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The market has been reasonably quite this week with a rebound off support in the AUD/USD and the EUR/USD. The retracement of a weak dollar has coincided with a larger retracement in equities that is finally starting to spread to longer term bond yields. In fact, the 10-year yield index is sitting at the support level of the breakout and gap of 6/12. In the video, I will illustrate this situation and the possible technical pattern that will be confirmed if we see more downside on Monday.
21 Jun 2008
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The Drambuie Pursuit, the grueling adventure race across the scottish highlands, retraces the legendary voyage of Bonnie Prince Charlie. Drambuie® Liqueur today announced a nationwide search for teams of modern-day rebels to take part in the ultimate adventure: The Drambuie Pursuit. Taking place in May 2009, the Drambuie Pursuit is a once-in-a-lifetime outdoor adventure race across the Scottish Highlands that retraces the legendary voyage of Scotland's Bonnie Prince Charlie, for whom the Drambuie elixir was created in 1745. The Drambuie Pursuit sets teams of four adults to battle against each other in a grueling race across 100 miles of breathtaking Scottish scenery. Teams with fierce determination will race speedboats and dirt buggies, scale mountains, kayak and raft through rushing rapids and bike over punishing terrain as they race from the Isle of Skye to the finish line in historic Inverness. Last year, the competition heated up, with a team of fire-fighting smokejumpers taking top prize competing against teams including celebrity brothers Jerry and Charlie O'Connell. The 2009 race invites teams of fearless adventurers to take to the Scottish Highlands once again. To view Multimedia News Release go to,
7 Aug 2008
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Description: Ardent Jutsu retrace tous les combats du mangas depuis le début de l' anime jusqu' au départ de Sasuke. Pour cela chaque épisode à du être repris et travaillé un par un pour constituer ce résumé de 9mn.
13 Aug 2008
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Fibonacci fans are very similar in concept to Fibonacci retracements and in many ways they are used the same way. Both are effective tools for identifying support and resistance levels, entries and exits, and stop and price target levels. 100% free stocks and options education available from
21 Aug 2008
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Fibonacci analysis can be enhanced by using time projections. Fibonacci time forecasts are applied to a chart like other Fibonacci studies, and work best when combined with either a retracement or fan study. 100% free stocks and options education available from
9 Feb 2009
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12:59 FX Trader's EDGE - Trade of the Week returns! Mick Lewis, Trading Coach and EDGE Teaching Assistant, looks at the EUR / AUD pair for August 22, 2008. In this video, Mick uses a combination of Elliott Wave, Moving Averages and Fibonacci retracements to finalize his trade setup. For more information on Elliott Wave, visit
27 Aug 2008
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5:56 Mick Lewis, Trading Coach and EDGE Teaching Assistant, continues his analysis from last week on the EUR / AUD forex pair for August 29, 2008. In this video, Mick uses a combination of Elliott Wave, Moving Averages and Fibonacci retracements to inalize his trade setup. For more information on Elliott Wave, visit
30 Aug 2008
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The markets bounced Friday giving us hammer formations across the board promising a market wide flurry of "bear pullbacks". Be ready to add short/bear plays if we get a shallow retracement. See you at
6 Sep 2008
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3:57 FX Mick Lewis, Trading Coach and EDGE Advisor, looks at the GBP / JPY pair for Sept 9, 2008. For more information on the Trader's EDGE daily room, visit In this video, Mick uses a combination of Elliott Wave, Moving Averages and Fibonacci retracements to finalize his trade setup.
