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Want Unlimited Cell Phone Service? Go to *******FreeCellTalk**** Unlimited Cell Phone Service 59.99 and earn Free Service! As we roll into the 2011 year, we are and will begin to start to see brand new rumors regarding the iPad 2nd Generation and the Next-Gen iPhone. We've been hearing a ton of rumors about what direction Apple's next set of products will take and when they'll be available -- but now we've got some concrete information from reliable sources which should make the path a little clearer. And that includes info on the next iPad, the iPhone 5, the second iteration of the new Apple TV, and a big change coming for all of the company's mobile products. Want to know the scoop? Read along after the break to get the goods. Right now, everyone is obviously buzzing about the Verizon iPhone 4. What people aren't talking about (yet) is the fact the device will be using a Qualcomm chipset for its CDMA radio (with no GSM capabilities) as opposed to the Infineon versions seen in the GSM iPhone 4. This isn't much of a surprise by itself, but it paves the way for a major shift from Apple. But first, a little bit of a timeline. Just before the Verizon iPhone 4 launch, we'd heard from multiple sources -- sources like the ones which gave us all that extremely accurate Apple TV info last time around -- that the iPad 2 isn't nearly as close to launch as some have speculated. Apparently, those case and hardware mockups we've seen are rather early versions, which means we're still months out from a proper introduction. It seems likely that the device will land around April (perfectly timed with the 12-month product cycle Apple enjoys). And what about that device? From what we've been told, the thinner, sleeker tablet will sport a new screen technology that is akin to (though not the same as) the iPhone 4's Retina Display and will be "super high resolution" (unlike reports to the contrary). The device will remain at 10 inches but will now feature both front and rear cameras (not a huge surprise), and... there's an SD slot. That's right -- our sources say with near certainty that the device will have a dedicated SD slot built in (with no traditional USB slot). In fact, see that weird notch in the photo below? That's where the SD part will be located. What's most interesting, however, is what's happening under the hood. Free Cell Talk Service Unlimited Talk Text Web Data and 59.99 60 $ Smartphone Smart Phone Mobile HTC Samsung Droid Android Hero Toshiba Wireless Wire Less Payless Pay Cheap BlackBerry Curve Kyocera Instinct Novatel MiFi Seek Ovation Inferno Treo Palm Moto Motorola Q Sanyo Data Compatible - NO Sprint Verizon Att At&t Altell US Cellular Virgin Mobile T-Mobile Boost Mobile Bomb Best Deal Around Sale New Limited Amount Available Year PrePaid No Contract Best Secret Unreal Real Online Offline Free Giving Away Kept Discover Of The Cash Checks Bills Bill Money Big Crazy Easy Pay Out No Debt Up Fast Million Stacks Music Book iphone pda 3g 3gs 3gb blog electronics technology news new handheld touch multitouch gadget cheap addict curves hot amazing best price best deal smooth Apple Mac Windows Linux Ubuntu RSS youtube You Mail Address information Science Toy Toys File Transfer wx Duo Core Quad core Cellular Windows CE ios Rim OS 4 Tech Weekly Ipad Ipod Itouch Nano Zume ePad Epad 7" 7in Inch Technology Science How To Iphone Handbraker Android 2.1 2.2 1.6 2.3 1.0 Speed Faster Input Text Simplicity UI One-Touch Onetouch one touch Copy Paste Control Communicating Organizing Hot Phones Internet Calling Near-field Downloads Management Camera Web Browser Firefox Oprea Mini Skyfire Internet Explorer New Development Features Enhancements Gaming Texting Surfing CPU 3D OpenGL Utilization Smoother Apps App Applications Native Gyroscope Storage Gingerbread Hacking Easy Simple Rumors Rele
18 Jan 2011
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Get FREE iPOD TOUCH 64Gb here: FaceTime on iPod touch lets you hang out, catch up, and goof off with friends in an entirely new way. With just a tap, you can see what your friends are up to — literally. Witness a prank in action. Or watch your friend on the other side of the country crack up at your stories from last night — new iPod touch to new iPod touch or iPhone 4 over Wi-Fi. And all you need to get started is an Apple ID and an email account. You can choose an email account you already have or, if you prefer, set up a new one. You’ll never see fun the same way again. With iPod touch, you don’t just play your music. You hear it, and see it, in entirely different ways. Let Genius search your library and automatically create a mix just for you. Or give Genius playlist a go, and Genius will use a song you really love to find other tracks from your library that go great with it. You can also view album art in Cover Flow. Or shake to shuffle for a fresh take on your music library. Your favorite movies and TV shows are now playing on a subway train or plane near you. Because you can buy movies and TV shows, or just rent them, right on iPod touch. Shop the iTunes Store and choose from thousands of must-see titles to fill your iPod touch. Then watch them on the amazing 3.5-inch color widescreen Retina display. FREE iPOD TOUCH 64Gb WEB PAGE:
2 Mar 2011
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Retina display, 5MP camera, Dictation, new Garage Band app and 4G LTE connectivity.
