organizations can quickly make strategic and tactical security decisions that involve their Active Directory and Windows environment.JiJi Active Directory Reports retrieves and reports information efficiently from the active directory while hiding the complexities of the native Active Directory reporting tools. JiJi Active Directory Reports can generate reports to help organizations gather information for regulatory audits including SOX/PCI audits.FeaturesActionsHelps to do actions like delete, move, disable, enable and reset based on the reports in bulk.RestoreHelps to restore the deleted users/computers in bulk.SchedulerUsers can schedule reports of their interest and get the reports in their mail box.Bulk Report GenerationHelps to generate set of selected reports and provides option to save and send via E-mail.Domain Controller SettingsUsers can specify the list of domain controllers not to be used. Also user can specify which domain controller to be used by default. By using this setting, the user can isolate the faulty, far away domain controller during the report generation.SearchHelps to locate a specific Active Directory Object quickly and accurately.Print ReportsHelps to print reports.Export ReportsReports can be exported to PDF, CSV and Excel formats.Add/Remove ColumnsHelps to customize the report columns. It provides option to list all the schema attributes based on the report type.PowerShell Scripting SupportReports Generation can be automated using powershell script.ScopeThe report generation can be limited to Organizational Units (OU) in a domain, facilitating an OU based administration.SortUsers can sort the columns of their interest.Custom reportsUsers can generate the reports based on the user-defined custom LDAP query.Templates It is a sub-feature added to Bulk Report Genenration and Scheduler. It helps to store set of reports and its arguments in memory. And provides option to reuse the stored reports.The JiJi Technologies ready to provide request features and Request products . For More Detail feel free to contact JiJi Technologies and also Contact support jijitechnologies****
4 Jul 2009
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Much respect, he's really trying to make a report with all of the burning pot around him!Good Stuff...
30 Aug 2007
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16 Aug 2008
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According to Muhammad, the Bible is a scripture from God. He knew that the Jews were the keepers of the Hebrew scriptures, the Old Testament. He knew that the followers of Jesus, Christians, were the keepers of the Greek scriptures, New Testament. He knew that the Christians honored and claimed the Hebrew scriptures also. He never spoke anything against either scripture. *******howtoknowgod.wordpress**** Central banks move to calm markets Asia stocks halt free fall after banks' concerted effort to stimulate global economy Britain announces bank rescue plan Iceland financial problems persist Arab markets continue to dive Iran economic immunity Reacting to the financial crisis Obama 'widens lead' after debate McCain slipping further behind rival opinion polls indicate US admits Afghan civilian deaths More civilians died in US attack on village than previously reported, report finds Russia completes Georgia pullout Bush signs India nuclear deal Deadly attack on Iraqi courthouse Ukraine parliament dissolved Pakistan's spy chief addresses MPs Africa Mauritanian police break up protest Somali mortar attack claims lives UN urges action on Somalia piracy Guantanamo release angers Bush Asia Pacific Malaysia PM to step down Troops patrol Bangkok after clashes Maldives votes in presidential poll Europeans perish in Nepal air crash Europe Central banks fail to stem sell-off UN seeks court opinion on Kosovo Middle East Deaths in Egypt building collapse Arab markets continue to dive A woman wrapped in an ANC blanket South Africa split Why ANC rebels are turning their backs on the ruling party Pakistani people walk along the main road that leads to the troubled area of the Swat valley in northern Pakistan Wednesday, July 30, 2008 Swat diary Torched schools and power cuts in Taleban country Capt Leon Boyea of North Slope Police Department Bootleg bounty? Alaska's restrictive alcohol laws, and their consequences Sarah Palin Distributed by Tubemogul.
