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Curiosity to see how other cultures deal with their elders led me to visit this nursing home in the Caribbean Country of Dominican Republic
21 Dec 2007
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A small collage of my own interpretations of Republic: The Revolution. Original Soundtrack by James Hannigan. www.jameshannigan******
1 Jan 2008
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Apologize by One Republic feat. Timbaland is awesome! This is my LIVE version of Apologize I created using my loop, keyboard, guitar, and my vocals. Apologize is such a beautiful song. I hope you like it! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! Check out my music at www.TiffanyJo**** Apologize, Timbaland, One Republic, It's too late to Apologize, its too late to Apologize.
30 May 2008
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Roid Republic Commando Loves Self Just letting the world know what it is like to be a Warrior for the Republic, and to love ones self.
18 Jan 2009
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This Beautiful Republic concert at Ichthus in Kentucky.
22 Feb 2008
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TV Commercial Republic Bank from Trinidad and T... (more) Added: February 23, 2007 TV Commercial Republic Bank from Trinidad and Tobago shooting in Venezuela (Morrocoy Cayos)
25 Feb 2008
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Singer/Songwriter Tamar covering One Republic's song Apologize
17 Jul 2008
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Paris Hilton visits Prague, Czech Republic with her boyfriend Benji Madden. 30th March 2008 ---------------------------------------- ---- Paris Hilton was injured in a restaurant in downtown Prague while attempting to "run away" from photographers. She tripped and fell and cut her chin. When asked whether she needed an ambulance, Hilton said, "No, but these people are crazy." And when finally leaving the restaurant she reportedly told her boyfriend Benji Madden: "Prague? Never again."
30 Mar 2009
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Paris Hilton - Prague Czech Republic
3 Apr 2008
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Live version of Alyssa Suede singing One Republic's Chart topper "Apologize." Recorded March 2008 The Mint in LA.
9 Oct 2008
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This is a spoof of the original One Republic "Apologize" video by Aaron Platt. It was created because...well, there is a lack of spoof videos that were well done to this song! Video: Made by Aaron Nanto & Kevin Gilbert (based off of the original video by Aaron Platt). Shot and edited March 2008 using a single Sony FX1, Premiere Pro CS3 and Windows XP.
4 Jul 2008
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Consul of the Popular Republic of Angola 1987 - 1989 I like to thanks His Excellency the Honorable President Jose Santos of the Peoples Republic of Angola for his trust and confidence. His Excellency the Honorable ex-Prime Minister Jacques Chirac of France. His Excellency the Honorable ex-French Minister of the Interior Charles Pasqua His Excellency the Honorable ex-French Minister of the Interior Pierre Joxe The Honorable Henry Ross Perot , ex US Presidential Candidate, (for his support about MIA/POW) And few other Organization who has been very helpful to accomplish my duties as Consul of Angola in Europe.
1 May 2008
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Welcome to the official website of Banderas Scuba Republic, an experience with our company is like no other, not only will you have access to professional equipment at the highest standards, our dive team wants to hear your ideas and interests about the shared compassion we have for the sub-aquatic world. Come to the pacific side of Mexico, come to Banderas Bay, come to Puerto Vallarta, it will be your best experience “going down”.
10 May 2008
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Bienvenido a la página web oficial de “Banderas Scuba Republic”, la experiencia que te propone nuestra compañía es única, no solo encontraras un equipo profesional altamente cualificado (instructores PADI certificados), sino también un equipo humano que escuchara tus ideas e intereses en la pasión compartida que es el mundo submarino. Ven al Pacifico mexicano, ven a la bahía de Banderas, ven a Puerto Vallarta, será tu mejor experiencia vertical.
10 May 2008
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Bienvenue sur le site officiel de Banderas Scuba Republic. Une expérience avec notre école de plongée sans aucun pareil, non seulement vous aurez accès à une équipement Professional, une équipe de moniteurs des plus hauts niveaux qui vous écoutent et se mettent a votre disposition pour recevoir vos idées et intérêts de cette passion partagée du monde sous-marin. Découvrez la côte pacifique du Mexique, venez dans la Baie De Banderas à Puerto Vallarta, cela sera une de vos plus belle expérience vue “d’en bas”.
10 Aug 2008
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wedancehard**** presents Hardstyle Republic. See wedancehard**** for full details.
9 Jun 2009
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