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Click the "Full Screen" button to see the video in detail!! Resize your photos to perfectly fit on your screen and save space on your computer. Resize your photos before emailing photos to family and friends and they will transfer much faster. (up to 15 times faster!)
24 Dec 2006
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This tutorial shows how to resize a lot of images with different sizes at the same time with Photoshop. It only takes a couple of minutes, whereas if you would do it yourselves, it would take hours.
14 Jan 2007
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*******live.pirillo**** - Why install a program to do simple picture resizing and cropping? Instead, try the free and excellent resizr****!
4 Oct 2007
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This is the quickest way to resize your digital pictures without using photoshop.
17 Oct 2007
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a very simple trick to resize thumbnails in winxp without any software!!!
10 Nov 2007
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www.riffmasterpro**** , this is a video on resizing the player window , this makes it much easier to use and to zoom in on a section of music you want to work on , Slowdown the music and start playing
13 Mar 2008
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CNC to Art Video Series Video 8: This is the CNC Video series on how to take an image to a CNC File. This process is one that many CNC Users want to know, but there is not much info on. Here is your chance to get the inside scoop. For more information, please go to: *******www.cncinformation**** We take our image and go over to our CAD Software Program. I happen to use Rhino 3D, so that is what we will use for this CNC Video. Inside of Rhino 3D, we make a rectangle of our stock. Next, we place the image inside of this rectangle. Finally we resize the CNC Image so it fits properly inside of our stock rectangle. Rhino has some other great tools, like a line simplification tool. We use that to simplify the image and cut down on the size of our G-Code File later. At the end of the CNC Video, we export our resized image as a DXF File. Again we choose one of the oldest file formats available. Mainly because it will work with many different CAD Software Packages.
4 Dec 2008
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how to resize title bar
19 Apr 2008
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Free batch photo editor / resizer from FastStone. Works with win98,win2000,ME,XP,Vista
17 Jun 2008
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A free batch image Resizer from France -VSO for win2000, xp and vista *******
23 Jun 2008
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Video on how to resize header 1 tags (H1) in Dreamweaver. (Very useful)
4 Jul 2008
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*******www.recognizedexpert****/blogger/ If you don't like the size of the photo you uploaded to your Blogger blog, you can resize it with a little effort.
26 Jul 2008
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This video shows the latest updates to the Commercial Creation Center Slide Show Video Maker. Now, when you try to load an image that is too big, we will resize it for you. You now also control whether or not your images stretch to fit the video frame.
23 Oct 2008
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RIZE, RESIZE, ENERGIZE - start of week 3 - Joe lost 12 lbs in 14 days using RIZE along with mild exercise and just eating a little less food. RIZE is looking for people to particpate in a pre-launch test program - contact Joe himself at jgeretraxsion**** to see if you can qualify.
2 Dec 2008
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Day 21 for Joe, like many others work and family get in the way of proper eating & exercising. Joe weighs in at 212.5 lbs only 2.5 lbs away from his first milestone. Total weight lost 14.5 lbs in 21 days RIZE RESIZE ENERGIZE. Don't forget you can always email me with any questions you have *******eatingforenergy.wordpress****/
8 Dec 2008
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In this video, Episode 2, I help Mary Honey with an issue regarding image resizing. If you would like help with any computer related problem, feel free to e-mail videosnerdhelp****!
16 Dec 2008
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