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*******www.globalchange****/market.htm Market research cannot predict the future accurately. Example is the rapid growth of blogging or web diaries which was not indicated by market research surveys a year or two before. Lecture by Dr Patrick Dixon for MTN global leadership team.
7 Mar 2008
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*******www.globalchange**** Parkinsons disease research using new treatment - genetically modified viruses (gene therapy) to stim *******www.globalchange**** Parkinsons disease research using new treatment - genetically modified viruses (gene therapy) to stimulate GABA production rather than DOPA (dopamine). Improvement in uncontrolled movements in Parkinsons disease - and also lockup, stiffness and other symptoms. Comment by Dr Patrick Dixon, physician and Futurist, author of The Genetic Revolution and Futurewise, and health trends authority. (more)
8 Mar 2008
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How to conduct market research for a new product, patent, invention, or business. Create a data based foundation for your business plans and marketing plans.
8 Apr 2008
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How to research job openings and find a job, the secret of EmploymentCrossing**** Listined ato Harrison Barnes discuss EmploymentCrossing****
6 Apr 2008
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Dr. Hodis what research studies are being done in women's heart disease? Dr. Howard N. Hodis is the Director of the Atherosclerosis Research Unit at USC. Share your heart story at *******www.EmpowHer**** & send this to a friend.
9 Apr 2008
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Brick Marketing & the Search Engine Optimization Journal help visitors learn a few useful basic keyword research tips on how to use Keyword Discovery tool.
10 Apr 2008
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Speech by Anne Laperrouze MEP (ALDE-ADLE) on : Combating cancer in the enlarged EU [on behalf of the Group] [Language FR original] Report: Adam Gierek (A6-0039/2008) on the proposal for a Council decision on the multiannual technical guidelines for the research programme of the Research Fund for Coal and Steel [COM(2007)0393 - C6-0248/2007 - 2007/0135(CNS)] Committee on Industry, Research and Energy Laperrouze_080409_203425_obog_fr
18 Apr 2008
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Grab all the Searches you Can......Keyword Research.In order to build an effective marketing strategy, keyword analysis is the bases for a substantial return on your marketing dollars.
23 Apr 2008
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Conduct Fast, Easy, Affordable Market Research - we'll show you how! Go to www.VizuAnswers**** to get started.
30 Apr 2008
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(04-30-08) We're pretty hung up on these sweet berries. Research in Motion Limited (RIMM).
30 Apr 2008
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The UK Government comes together with leading high-tech companies to help celebrate the work of Britain’s researchers- particularly in the field of computer technology. The idea is also to raise wider awareness of new advances in that field.
7 May 2008
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*******NicheTrends**** The key to niche market research is finding the needs of your target market. Watch as I dive into market research for a niche. Need more ideas? Download a free report on hot niche trends on *******NicheTrends****
8 May 2008
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Visit: *******stocktips.weebly**** . Stock research can be difficult. Why not have a look at the best software for picking stocks in 2008. Tags: free stock quotes, up to date news, portfolio management resources, international market data, message boards, and mortgage rates that help you manage your financial life
10 May 2008
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Learn Step-by-Step How To Make Money Online Using Internet Marketing Market Research, visit: *******www.RoyPhay****
14 May 2008
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*******Goji911**** - There has been a lot of goji juice research done, but what do they say and are they any good. This a look at the work scientists have done on the goji juice. xx003kd
17 May 2008
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*******live.pirillo**** - What was the last magazine you read? Every once in awhile, a magazine floats through my house with an article that catches my attention. The May, 2008 issue of Scientific American has on the cover "Science 2.0: The Risks and Rewards of Web-Based Research". Whoa...
19 May 2008
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