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Resemblance is a new series on YouTube produced by Trystan Langford, which will feature special guests such as NJN Reviews and more.
These gigantic cows resemble bovine body-builders. See how breeders have achieved such amazing results. Extreme Genes : THURS FEBRUARY 21 9P et/pt :
22 Feb 2010
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A sexy MMS clip featuring a girl with facial resemblance to Katrina Kaifs younger sister Isabelle has reportedly become a hot searched item in the UK and India.
4 May 2010
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Since 1985, we have seen something that resembles a cement block to the current day that fits snuggly in your pocket :-). Get Rating! and pass on this video!
20 May 2008
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With their aeronautical curves, the trucks designed by Professor Luigi Colani nearly resemble a spaceship. The Berlin native has been working on the development of these futuristic tractor trailers since the 1950s. Inspired by nature, Colani designs the truck bodies in streamline form. See More Videos In Diesel Trucks Find other cool diesel and equipment mechanics videos at www.MechanicsHub****. Also connect with other diesel and equipment mechanics, find mechanics Jobs, Games, Trade News and more.
24 Jul 2009
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-------- 1,000,000 views! --------- Jan 18, 2010 10:24PM PST (GMT -8) *thank you all Tekken fans* EDIT#8: So the Japanese site of Tekken has launched. O_O yeah... its pretty much wtf from here on out. American debut is still in the works now. Japanese debut is in March so stay tuned!! EDIT #7: Want to see behind the scenes footage of Tekken and its stuntmen? Check out "CastielBell" 's profile for the making of Tekken or search "Tekken Movie Stunt Stars". Enjoy! EDIT#6: It seems the Tekken Premiere in the US got moved back to March. So in short, the US and Japan premiere may be around the same time. Stay posted! EDIT#5: It seems the release date for the U.S is closer than we all think. It may premiere as early as February of 2010 if the Independent movie makers of Tekken can find a distributor. (This is unofficial news, as the source is quite shady. Nevertheless, I believe its something worth noting since he was correct on the Japanese premiere and Warner Bros being the distributor. He was also correct on the November private screening of Tekken in Santa Monica.) EDIT #4: Confirmed characters: Jon Foo as Jin Kazama Ian Anthony Dale as Kazuya Mishima Hiroyuki Tagawa as Heihachi Mishima Kelly Overton as Christie Monteiro Luke Goss as Steve Fox Cung Le as Marshall Law Gary Daniels as Bryan Fury Candice Hillebrand as Nina Williams Marian Zapico as Anna Williams Darrin Dewitt Henson as Raven Naomi Tomita as Jun Kazama Gary Ray Stearns as Yoshimitsu Anton Kasabov as Sergei Dragunov Roger Huerta as Miguel Caballero Rojo Mircea Monroe as Kara All other characters won't be making an appearance sadly. (Yes, that means no Xiaoyu, Hwoarang, King, Kuma, Panda, Lei Wulong, Paul, etc.) Xiaoyu and Hwoarang should have been in the movie since the story does have Jin as the main character, but I guess you can't have all characters. It's still a missed opportunity though. Hopefully, if this movie garners enough support (or hate), a sequel may be made with more characters making an appearance. EDIT #3: The song that begins to play at 1:35 is "You're Going Down" by Sick Puppies. And Jon Foo (Jin Kazama) is actually half Chinese and half Caucasian. So Tekken isn't going to be like Dragonball Evolution at all with the casting. Just look at the costumes and character resemblance. There's absolutely no comparison. Tekken never had a solid story. And the story in the games are bad, REALLY bad. So the screenplay isn't going to be exactly like the games' story and not all characters will be present. And yes, Tekken already had an anime adaptation. The story revolved around the Mishimas and Jun. Look it up on google or Youtube. EDIT #2: This video is going to be shown in Japan first on March 6, 2010. Depending on how that goes, Tekken may or may not come to the US in theaters. EDIT: It seems the release date is April 5, 2010. (unofficial) And yes this is an Indie film, NOT made by Hollywood. This is why we see a lot of characters resembling their video game counterparts. If Hollywood made this movie, we would probably get something closer to Legend of Chunli. real tekken movie trailer I did not make this movie. Tekken belongs to Namco. *Uploaded 8:17pm PST (GMT - 8)* ---Youtube Honors--- #27 - Most Viewed (This Week) - Jan. 20, 2010 #62 - Most Viewed (This Week) - Jan. 18, 2010 #6 - Most Viewed (Today) -Jan. 16, 2010 #9 - Most Viewed (Today) -Jan. 16, 2010 ---
2 Apr 2010
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The cause of the only fatal crash of a Boeing C-17 is pilot error. That is according to both the accident investigation report (see story) and a newly-released, US Air Force video showing the entirety of the roughly 60-second flight on 28 July at Elmendorf AFB, Alaska. Read the executive summary of the report here. I note a strong resemblance to the 1994 crash of the Boeing B-52 at Fairchild AFB, which occurred under similar circumstances. The C-17 crew was practicing for an airshow. The B-52 was performing for a small crowd witnessing the retirement ceremony of one of the officers onboard. Deja vu? *******www.patricksaviation****/photos/ricardo.ricjam/18707/
19 Dec 2010
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Its an interesting resemblance between the two animations please watch and comment and sorry for the Bulgarian description in the actual clip.