13 Aug 2009
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Can you FOLLOW THE LEADER! At this renowned cultural landmark in Central Cancun Mexico, the staff is friendly, the drinks run all night and the fun never stops, Robert Paisola of CNN I Report Reports from "THE ME HOTEL" IN CANCUN MEXICO
17 Nov 2008
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19 Nov 2009
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BY TARA GRIMES You're watching multisource world news analysis from Newsy Scotland’s Loch Ness monster might as well fade into the fog. Time to make way for its lesser-known cousin, bownessie. A couple claims they snapped a photo of the English monster. ABC News reports. REPORTER: “A misty morning, two canoeists, couldn’t see much. But then, what’s that? A creature from the depths? A mythical monster of Lake Windermere? Said our fearless photographer to our local newspaper, ‘At first I thought it was a dog. Then I saw it was much bigger and moving really fast.” Aw, c’mon -- right? Skeptics are skewering the claim, saying it’s just a ploy to bring more tourists to the area. After all, with today’s updated technology and millions of visitors every year, somebody by now should have gotten a great picture of bownessie. A writer for Mother Nature Network says... “...this one is grainy and lacking detail - having been captured using a cell phone camera. The world still awaits the first high-definition image of what many assume could be an ancient descendant of a plesiosaur.” That hasn’t prevented media outlets from spending time and money to determine if the photo is real. The Telegraph spoke with a professional photographer who says, it kinda does look like a real photo, but the file is too small to tell if it’s been altered in Photoshop. A writer for science blogs takes a closer look... “Note that the far right edge of the picture has a different pixel quality than the rest of the image... The most commonly encountered opinion has been that it's a fake, most likely something constructed from tires or inner tubes.” ABC News puts a sarcastic spin on the story, reminding us of the countless theories, pictures and videos of the past. REPORTER: “Oh you cynics, always doubting the evidence. What about the video? A nice picnic on Loch Ness? With something lurking in the deep, or this one which British Intelligence concluded was something of quote ‘animate.’ And then the photos, one of the first. Might be the Loch Ness monster, might be a Labrador carrying a stick. This might be Nessie herself in 1934 or it might be a tree root.” Despite the nonbelievers, researchers are still diving deep into the waters and using sonar technology to try and find the monster. And the UK’s The Sun plays along. REPORTER: “Well, so far no luck. Guess it’s not the best day for finding a monster. Sun’s coming out, it could be sleeping on the bottom, who knows. But out there somewhere, I don’t know where, but somewhere is bownessie fully there.” So what do you think? Does England really have its own Loch Ness monster? 'Like' Newsy on Facebook for updates in your newsfeed Get news with analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
26 Feb 2011
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BY JIM FLINK You're watching multisource politics news analysis from Newsy “The incident exploded onto the blogosphere with headlines like “Biden Locks Reporter in a Closet,” “Biden Thugs Imprison Reporter,” “Reporter Imprisoned.” (ABC) Could it be true? The Vice President of the United States -- a hostage taker? Depending on who you talk to -- yes. Or -- uhh -- well, not really. The scene -- a Democratic fundraiser in Orlando. The Orlando Sentinal’s Scott Powers was sent to represent the media -- and cover Joe Biden’s speech. ABC’s Good Morning America picks up the story from there. (Powers): “The protocol is, they didn’t want me to talk to anybody.” (Matt Gutman): “He waited, and waited, poking his head out a few times. Did you have a little tin car on the bars and asking them, hey, let me out?” (Powers): “I kept opening the door and peeking out trying to see what I could see. I kept being told, go back inside, we’ll let you know when you can come out.” (Gutman): “But he was shooed right back in.” (Powers): “I was in there for over an hour. An hour and 15 minutes before they finally said come on out.” ABC’s Jake Tapper says, while so-called waiting rooms are often provided for reporters at fund-raisers such as this, they’re usually well-equipped holding rooms, not closets. “‘Lack of a better hold room’ is an interesting way of putting it. Powers was the designated pool reporter, there to record the proceedings for the press corps in general. Forcing reporters into closets is generally not the tradition of politicians in the US.” The Drudge Report says while guests paid 500 dollars a plate for deviled eggs and crustini -- Powers was imprisoned with -- consignment goods. “And no crustini for Powers, either. He made do with a bottle of water to sip as he sat at a tiny makeshift desk, right next to a bag marked ‘consignment.’” Reason Magazine expresses righteous indignation at the strong-armed thuggery of Biden’s staff. “The punchline here should be that the vice president's staff did Powers a favor by sparing him another of Biden's rambling, idiotic speeches. The treatment of Powers offended guests who heard about it later, along with the owner of the house, developer Alan Ginsburg, who apologized to the reporter.” But on his own blog, the reporter in question, Powers says -- wow -- the spin-doctors are out of control with this one. “Take a couple details of information, toss them into the Internet and it can become like a child’s game of telephone — with each rendition adding spin and details. Only in this politically-charged environment, those spin and details can crystallize toward scandal. That’s especially true when it involves the vice president of the United States in an administration that has enraged a segment of American society.” The Village Voice notes -- good luck with any real sympathy from any quarters Scott. At least, once the spin doctors are done. It’s take away? “Journalism! It's a glamour industry.” Biden staffers have since apologized to the reporter. Follow Newsy_Videos on Twitter Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
