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Years ago I hired an IRS enrolled agent to review my tax return, and she made such a mess that I owed penalties and interest! It was terrible. But now I use TurboTax and the IRS has never contacted me since.
15 Dec 2007
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GM Vickie Guerrero returns to cause trouble for the World Heavyweight Championship contenders.
18 Dec 2007
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New episodes of NBC’s The Medium return on January 7. Catch the last three episodes for free on NBC Rewind:
21 Dec 2007
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Obama Girl returns to Ba-rock the vote and take on Hillary in Iowa... with some help from Harry Truman Girl. Obama Girl was recently named by MNSBC one of the top 10 Influential Women of 2007. And subscribe to our youtube channel (click orange button above). We give one random subscriber a free ipod every month. Sweet!
4 Jan 2008
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Election Updater Sock le Puppet has the first returns from New Hampshire
9 Jan 2008
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GET THE SONG HERE: Gary Brolsma, the Numa Numa Guy, is back in his return video: New Numa! With the video comes a $45,000 worldwide New Numa contest where you can make your own New Numa video for a chance at the Grand Prize of $25,000 cash and a whole lot of internet fame! Go to to enter the contest, chat with Gary, check out the New Numa music and new music by Dan Balan (the producer/songwriter of Dragostea din Tei, the original numa numa!) Most importantly: Don't forget to laugh and have fun!!
14 Jan 2008
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Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), U.S.A., Inc., returns to its compact pickup truck roots with its latest concept vehicle A-BAT. The environmentally advanced A-BAT provides modern versatility, roominess and style in a compact pickup architecture. The A-BAT will be on display at the Toyota exhibit in Detroit at the 2008 North American International Auto Show beginning Monday, Jan. 14. "Driving from beyond the suburbs to the city is a way of life for many people," said Kevin Hunter, president, Calty Design Research, Inc. "We've taken Toyota's truck heritage to a different level by envisioning a vehicle capable of maneuvering the suburbs as well as dirt roads. This compact truck is as comfortable for long commutes as it is for road trips. It can accommodate outdoor toys and home improvement supplies. Plus, customers benefit from the hybrid powertrain's low emissions and fuel economy."
11 Mar 2008
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Rambo Returns! Plus Untraceable, The Air I Breathe, How She Move, Micheal Clayton And Meet The Spartans. This Is The Box Office Report From - Your Online Source For News. box office, how she move, meet the spartans, micheal clayton, movies, premiere, rambo, the air i breath, untraceable
10 Jan 2009
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New Kids On The Block Return!?! Plus Micheal Jackson And Amy Winehouse At The Grammys?? Your Music News From - Your Online Source For News
29 Jan 2008
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The Wachowski Brothers Return With Speed Racer Starring Emile Hirsch John Goodman, Matthew Fox, & Christina Ricci
30 Jan 2008
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2:52 -Your Online Source For News. Music News Paula Abdul returns to MUSIC plus album updates for the Queen of Pop and will the Beatles live forever in space? Hi everyone and welcome to Get the I'm Andrea Rene and its time to look at the music scene.z In case you missed the electro-dance performance by Paula Abdul at the Super Bowl Pre Party, don't worry! The American Idol judge and former pop princess is releasing, not only her new single, but a full album! Tentatively titled "Abdulmatic," the album will feature her new song "Dance Like there's no tomorrow" and is expected to be released sometime this summer. Of course Randy will be on board as a producer but don't expect any help from Simon. Abdul hasn't released a hit album since 1995, but give the girl some credit, she has sold over 50 million albums worldwide. And in other album news, Cash Queen of Music, Madonna has locked in April 29th as the debut date of still untitled new disc. No word yet on singles or concerts, but she did get paid $10 million for that sunsilk ad during Super Bowl yesterday. Yep, you heard me right, and she didn't even perform anything new! No wonder she makes the most money! Plus another leading lady in music, Miss Janet Jackson debuted her new single, Rock With You, on Friday. It is the second single from her upcoming album "Discipline" to be released on February 26th. You can give it a listen on New York radio station's website at Almost everyone on the Planet has heard of the Beatles, right? You think that's safe to say? Well, it was recently announced that the iconic band will live on digitally through their large catalog of music soon to be available online, but the real news is that today, NASA will project the Beatles into outerspace! Yes the boys with the bowl cuts took the world by storm, and now, the GALAXY! The space agency will broadcast the group's song "Across the Universe" to the North Star. It marks NASA first ever beaming of a radio song into deep space and coinicidentally, the 40th anniversary of the song. Paul McCartney said, "Send my love to the aliens." Oh I'm sure they'll feel the love alright... You just heard the latest news from the music scene. I'm Andrea Rene for Get the, your online source for news.
