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Make your girl-friend's face more beautiful with WB1000's beauty shot!!
3 Aug 2009
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Second version of tutorial how to retouch skin in less than 10 minutes with Photoshop. The effect is a pro looking photo retouch
29 Jan 2007
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With this 8 step easy Photoshop tutorial you can remove wrinkles and will get smoother skin effect...
17 Dec 2006
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The tutorial: How to correct skin in slow for beginner, take my another vids to see a tutorial in fast motion. I did this video because everyone was complaining that my first one was too fast :)
15 Jan 2007
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Change your eye color with photoshop in easy 3 steps.... I use Photoshop cs...
17 Dec 2006
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Here is another photoshop video i did: face retouching...and the result, i think, is perfect....thx for watching...Please leave a comment...and if u have a question about photoshop just ask...and i will try to answer in another video
9 Mar 2008
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In this video we're going to enhance a portrait by retouching the face structure.
4 Jun 2008
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My quite easy tutorial - how to change b&w photo into color.
18 Jan 2007
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Make fast photo retouch by the Photoshop ... Sorry about quality :(
13 Nov 2006
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This is one of NewDarkRoom****s photoshop video tutorials In this tutorial i am going to show you how to soften skin tones and gives models a much smoother skin in your digital images. This is just one of many tutorials in the NewDarkRoom**** series. For a more detailed larger video visit NewDarkRoom****s tutorial section
3 Dec 2007
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You can't make it to the magazines? Well, with this tutorial you can make a photo that looks exaclty like one from the glossy magazines. The written prinatble version is available on *******www.profit42****/index.php/2006/11/27/photoshop-tutorial-glamour-photos-in-10-minutes/.
19 Jan 2007
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See how a face can be changed using Photoshop. A Photoshop expert recorded this video, you'll get surprised, from *******www.thevideosense****/user/fran1326/ Visit my blog: *******funny-video-sense.blogspot****/ Make money like I am by supplying videos like this from the web to *******www.thevideosense****
29 Jan 2007
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31 Oct 2008
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Change photograph edges with Photoshop.I use quick mask tool and it takes 30 seconds to do it.Just play around with the filters to find the effect in your mind.....
21 Dec 2006
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This method could be used on all kinds of photos as long as they have good contrast to make them look like they were drawn by hand.
21 Jan 2007
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Enhance eyes on your photos in this easy photosho tutorial. For more tutorials and photoshop contests visit us at: *******www.photoshoptalent****
18 May 2008
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