5 Apr 2011
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11 Jun 2011
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BY CHRISTIAN BRYANT You're watching multisource business news analysis from Newsy. A new report by the journal Health Affairs says poorly performing hospitals could face the risk of financial failure under the health reform law. U.S. News & World Report reports: “The United States’ so-called ‘worst’ hospitals are home to a significantly larger pool of elderly, poor and minority patients than are the nation’s better quality/lower cost institutions... While elderly black Americans constitute nearly 7 percent of the patients in the country’s 122 ‘best’ hospitals, they make up 15 percent of patients among the nation’s 178 ‘worst’ health care facilities” The Washington Post’s Sarah Kliff explains that a provision in the law acts as a double-edged sword. It’s an incentive program that could help well-performing hospitals but hurt those that aren’t doing so well. She writes: “The health reform law has a number of mechanisms to try to make bad hospitals better. Chief among them is a new incentive payment system that starts next year, which will give bonuses to hospitals that improve outcomes. Meanwhile, those that don’t will take a pay cut…” The report shows that the nation’s worst hospitals are mostly in the South and service mostly elderly, poor and minority patients. This highlights an unintended effect of the health reform law: the risk these hospitals might close due to financial pressures and worsen socioeconomic disparities in health care. NPR’s health blog outlines: “Whether poor-performing hospitals will lose part of their reimbursement — possibly even going out of business as a result — or institute new and effective quality improvement efforts is unclear.” Meanwhile, Republican are still fighting to repeal the health care reform law they’ve branded “ObamaCare” -- They presented a petition Wednesday calling for reform. It had 1.6 million signatures. But the chances they find success before the 2012 election are unlikely. Here’s CNN’s John King. “You remember, of course, that repeal ‘ObamaCare’ was a signature slogan of the Tea Party as it helped Republicans to giant successes in last year’s midterm elections. That repeal effort now though has zero chance of short term success. Democrats control the senate. President Obama, of course, has 15 more months at the White House...” The health reform law changes would take place in 2014 but the Supreme Court could rule on the constitutionality of all or part of it as early as next year. Transcript by Newsy
10 Oct 2011
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BY LEXA DECKERT He’s not crying, but it’s his party and he is upset. That is-- South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu was upset because the Dalai Lama was not allowed at his birthday. KABC explains... “Tutu made headlines earlier this week by condemning the South African government for not granting a visa to the Dalai Lama. South Africa denies it was pressured by China into refusing the visa.” Despite the denial, Archbishop Tutu compared the South African government of Jacob Zuma to the apartheid regime for its failure to stand up to China. The Guardian details... “Our government representing me, representing me, says it will not support Tibetans who are being suppressed viciously by the Chinese... This government, our government, is worse than the apartheid government... because at least you were expecting it with the apartheid government. In our government we were expecting that now we’d have a government that was sensitive to the sentiments of our constitution.” So, the Dalai Lama was forced to give his birthday wishes via Google+ -- using the hangout feature. “Respected, very very dear elder spiritual brother and beloved archbishop Tutu... I am very very eager to see you personally. Other guests noted the absence of the Dalai Lama as well. U2 frontman Bono was in attendance and points out the ridiculousness of the situation. Euronews reports... “I’m here ladies and gentlemen, because I’m obviously not radical enough to be denied a visa. I mean, it used to be rock-stars, not religious leaders that caused controversy. Ya know?” And BBC points out that this isn’t the first time the Dalai Lama has been denied entry to the country. “It was the second time in two years that the Dalai Lama's visit to South Africa has been blocked. Beijing considers the Dalai Lama to be a dangerous separatist seeking to lead Tibet in breaking away from China. But he has repeatedly stated that his goal is for greater Tibetan autonomy rather than independence.” But one blogger for Foreign Policy expects this kind of behaviour to continue. “The government's vacillation was no surprise. Over the past decade, the nation renowned for its Nobel Peace Prize laureates and freedom fighters has repeatedly demonstrated... it will abandon ideals in favor of realpolitik. This readiness to choose practicality over principles is likely to grow as the country tries to boost its economy, more and more on the back of emerging economies such as China.” Regardless of tension and a missing friend, archbishop Tutu kept up the party spirit. Al Jazeera reports... REPORTER: “But on his birthday, and in true Tutu style -- all smiles and gratitude for the Nobel Peace Prize winner.” TUTU: “You are as much apart of these celebrations in a very real, organic way.” 'Like' Newsy on Facebook for updates in your newsfeed Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