28 Apr 2008
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Every whole food has a pattern that resembles a body organ. Video produced by: Music by Enya called "Metamorphosis".
18 Jun 2008
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A Video containing pics of celebrities who somewhat resemble each other
20 Jan 2010
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A modular origami from which you can make different models. The module resembles to the sonobe unit. Made by Stephan T. Lavavej. You can find more pictures and the diagrams on my website: www.origaminut****.
13 Jul 2008
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Incredible prototypes from the past ! Notice any resemblance with today's cars ? Oh and please do leave a comment :-))
7 Dec 2007
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An exercise or drill if you want to call it that that helps to improve a side kick, regardless if your side kick resemble a Tae Kwon Do, Karate, or Kungfu Side Kick. How to prevent the body from dropping and to keep the boy upright when throwing a side kick. How to improve a side kick. Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Kungfu Side Kick Technique Improvement Exercises
12 Nov 2008
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Controversial Pakistani actress Veena Malik is in news once again this time for her MMS. The almost two-minute clip focuses on the faces of a man and a woman and shows an intense lip lock between the couple. The woman bears an uncanny resemblance with Veena.
14 Dec 2012
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A cat plays with a frog which in respond makes sounds resembling a squeaking rubber ducky . Very funny indeed!
6 Jul 2008
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Mysterious Ball Lightning Created in the Lab By Ker Than LiveScience Staff Writer posted: 23 February 2006 08:56 am ET Ball lightning is one of the most mysterious phenomena in nature. Now scientists have created a laboratory version of the eerie floating orbs using technology taken from a common microwave oven. The work could help scientists figure out how the lightning forms in nature and lead to practical applications that harness its power. In the wild, the little bundles of energy are typically only a few centimeters across, although some have been reported to be the size of beach balls or larger. They are closely associated with regular lightning and thunderstorms and have been seen in many different colors. Witnesses report hissing sounds and an acrid ozone odor when the lightning balls appear. The vivid apparitions normally hover or float around for only a few seconds before vanishing suddenly, either silently or with an explosive bang. Although people have known about ball lightning for centuries, scientists have yet to come up with an explanation that accounts for all of the strange properties. Microwave drill Eli Jerby and Vladimir Dikhtyar from the University of Tel Aviv in Israel created a laboratory version of ball lightning using a "microwave drill." The device consists of a 600-watt magnetron taken from a domestic microwave oven and uses a powerful microwave beam to bore through solid objects. The researchers aimed the beam through a pointed rod and into a solid object made from glass, silicon and other materials. The energy from the drill created a molten hot spot in the solid object; when the drill was pulled away, it dragged some of the superheated material along with it, creating a fire column [video] that then collapsed into a bright fireball that floated and bounced [video] across the ceiling of the metal enclosure. "The fireball [looked] like a hot jellyfish, quivering and buoyant in the air," Jerby said. The glowing object measured just slightly over an inch across and lasted only about 10 milliseconds. The work was detailed earlier this month in the journal Physical Review Letters. Glowing fluff balls The composition of the laboratory lightning ball still needs to be verified, but it appeared to resemble those found in nature. "Our experiment confirms to some extent the theory that ball lightning originates from hot spots in the ground created by normal lightning," Jerby told LiveScience. According to one popular theory, ball lightning forms when lightning strikes the ground and vaporizes mineral grains in the soil. The vaporized nanoparticles could then link together into chains and form a fluffy ball of silicon that floats on the wind. The particles react with oxygen in the air and release light as they burn. Jerby thinks that his laboratory lightning balls could one day find practical uses in industry. "My imagination leads me to speculate on applications like 'bulb-less' light sources, coating and deposition or energy production," he said.
25 Jan 2007
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