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From Firstshowing****: Gareth Edwards' Monsters is truly one of the best indie sci-fi films I've seen recently, and I am doing my best not to overexaggerate on this film. But I truly did love Monsters, through and through, and I would honestly call it a nearly flawless film, from script to acting to directing to score to cinematography. It is that ...
11 Aug 2010
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I discovered this while watching a Madballs tape, the movie itself is very much as bad as this trailer suggests yet at the same time very entertaining in its own right. The best of the worst of the obscurities from the 80's. Although this film draws comparisons to District 9, it's definitely not an action film, it's a very human story about these two people and the relationship they develop. Andrew attempts to take a train to the ocean and put Sam on a ferry, but it doesn't go according to plan, so he must travel with Sam through the infected zone to make it back to the US. There isn't a lot time spent with the aliens themselves, probably because Edwards was trying to keep this a low budget as possible, but the story is very much about what it's like to go through all of this. That said, the screenplay was impeccable, a perfectly realistic interpretation of a wonderful story.
11 Aug 2010
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Half life 2 orange box, crysis metal gear solid portable ops, syphon filter logans shadow, metal gear solid 3 snake eater halo, Ressistance fall of Man! Reviewing them all in one convienient video!
17 Jul 2008
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