10 Oct 2011
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*******SupremeMasterTV**** – The Living Messiah of Our Time - P4/4 September 3,1994, Hawaii, USA. Episode: 1858, Air Date: 16 October 2011. Any more questions? *To get initiated, do you have to be a vegetarian? Yes. *And then what exactly does initiation do to you? Like, I believe in while we are on this Earth that we live as close as possible to the real God, which is love yourself and love one another (That's good.) and be non-judgmental, and not only meditating and praying, but to do, actually do, the will of God. In other words, try to be the light of this world, instead of giving people a bad time or giving them hard feelings. It's good. That's good. You're already there, yes? *Plus the deed is not only what you do, but did, in your thought-life, as well. Sure, sure, sure, sure. We'll take care of all that at the initiation. *The initiation will enhance that I can do all those? Because daily I self-examine myself, sometimes I see myself… I'd rather really walk the walk of love. (I understand.) Sometimes I'm very temperamental, sometimes I get angry at the people who… so slow! (Yes, yes.) And I get so tired. (Very honest.) “She shouldn't be on the street, because she doesn't know how to drive!” Then I get mad and I don't know… (It's all right.) And I do it exactly opposite to what God is: total forgiveness. And when I do something for people, I said, “I did this for him or her, she didn't even say 'thank you.'” Because I shouldn't feel that way when I do something. I understand, yes. You're already very good. You're already very good. *But I want to do it, (All right.) but I can't be… So what do you expect now? What next? *My question is: So, what will initiation do to me? No promise. Report! Report! Please report. You see, the initiation is not about personality cult. It is the inner connection with what you want to see, the God that you always worship and want to know the will of. See, you have to get in touch with Hirm. The line of the “telephone” has to be connected. That's all. Now it's broken, okay? I have to connect it, and then you will see God for yourself and you'll hear Hirm speaking in a musical way; and then that musical without language, will change your life, and whatever way He wants to transform you or She wants to transform you, that I cannot promise. But 99.999% is for the better, unless you don't want to. *Thank you very much. *Master, you asked for some report. May I say something according to that? Please. *My personal experience changed me dramatically. I'm much more tolerant to people, driving-wise and otherwise, in every way, shape and form. And all I had to do was meditate two-and-a-half hours a day, just as the Master requested, and day by day it's changing so gradually, so subtly, inside. One day I realized that, yes, it has affected my life tremendously. So I just wanted to share that with you. *I wasn't sure if I could report this, but after initiation, March 28, 1993, you spoke to me and you invited me to your house. I had been in Honolulu for 10 days. I didn't know where the address was, so I went home. The next day I meditated on the bus and when I opened my eyes I was in a strange place. So I got off the bus and I was in front of the address of the house where you were staying. So I went inside and I met with people and they explained the vegetarian diet to me so I could follow. But since then I wanted to thank you for this. No improvement except the wrong bus? The wrong bus to the right direction, nothing else? *Well, actually, that was just the first of many miraculous events. All right. Of course, after initiation, every day is a miraculous day, but sometimes we take it for granted. Too many, we can't write it. (*It sure is.) It sure is. *I would like to be able to say in words what it's done to me, but that's kind of difficult, because it isn't easy to articulate. I know that I have done several forms of meditation. I've been in Buddhist temples in Japan and in other countries, and done silences and have been really moved in my life by those, but I have not… The clarity and the freedom and the peace that I have now is 100% more than I had before. It doesn't mean I don't have a long way to go. Not only from the meditating, in the way that you've instructed me, but also from the vegetarian diet. I grew up in the Midwest, on the mainland, where cows and pigs were what you ate, and I truly didn't think I could ever get those out of my diet, and it's amazing that 24 hours after I heard the way you said it, something cellular struck me that this is what I was supposed to do - and I did it for me. And now I care about the animals, too. I mean, it strikes a very lovely chord in me that I could even say this to you. I wanted to say that to you. This is it, yes. This is what the vegetarian diet is about: the true love from within for all beings. Not because the Master says so or Jesus said