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NYC songstress Lizzy Grant makes her debut into the music world with a video for her single, “Kill Kill”. Armed with her three-track EP, devastatingly retro-sexy look, and haunting, soulful voice, Lizzy is one to watch for ‘09. *******www.lizzygrant****/
16 Apr 2009
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This Stop Motion Animation takes you into another world. In this world no physical laws count. The only laws that count are the laws of the Animator. I animated myself through my house and the city of Breda, the Netherlands. It took me 6 months to complete. That is mainly because of the weather. It wasn't always suitable to shoot my scenes. The song I used is called Chinois by DJ Aphrodite and can be found on the record Aftershock. Enjoy! I would like to know what you think about it.
2 Oct 2007
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Go to MYRIDE.COM for more car videos. What can you Hemi? The inventions were part of a contest by Chrysler Group in which inventors were asked to add a HEMI® engine to day-to-day objects. The finalists included the HEMI® Snowblower, HEMI® -Go-Round, HEMI® on Ice, HEMI® Shredder, and the winner, the HEMI® Trike, designed with a custom 4-foot wheel and dragster wheelie bars.
19 Jun 2009
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This simple trick will help you to run your older games and programs on Windows Vista and XP !a list of some confirmed games :RollerCoaster TycoonRevoltMight and Magic 8&9ConstructorMechWarrior 3Micro Machines V3Master of OrionCommand And ConquerRed AlertResident EvilResident Evil 2Rocket JockeyFifa 2001SanitariumThe Settlers IVStar WarsHunter KillerWarcraft 3Need for Speed Special EditionEuropean Air WarPorsche UnleashedetceteraPlease see my other items! *******www.metacafe****/user/5082495/techtek/Thanks
5 Jun 2007
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found at sports social network www.champions365****. Jordan at his best breaks the backboard in this retro clip from 1986. Its amazing how high he gets off the ground. Incredible dunk
30 Sep 2008
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What more need we say? The best burlesque dancers from the past are revealed to you for your own private peepshow!
9 Jan 2007
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Good Charlotte ≈ I Just Wanna Live. YouTube ≈ MTVCopyright Holder ~ Sony/BMGLyrics:I need an alarm system in my houseSo I know when people are creepin' aboutThese people are freakin' me out (these days)It's getting hectic everywhere that I goThey won't leave me aloneThere's things they all wanna knowI'm paranoid about the people I meetWhy are they talkin' to meAnd why can't anyone seeI just wanna liveDon't really care about the things that they sayDon't really care about what happens to meI just wanna liveJust wanna live (6x)I rock a law suit when I'm goin' to courtA white suit when I'm getting divorcedA black suit at the funeral homeand my birthday suit when I'm home alonetalking on the phoneGot an interview with the Rolling StoneThey're sayin' "Now you're rich and now you're famousfake ass girls all know your name andLifestyles of the Rich and Famous,Your first hit it, aren't you ashamedOf the life, of the life, of the life We're livin"I just wanna liveDon't really care about the things that they sayDon't really care about what happens to meI just wanna liveStop the messin' around boyBetter think of your futureBetter make some good plans boySaid every one of my teachersLook out, you better play it safeYou never know what hard times will come your wayWe say, where we're comin' fromWe've already seen the worst that this life can bringNow we expect it everywhere that we goAll the things that they sayYeah we already knowI just wanna liveDon't really care about the things that they sayDon't really care about what happens to me(Just wanna live [3x])I just wanna live(just wanna live [3x])I just wanna live(just wanna live [3x])Don't really care about the things that they say(just wanna live [3x])Don't really care about what happens to meI just wanna live thats it just so i dont get any e mails lol
29 Apr 2008
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Superman 1988 animated cartoon intro Check the wiki for more information. Please rank, and see my other movies. Thanks!
12 Jun 2007
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*******www.SmokinOrJokin**** Check out our FREE sister site at ******* Nopi amateur sexy asian italian latina Spanish African American Russian polish Japanese Chinese irish girls amazing body design fashion model seductive sensual asian babe chick doll female lady miss woman young white see through dress gown suit auto automobile classic new old car retro blonde show concert event expo brunette red bikini bra thong panties booty butt hip hop reggaeton remix freak on honda mazda tokyo drift Toyota tires rims hot rods tinted windows chrome rubber pedals knobs engine brakes windshields park grass field walk run skip jump lay down hands knees doggie style art airbrush paint oil base wax lace strip tease lap dance
10 Dec 2007
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The Wonder Girls makes their long-awaited 2008 comeback with their latest single "So Hot" produced by JYP. Fitting somewhere in between retro and dance, it promises to make you go so so so hot. lyrics translated by aak1002, subbed by me, licensed to JYP Entertainment.
13 Jul 2008
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Great Song !!!
31 Jan 2009
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Clips taken from Predator, Rambo and Commando make up this kick ass film. AMDS have done it again! This time with two other retro action heroes - one who's making a final comeback (4th instalment of Rambo!) The plot fits what all boys (now in their thirties like me) have been asking since our younger days. Rambo or Commando, who is the "baddest boy" in the jungle? Watch our for a hilarious exchange of gunfire with "Always look on the bright side of life!" in the soundtrack of the clip.
23 Jan 2008
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