10 Sep 2008
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How A Retail Forex Trader, Who Never Traded For A Bank, Stumbled Onto The Simple Secrets Of Fundamental Trading That Gives Any Trader Instant Profit Makeover It took me years to finally realize how embarrassingly clueless I was...but once I figured out the secret, I simply Went To Town with it and made $101,803.84 in the first 3 months My name is Henry Liu... and I have discovered some extremely effective yet embarrassingly little-known "insider" information that will improve YOUR trading overnight guaranteed! I am so confident that this information works, I will even let you try it for free if you want... Here is what it's all about: You see, most Forex traders are technical traders. They look at candlestick charts, draw trendlines, calculate Fibonacci retracements, throw in some MACD & Stochastics, wait for everything to line up, and then click on that order button, with fingers crossed behind the back... But it's a HUGE mistake to think only technical, the professionals who make a living trading Forex understand this... but not always in the right way. A lot of pros will twist your ear talking about how MENTAL trading is, controlling your emotion of greed and fear is the key to everything, and all that... They have a point too. You can't ignore the mental part of trading on Monday and expect to have a profitable week on Friday... But there is a VERY CRITICAL fact that almost everyone misses. And until you understand this "missing link" fact, you will NEVER be good at Forex. Never. Listen: You're going to be just as thrilled as I am once you see what I'm talking about here. It will change everything about Forex for you... and it wil Taking advantage of fundamentals is ALL that separates the pro trader from the wannabes. And the best part is... You don't need to be an economists or have a degree in finance to make money with news. Take two traders, both just beginners, both took the same beginner's Forex course and learned the basics of trading. Both have similar education and background, and both love trading and their goals are to trade for living for the rest of their lives. Let's call them "John" and "Henry". John spends all his time studying the chart, he experiments with new indicators, new parameters, and constantly trying out new trade ideas. He gets his emotions in line. But he never realizes the fundamental factor to Forex trading... as a matter of fact, he purposely ignores news releases and he never makes the simple correction that will make his trades profitable. John, later in his life, is the guy you might find frequenting discussion forums, public online trade (chat) rooms, posting some amazing trades, but never ever show you his live account statement... that is, if he even have a live account at this point. Henry, on the other hand, early on senses that there must be more to Forex trading than just looking at the chart. He may not understand the fundamental news effect to the world economy, but he makes a simple adjustment in the way he looks at trading. Despite the warning from die-hard technical traders to ignore the news, he trusts his intuition and does what's right... not what people told him. Henry becomes a professional trader. You never see him frequenting Forex discussion forums, or online trade rooms, because he's too busy making a fortune in his live account... This is NOT a bogus comparison. You CANNOT become a successful Forex trader as long as you think and act like 95% of Forex traders, who end up losing
2 Apr 2011
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4:18 Mick Lewis, Trading Coach and EDGE Trading Advisor, looks at the AUD / USD pair for September 10, 2008. In this video, Mick uses a combination of Elliott Wave, Moving Averages and Fibonacci retracements to finalize his trade setup. For more information on Elliott Wave, visit
17 Sep 2008
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5:16 Jody Samuels, EDGE Lead Trading Advisor, looks at the GBP / JPY pair for September 23, 2008. In this video, Mick uses a combination of Elliott Wave and Fibonacci retracements to finalize his trade setup. For more information on Elliott Wave, visit
25 Sep 2008
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Ride through Belfast in 1901 & 2006 retraced the same journey 105 years later Danny Boy Orbital- 'Belfast' from
27 Sep 2008
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Créative, innovante, souvent dérangeante, l'industrie automobile française a donné lieu à un déferlement de chefs-d'œuvre sur le plan du style et du design. Les voici réunis pour la première fois dans une étude chronologique qui retrace toute l'évolution de la carrosserie, période par période, depuis les attelages ancestraux jusqu'aux concept-cars les plus actuels. + Vous discernerez ainsi comment les courants esthétiques ont épousé les mouvements artistiques de leur temps et les mutations de styles de vie.
1 Oct 2008
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When the guys lose Allison's body, they have to retrace their steps to try to find her. Meanwhile, Sam tries to find her missing roommate by going to Allison's work. 
14 Oct 2008
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Terre seigneuriale, le Puy du Fou appartient à la famille éponyme, dont l'origine peut être remontée jusqu'au XIIe siècle. L'actuel château, construit dans le style de la Renaissance italienne en remplacement d'édifices plus anciens, est dû à François II du Puy du Fou (1496-1548). La construction restée inachevée, le château est vendu en 1659 par le dernier descendant mâle de la famille qui porte son nom. Pendant la guerre de Vendée (Révolution française), le château est incendié par les colonnes infernales. Le château a été classé monument historique en 1974. Tombé dans l'oubli, le château du Puy du Fou n'est plus qu'un domaine agricole aux bâtiments en piteux état, quand une initiative culturelle vient réveiller le site en 1978. Le conseil général de la Vendée l'achète et y crée, avec l'aide de l'État et dans l'esprit des projets muséographiques de Georges-Henri Rivière, un écomusée (ainsi qu'un centre de recherches et de documentation) animé par le conservateur départemental Francis Ribémont. Cet écomusée a depuis fermé ses portes, ses collections ayant rejoint en 2006 L'Historial de la Vendée, nouvel équipement muséographique réalisé aux Lucs-sur-Boulogne par le conseil général, et les archives départementales pour les ouvrages et documents. Parallèlement, et sur une idée de Philippe de Villiers, est créé un spectacle nocturne qui retrace l'histoire imaginaire d'une famille locale, du Moyen Âge au XXe siècle. La mise en scène utilise notamment le château en fond de scène. Recourant à de nombreux effets pyrotechniques, laser, et lumineux, le spectacle est interprété par 600 acteurs bénévoles en 1978. Depuis sa création, l'association du Puy du Fou qui porte la Cinéscenie n'a jamais reçu aucune subvention publique, et ne dépend d'aucun actionnaire extérieur. La Cinéscenie rassemble aujourd'hui plus de 1200 acteurs en scène chaque soir de représentation, et l'association du Puy du Fou compte 3159 membres.
6 Dec 2008
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