so or Buddha said so, or because I don't want the bad karma (retribution) of killing. It's truly because we have love for the animals. That is the way you started. That's the right way, and I'm happy for you. (*Thank you, deeply.) Good for you. *I was a vegetarian before I had initiation, but this last year, it's been very strange. I was a macrobiotic eater before, and just recently I went to a naturopathic doctor and he recommended that I go on a juice fast, a vegetable juice fast. Yes, it sounds all right. And then what happened? Why? You were sick? *Not really, but it's like a cleansing diet. You want some kind of purification for the body? (*Yes.) All right, then what happened? *And I was on a fast for like about almost 100 days. What for? *He wanted me to clean out my colon. That's a long purification. And then, so what happened now? *And I stopped because it was pretty long. But I was just wondering if this is part of that purification of the...? I didn't recommend that. (*No.) But if you want to, you can try. I am all for liberation. *It sort of just unfolded by itself. Was it good for you? Did you feel better anyway? You lost weight? (*Yes.) Very skinny now. You feel okay? If you feel okay, it's all right, I guess. *I guess that's my experience of vegetarianism, since I was initiated. That is very, very “vegetarian,” extremely. We didn't recommend that. It's all right. You just be normal, okay? But if you want to sometimes go on a fast because you feel heavy or something in the body, it's all right with me. But you don't need to, all right? Every day if we eat not too heavy, about 80% and then drink 10% of fluids, that's enough. That should be a very ordinary diet, and no need to go into extremes, unless the doctor recommends you sometimes, yes? He did? You're so skinny. That's enough, 100 days. That's a lot! What did you drink all that time? Orange juice? Carrot juice, potato juice, celery juice? Yes, yes. And a kind of sprout juice and the wheat juice. Okay. *My name is Ken Wu from Chicago. I'm attending the Anthony Robbins seminar (Hi.) and I'm so happy to be here. And I didn't expect this when I left Chicago for this seminar to be able to meet you, because I know you were in Chicago in February, and I missed you and I read about you in the paper. I said, “Oh! It's wonderful that I can meet that Master someday.” And then July the 24th, there was a street fair in Chicago Chinatown, and there was a booth of your disciples there. And I picked up for the first time some books and I purchased some videotapes of you and I immediately decided, after reading the free booklet, that I would want to be a vegetarian, (Good for you.) and I started that and there were some struggles from that day on, but I think I will overcome that. (Good for you.) It's just, like, magical that I'm here, because it's, I guess, destiny brought us together and also with all these people. (I guess so, too.) And then my wife is here with me. Where is your wife? * And she was skeptical, and I said, “You've got to come, for some reason there's got to be something great happening.” So that's why I'm here. Thank you very much. All right. Don't force her. Are you still skeptical, wife? (*No.) No. I'm pretty honest. Don't I look so? Yes. *Master, I too am very honored to be here. I am too from the Robbins seminar. *From what I have discovered in the last 24 hours about you and your teaching, and from what I know, having spent nine months listening to Tony Robbins' teaching, there is so much similarity between what he teaches on one level, and what you teach on another level altogether, that I pray that somehow the two of you will come together. And I think that many, many of his students - and I only put it at that level because he is not a spiritual teacher, he is a psychologist - but so many of his students are meditators and so many of them would be able to take their lives to a completely new level if they could hear you speak. So I think that all of the people from Robbins here, and many of the meditators who wished us luck in coming over to see you tonight, who regretted that they weren't able to, I think they will pray that somehow you and he, or certainly you and his people, will get together at some stage when the time is right. Thank you. It's up to God. Sometimes I work very hard for something, I thought I would be able to help or do something, and then God says, “Plop! No. Forget it.” Then I just forget it and go to sleep. All right. There is no hard feeling. I want to tell you, God always tricks me into going somewhere. I told you already in the beginning of the meeting. He tricks me all the time, or She tricks me all the time. I am used to it. That's nothing. I am always laughing at everything, because I know. I'm used to it with the Old Man, or Old Woman, Old Mother. Actually, it's very, very clear to me, all right? So if I come here and miss the opportunity to be with your people, to be with your teacher, that is also all right. It's not the main point, okay? I know very clearly. Thank you, anyhow, and please convey my love and regards to your teache r. *Master, I live on the Big Island of Hawaii, and I was also at the Robbins seminar, helping my friend with her children. And I just wondered if you have any insights into... It's so frustrating, being on the Big Island and seeing them wanting to end all the growing of food and the agriculture and all that. They want to just build everything all over the whole island and turn it into, like another French Riviera and all this sort of thing, and I just get so frustrated, because every time I try to… I