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31 Aug 2008
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This is my short take on the RNC Convention and speeches of Tuesday, September 2, 2008. I hold that the Republican Party presented at the RNC does not represent America.
3 Sep 2008
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Ron Paul leaving the RNC, talks about why young people should join the Campaign for Liberty. *******squidoo****/cesspool
5 Sep 2008
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Sarah Palin Lovefest Your Daily Politics Video Blog: We wrap up reaction to Sarah Palin's speech at the Republican Convention, in the most patriotic episode of TPMtv ever.
5 Sep 2008
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For more, read Politico *******www.politico**** Ron Paul plans to hold a separate mini-convention, and a heroic Congressman stands up for fashion models.
12 Jun 2008
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Joe Biden is a superhero. What are you?
10 Oct 2008
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David Burch of TubeMogul**** says that despite McCain surging ahead before the DNC and huge interest surrounding Sarah Palin the campaign is trailing in the view battle because they aren't posting full speeches. 9.5.08 Distributed by Tubemogul.
6 Sep 2008
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We the People is based on Arizona Senator John McCain's "Fight With Me" speech given at the Republican National Convention.
2 Nov 2008
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More at *******www.theuptake**** Republican Presidential candidate Congressman Ron Paul tries to speak at the Minnesota State Republican Convention - and is denied. His supporters react and discuss their strategy for winning delegates to the National Republican Convention.
31 May 2008
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Read my blog! John McCain plans to balance the budget in four years, the Democratic convention is over budget, and President Bush is set to speak at the Republican convention.
8 Jul 2008
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Celebrate the Democratic and Republican Conventions with a heapin' helpin' of Cookin' With Jackie Time. CD "How Freedom Sounds" now available at *******www.redstateupdate****
28 Aug 2008
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Get more political news on getthedaily**** he 2008 Democratic convention is scheduled Monday through Thursday, August 28th. At this planned event in Denver, Colorado, the Democratic party will formally nominate its presidential ticket in front of thousands of party officials, delegates, volunteers and supporters. The media will be there to broadcast Illinois senator Barack Obama at the top of the leader list alongside VP running mate, Senator Joe Biden. Here at GetTheDaily, we will also bring you the information for the Republican convention next week as it’s set for September 1st through the 4th in Minneapolis-St.Paul, Minnesota. The conventions are not just a formal acknowledgement of the presidential tickets for both parties, but this year’s conventions feature entertainment and celeb appearances like a Hollywood gathering. The Democratic party event features a salute video to military veterans made by Steven Spielberg and a performance by Kanye West. The Beach Boys perform and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will be over on the GOP side next week. Some other celebs on the attendance ticket at both parties for the nonpartisan Creative Coalition include Gwyneth Paltrow, Edward Norton, Warren Beatty and Matthew Modine. There are several other major musical performances planned for both conventions. It’s rumored that the Obama campaign said it will have its first post-convention rally with Biden on Friday which is the same day that GOP presidential nominee, Senator John McCain, plans to hold a rally in Dayton, Ohio alongside his VP running mate. The Democratic nominee campaign said it’s a good way to counter-program Republicans. It’s reported that the McCain campaign will announce the party’s VP-nominee on the ticket this Wednesday.
28 Aug 2008
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Beema's Week in Review hosted by Abe Lincoln. It seemed appropriate to have the Father of the Republican Party host on the week of the Republican convention. Topics include Sarah Palin and her pregnant daughter, Real World's Kevin Powell, Bill and Hillary Clinton, John Edwards and more. Don’t forget to enter Beema’s contest for a chance to win your own custom Beema animation. We have had one lucky winner so far. Go to *******beema.wordpress****/submit-to-win/ for more details.
3 Sep 2008
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RNC Arrival Your Daily Politics Video Blog: Hurricane Gustav has thrown at least the first day of the Republican Convention into disarray. We report from St. Paul with the latest.
3 Sep 2008
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This RCA-produced film tells the short history of television from the perspective held in 1956, which was itself an early point in the TV’s history. After a detailed explanation of how TVs work and what the components look like, the film goes on to talk about how TV design is now moving toward reducing the size and cost of components and improving picture quality. We get to see many “TV firsts,” including footage of the first president on TV, President Roosevelt opening the NY World’s Fair, the King and Queen of England’s visit, and the 1940 Republican Convention in Philadelphia. David Sarnoff narrates the film and appears as an interviewer, asking Vladimir Zworykin about TV technology at RCA. The last third of the film is in color, and it talks about how color television works, then goes to a listing of NBC broadcast shows, including “Ding Dong School.” Given that this is such a collection of precious early television, this film is tough to top when it comes to exploring television history.
18 Nov 2008
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Transcript by Newsy**** BY CHRISTINA HARTMAN You're watching multisource politics news analysis from Newsy He’s one of the Senate’s most confounding members, whose support for both the Iraq War AND the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” -- gave new meaning to the political color purple. (Vide from: KNTV) SEN. JOE LIEBERMAN (I-CT) (SEPTEMBER 2, 2008): “What, after all, is a Democrat like me doing at a Republican convention like this? Well, I'll tell you what. I'm here to support John McCain, because country matters more than party.” (VIDEO FROM CNN) Independent Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman will not seek reelection to a fifth term in 2012. The news broke Tuesday, the same day Democratic Senator Kent Conrad of North Dakota announced he, too, wouldn’t be running for re-election. But it seems Lieberman’s news eclipsed that of Conrad. (VIDEO FROM ABC AND NY1) The New York Times ran the story Tuesday night. But even before official confirmation from Lieberman’s office -- his aides were helping the Times write his political obit. “...his aides said he had been particularly proud of his leadership in the Senate... [and] was best known for his centrist positions and outspokenness on issues of morality.” Cue the 2012 “bigger picture” predictions. CNN’s John King muses -- President Obama is looking for a defense secretary. What are the odds for Lieberman -- who -- remember, endorsed McCain? JOHN KING: “But he essentially said to Barack Obama, nice young man, not ready to be president of the united states. Is there any chance they will forgive and forget?” ED HENRY: “Highly, highly unlikely. He has the credentials, you're absolutely right. But after giving that speech in Minneapolis/St. Paul and saying he's not ready to be president, he's not ready to be commander in chief, how do you make him defense secretary?” Slate’s Emily Bazelon -- a Connecticut native -- calls the news of Leiberman’s retirement disappointing -- but not for the reasons you might think. She wanted to opportunity to vote him out -- not let him bow out. “...there is the spectacle of it all: After each act of grand or petty betrayal ... the Democratic Party ... came back begging for more. … he never let anyone forget he was the 60th vote.” So what are the Democrats to do without their not-so-reliable 60th vote? Fox News hosts turn their attention to the Republicans’ cause celebre -- repealing President Obama’s health care overhaul. “I mean, let's say, you know, the Senate is not going to repeal health care right now and many believe today's actions are symbolic in nature. But then what happens the next time around if the Senate turns Republican and now you have a Republican House and a Republican Senate and a democrat president or maybe you have a Republican president...” Finally -- a writer for Vanity Fair says while the media speculates the future of Lieberman and the Democratic party -- what’s surprising is no one seems to be looking at the Oval Office. “Miraculously, most campaign-centric news organizations have—so far—refrained from interpreting this statement as a wink that Lieberman will run for president in 2012. After all, presidential hopes have been divined from thinner air.” In his formal announcement Wednesday, Senator Lieberman said his decision stemmed from his belief his politics don’t fit into today’s political environment – that politics changed – but he didn’t. Watch more multisource video news analysis from Newsy
20 Jan 2011
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