12 Mar 2012
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Retina display, 5MP camera, Dictation, new Garage Band app and 4G LTE connectivity.
17 Mar 2012
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***********/watch?v=Tt4_av4Q2qY With Apple having released the new iPad, millions of people who bought the iPad 2 are now wondering wether they should upgrade their devices. As with any other upgrade, the question comes down to whether the difference a person will pay to upgrade to a new iPad is worth the new features they get. If you're an iPad 2 owner, it all boils down to whether you feel like you need the new display, upgraded camera and other features found in the iPad. The biggest difference that you'll see between the new iPad and the iPad 2 is the display. While the iPad 2 packed an impressive-on-its-own screen resolution of 1024x768, the new iPad doubles this to 2048x1536. Combine this with the fact that the newer iPad features a Retina-quality display, and the new iPad's display blows the iPad 2's out of the water. Aside from the Retina display, the new iPad also features a 5-megapixel camera capable of 1080p video recording with tons of enhancements and an upgraded dual-core processor with a quad-core GPU. By comparison, the iPad 2 has a 720p-capable camera and a dual-core processor. If you own a 3G-capable iPad 2 and live in a market with 4G LTE, then this alone might be enough of a reason to upgrade to the new iPad. ' With speeds up to ten times faster than 3G, 4G on the new iPad means a much faster and more pleasant user experience. Most of the enhancements are under the hood, though. If you own an iPad 2 and aesthetics are one of the more important qualities to you, then upgrading might not be worth it. For the most part, the form factor and size of the new iPad are the same as the iPad 2. In fact, the new iPad is slightly thicker and heavier than the iPad 2, although it's unlikely that you would notice.  What will ultimately keep a lot of you iPad 2 owners from upgrading is the cost. The new iPad starts at $499 for the most basic Wi-Fi model. With the iPad 2's price being slashed to $399, you'll likely get around $300 on eBay or Craigslist for a basic Wi-Fi model of the iPad 2. That means you'll pay around $200 to upgrade to the new iPad. It's certainly not the worst deal in the world. If money is no object, then the new iPad is easily worth upgrading to. Its Retina Display and improved specs make it a worthy successor to the bestselling tablet of all time. However, if you're content with your iPad 2's display and don't feel a need for 4G speeds, then your new iPad 2 should have plenty of miles left on it.
11 Apr 2012
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We walk through the new retina-optimised Spotify for iPad.
2 May 2012
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Apple Next Generation Macbook Pro with Retina Display 2880 x 1800 Pixel, two Thunderbolt Ports and even HDMI starting at 2199 US Dollar
12 Jun 2012
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The adorably addicting mobile game Tiny Wings has been fully updated and optimized for HD and Retina support.
14 Jul 2012
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In this episode, it's time to unbox the 4th Generation iPad with Retina Display.
11 Nov 2012
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Ty gives a detailed review of the new 5th generation iPod touch. Its new slim and sleek design with a 4-inch Retina display make it gorgeous. See what else makes this a worthwhile upgrade!
17 Nov 2012
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The iPad Mini with Retina display is reportedly coming in March 2013. We're also hearing rumors for an update to the little black box that is the Apple TV. Additional Apple 2013 rumors include updates to the Mac OS, iOS 7, a Retina MacBook Air and much more!
25 Nov 2012
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Save money on your favourite Apple products and more at www.reloadelectronics****** We have huge savings on the new Macbook Pro with retina display, the new iPad, the iPad mini and many more amazing products. We launch on December 1. Please subscribe to be first to hear about special discount codes so you can save even more!
28 Nov 2012
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Today Jon talks about Apple switching back to Samsung-made displays despite previous lawsuits between the two companies, Samsung's Galaxy Note line receiving improved specifications like a Snapdragon 800 processor and a 13 megapixel camera, HTC's One making a splash on big red very soon, and the iPhone 5S having slimmer screen bezels and an improved Retina Display! *******gamehackerz****/marvel-avengers-alliance-hack-and-cheats
1 Jun 2013
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Jon is talking about the Apple iPhone 5S getting a 4.3-inch Retina screen, the Xbox One's Family Share Plan and how it could be returning if consumers demand it, and more!
20 Jul 2013
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31 Mar 2017
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2 Oct 2008
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