go to the meetings and I say, “You know, don't you see that this has happened everywhere else?” It happened on Oahu. It happened on Maui. It happened all over California, where people don't have a balance with nature and they just start destroying nature and the reef and the water and everything, and I get so frustrated, because I am friends with the dolphins, and I swim with dolphins on the Big Island, and it's almost like they communicate to you about what's happening to the ocean. And so that is a big concern to me, the ocean and what building and all this development does, and it really changes the island. And I just wondered if you have any insights. I am frustrated about what to do, what we can do to save the Big Island - at least, hopefully keep it, the Aina, safe, and the animals and the ocean clean and pure. And, is it possible on the planet anymore to stop this madness? And no matter what you do, the politics… they just pay off the politicians. And everyone just pays them off and they vote against, even though you pointed out all the things that are really bad about this. So many people have moved from other places because they want to be where the land is pure and beautiful like Hawaii. Yes, I share with you your anxiety. The other day I had breakfast with one of the natives. He took me out to buy some books and magazines. I thought I'd just get out for a few minutes and get some books, and then we talked about Hawaii And I say I share sympathy with the people in Hawaii. There are always the good and bad points of everything. For example, we talked about nearly 100 years ago, Hawaii still had a Queen, yes, the monarchy? Of course, there are never perfections in this world. And one good point is that our native initiates told me, the good point is that it's developed, the island has developed, and it's also more prosperous, and also good education for the people. And another, bad, point is that some of the Hawaiians lost their land unjustly. They cannot prove that they have a paper that they owned the land, which they did not need before. Everybody in the neighborhood would know that land belonged to that man, and they'd live honestly together and they'd just shake hands to do business: no transaction paper and no lawyer, nothing. And now probably some other foreigner comes, and the native people could never prove - some of them never proved that they owned this land and that land, and then they've been pushed out, and then became like homeless, and even treated not very nicely sometimes. These are the bad things. So, similar to Big Island now, probably it will be developed into a very well-known spot for the whole world to enjoy, but then, at the sacrifice of the natives. And I do not know what is the best to tell you, apart from being very sympathetic with the native people and the people like yourself; I do not really know what the answer is the best. *So it's best to continue to speak out, even though it seems fruitless to do so? Well, at least it makes you feel good and brings you in contact with the people with the same mind, and then you can comfort each other. Maybe you can find a better way or a compromise. I heard that Molokai also now is being bombarded with civilization, new buildings and things like that. Is that right? Actually, I wrote to the government of Hawaii. I wrote to them last year, or two years ago, or something, a long time. I said Molokai is a very desolate island, people don't live there, only a small community, compared to other places, which is not developed. And I said, it is very good for development, can make it into a more prosperous place; otherwise it's a waste of a very beautiful and big island. Because before, they used to put leprosy people there only, and a handful of the community there. I heard there are only a few hundred people even. When I heard the report about that, about the island, so I wrote to the government, I said, “Well, they need some good management and know-how technical people to come and develop the island.” Because the other islands are so crowded and polluted, and Molokai is like empty. People told me that it's a superstition in Hawaii, the people don't dare live in Molokai because it used to be the ancestral burial ground. Is that not so? I'm not sure whether the information they reported to me is correct. Is that so? *I'm really not that familiar with Molokai. (Okay, fine.) On Molokai they have a big water problem. A big water problem. Water problem! Okay. So if they drill the ground, they would have it. ( *It's difficult.) They don't have water in Molokai? (*Not too much.) But that I don't think is any problem; we can get it from other islands, if it's developed But they don't answer me on this. And, they say, well, if they let the Aulacese (Vietnamese) refugees come in on this… I'm reported that nobody wants to live there because of the ancestral burial ground, and people are scared, and things like that. Something happens there, always. That's what I'm reported, okay? I'm not native also. Anyhow, so I thought, okay, if it's a waste place and nobody wants to go there, then why don't just give the Aulacese (Vietnamese) refugees? I wrote to the government. And we finance whatever we can, according to the number. If they say our money is not enough, then we finance a half or something. But now, I heard that they developed Molokai Before, nobody wanted to develop; everybody just wanted to get out, and now everybody wants to get in, according to the newspapers I read recently. Is that not so? Some of the native people there also don't want development. They say that