6 May 2012
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230 Bnei Menashe, members of a Lost Tribe of Is... (more) Added: January 18, 2008 230 Bnei Menashe, members of a Lost Tribe of Israel, recently returned home to Zion from India.
10 Feb 2008
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Check Out - Your daily Entertainment News Source. Entertainment: Today in entertainment, the writer's strike is OFFICIALLY OVER! plus controversory over the 2008 olympics and star wars returns to the big screen! Hi everyone! i'm Andrea rene for get the and you're watchign the entertainment update. Its over! Its really over! After 100 days of talk show reruns, missing episodes of favorite sitcoms, and SNL free Saturdays, the Writer's guild of America voted yesterday to lift their strike on Hollywood. It was the worst labor dispute in Tinsel Town in over 2 decades, and it isn't completely finished yet. THe members of the WGA still need to vote on the tentative contract that would give writers payments for their work streamed online plus they'll get double rates for film and tv work sold as internet downloads. And it will also extend the contract for content made specifically for the web. Many writers will be returning to work today, expect to see familiar spots on late night talk shows and daytime ones as well, but as previously reported, your favorite dramas and sitcoms won't be back until April. Academy award winning director Steven Spielberg has stepped down from his artistic advisor position for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Bejing. The legendary director of "Schindler's List" said the reason for his withdrawal is because he does not support China's policy on Darfur, a region of Sudan. China has long been accused of aiding rebels efforts to keep peacekeepers out of the war ravaged region, where thousands of civilians are being murdered or driven from their homes. Many activists are calling for China to step up to the plate and make some changes in their Sudan policies before they try to play host for the Olympics, one of the world's greatest venues for peace. So far China has given no intentions of changing their policy, and have even said they will not submit to foreign pressure. Star Wars fan listen up! Creator George Lucas has previously said there will be no more stars wars films, but he LIED! The iconic series will hit the big screen again this summer, but it will be a little different this time. Lucas has announced he will release an animated film called "Star Wars: The Clone Wars," as a precursor the new animated series set to debut this fall. Lucas said he felt like there was a lot of the story left to tell, and he wanted to do that through the art of animation. If you want to learn more about the new series and the film, you can check out web only documentaries on For get the, I'm Andrea Rene. Thanks for watching the entertainment update.
14 Feb 2008
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Do you know what to do with all the things you donate to charity? TurboTax makes it easy to get tax deductions for charitable contributions. By deducting the items you donated to charity, you can get a bigger tax refund when you file your tax return. *Features and services described in these videos vary by product version; fees may apply. To find out more info about TurboTax products, pricing, restrictions and guarantees, go to
27 Feb 2008
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Our return to the Foja Mountains revealed even more fascinating species. Listen here as Bruce Beehler recalls the expedition. For more, visit:
29 Feb 2008
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Find news on Kashmir Singh returning after 35 years, news on 16 TRS members resigns from the state assembly, India in a commanding position in the finals of australian series, amit kumar learnt the surgery procedure through CDs, Ranbir Kapoor in Santoshi's love story.
5 Mar 2008
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