will destroy the landscape and affect the peaceful atmosphere of Molokai. But on one hand, I'm sympathetic for the people of the island; on the other hand, I don't really know, because sometimes we have to share the good things with the whole world, and that is sometimes inevitable. And if we don't share it peacefully, maybe sometimes we are forced to share it in a violent way, and it is even worse. It is not even so pleasurable to do so. That's what happens with Wars around the world. What people cannot get peacefully, they force it on us by war, with war. That's how nations make war against nations, because they envy that piece of land that they don't have and we don't share with them. Maybe it's God's will that we have to share everything, even though we don't like it. I do not really have the good answer for you. I'm very sympathetic to the natives, because I know what it's like to be homeless, while you own a piece of beautiful land before, and it's yours and suddenly you become homeless. And I told our disciple, the native, the Hawaiian that had breakfast with me that day, I said to him… you remember? I don't tell you lie. Everything is correctly the way we said. So I said to him, “I can very well Understand the feeling of the people here,” because sometimes the law forces people into homelessness. It's too strict, too rigid Like I have a piece of land, I bought it about four or five years ago. It's supposed to be for our disciples but then they could not make use of it. All right. So I came. I bought another land now for them anyhow, because I promised. I cannot go back on my promise. And that land, you couldn't even park the trailer on it because of the law. I don't know whether the law is correct or not, or the person who represents the law makes trouble for fun, just to show that they have authority. The trailer is like a car, you can't even park on your own land. It's troublesome. And I paid every penny of it, and I pay tax every year and for four years I have not been there. I only came there once every four years. I could not even park a trailer to stay there for a while. They came up to say “you have to pull out the electricity.” Electricity, we share with the neighbor, it's legal, that he uses only half, and then half of it you, it's all right - but cannot. “Pull all the electricity out, take all the trailers out.” Nothing in there, “You have to build the house first. But, before you build the house, you have to build a road.” It costs US$160,000, and we already have a road. They are not pleased with that road. “That road is too narrow, too high. You have to build another road.” We already have been up and down for many months, no problem. Okay, fine! I can afford US$160,000, but I don't pay for it. I don't want to destroy a piece of beautiful land, to cut hundreds more trees down just for another road and I said to the people, “Forget it! Drop it! Drop it! I don't even want that land. Just leave it there, leave it there so that it keeps the environment,” because all the surroundings of my land is bald, no more trees. If it's fire or anything - destroyed - typhoon... And only in our place it's lush, it's green, and I wanted to keep it. I said, “I don't want to cut one half more trees. Half a tree more I won't cut.” And to build a road like this, it costs hundreds of trees and it costs hundreds of years to grow one tree, and the environment's already so dry. And I got hurt, that to think of a few billion more raindrops less next year if I cut these trees and make the road to build my house. I don't even need a house. The law is fine, but they should know that the law is to protect citizens, not the citizens to protect the law. Like this, no one can afford to live there. And it is 40 acres of land - wasted. Nobody can live, not even a trailer. A trailer is not a mobile home -very small, and it's like a car, and you can't park your car on your land. That's how many Americans are forced into homelessness. How can a normal citizen afford a US$100,000 plus road before he can build a house? Without road, you can't build a house, you can't have electricity, you can't have anything, you know I mean? So it's a must. And you can't even build the road yourself to save money. No! The government has to build it, agents from government. You can't build it yourself. If you build it yourself, you have our labor, probably it's cheaper; and the government, all they have to do is just come and measure if it's up to the standard. Then it's also a little bit more logical. No! You can't do it -and they force some ofthe ordinary citizens into homelessness and into doing some crimes sometimes, because they are too angry and because they are forced into a corner and have nowhere to turn and no alternative. When their kids are hungry and their wives are sick at home, what else can they do? So the law is good,but sometimes it's too rigid on people. Yes? I can afford it, but other people cannot afford. Yes? Besides, I don't spend that money on myself to come every 4 years, stay in a trailer. I have to build a house, a road for US$160,000. Even US$16, I won't build to cut the trees andmake the environment become worse. That's the problem. So I can understand also the native people here, because it happened to me. It happened to me. The system sometimes crushes people, crushes the ordinary citizens, under their feet and make them feel very pressured and depressed. So try to work out a moderate solution, if you can. If not, well, you have God. All right? If you lose everything else, you have God. What else can I tell you? *Thank you. It’s all right.
3 Feb 2012
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(Image source: The Smoking Gun) BY BRICE SANDER Say you have a history of violent behavior, but you want to work on it. So, you start anger management classes. Sounds like a step in the right direction, right? Well, until you allegedly punch your kid in the face during one of those classes. Kentucky’s WDRB reports. “Reports say Misty Lawson’s son suffered a bruise on his cheek and redness to his eye. The counselor reported it to police. Lawson is charged with assault...” The Smoking Gun interviewed the 30-year-old mom from Louisville, who tried to explain what allegedly happened. “Lawson acknowledged that she ‘smacked’ her son twice in the face after he called her a ‘bitch.’ The boy, she added, has significant behavioral problems and was trying to attack her when she hit him. ‘They make it sound like I beat my child like an adult,’ said Lawson.” This isn’t the first time Lawson’s made it into the news. The New York Post walks us through another child-related charge on her rap sheet. “Lawson was previously arrested in June 2011 on charges of wanton endangerment and endangering the welfare of a minor for leaving [her sons], ages nine and 12, in the sweltering backseat of a car while she and a man went into a store to have their pictures taken.” Those charges were dropped, but Lawson’s bouts with the law don’t stop there — The Daily Mail reports she’s also received stolen property, been found in the possession of pot, resisted arrest and been held in contempt of court. (Video: WLKY) Kentucky court records don’t show that she’s been convicted on any of those charges. Still — a Gather blogger questions how she still has the rights to her kids. “Really, anger management only works if you're smart enough to be a functional member of society. That is obviously something Misty Lawson is not … CPS needs to remove these children from her care. And while they're at it, they should sterilize this idiot so she doesn't use the term ‘professional baby maker’ as her Facebook career label anymore.” While Gather might be taking it a little far there — remember, she hasn’t been found guilty of anything yet — Lawson is expected to appear in court Tuesday for the assault charges.
14 Feb 2012
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Descarga el reporte gratis en: ******* Reporte gratuito sobre la eyaculacion femenina. Aprende todo sobre la eyaculacion femenina con este reporte "Los Secretos de la Eyaculacion Femenina". Ingresa y bajalo de inmediato. Es GRATIS..!! Encuentralo en: *******
6 Mar 2012
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Descarga el reporte gratis en: ******* Reporte gratuito sobre la eyaculacion femenina. Aprende todo sobre la eyaculacion femenina con este reporte "Los Secretos de la Eyaculacion Femenina". Ingresa y bajalo de inmediato. Es GRATIS..!! Encuentralo en: *******
6 Mar 2012
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Cisco Blog > Corporate Social Responsibility At Cisco, we rely on more than 600 suppliers worldwide to manufacture, test, ship, and recycle the products we design. And, we expect these suppliers to meet the same high standards on ethics, labor rights, health and safety, and the environment that we apply to our people and operations. So how do we manage that task over such a large network of suppliers? One of our most powerful tools is our supplier scorecard. In the last fiscal year, we added sustainability criteria to the scorecard for the first time, and we are encouraging our suppliers to report their performance publicly in a Corporate Social Responsibility Report report and to disclose their greenhouse gas emissions through the Carbon Disclosure Project. The video above shows how we are collaborating with one of our suppliers, D.W. Morgan, to optimize environmental and labor improvements. We will continue to refine our scorecard process and help suppliers improve their capability for calculating and reporting their impacts. By working together with this network of suppliers, we can have a much bigger impact on sustainability that any one company could have alone. Please read our 2012 CSR Report to learn more about our supply chain.
27 Dec 2012
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