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Jump and climb your way through the barrels and levels; but beware of the man eating flowers as you try to collect all those bananas in Donkey Kong Country Returns.
23 Nov 2010
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Donkey Kong Country Returns Walkthrough for the intro of the videogame. *******www.videogamesblogger****/2010/11/21/donkey-kong-country-returns-walkthrough-video-guide-wii.htm Click the link for the complete Donkey Kong Country Returns walkthrough video guide.
30 Nov 2010
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Dec. 8th, 2010, TQ Digital has just released another preview video for their renowned F2P PVP Kungfu MMO, Conquer Online. Arriving on Dec. 16th, the eagerly awaited new expansion, Returning Light is the third and the most anticipated episode of the game’s serial expansion pack, Legends Return. In the upcoming Christmas season, CO’s 2nd new class, Monk will be ready for its international debut! It’s a sacred class of strong spiritual powers and fighting abilities. Players can also start expecting some other fascinating features which include a new Boss, new level cap armors and weapons, and some exciting new PK tournaments.
10 Dec 2010
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Donkey Kong Country Returns to the Wii with a thunderous slam of difficulty. But is it fun?
10 Dec 2010
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Superman Returns XBOX 360 iso Download here: ******* Highspeed torrent file. For more highspeed torrent visit: *******speedy-torrent.blogspot**** You can download all torrents at max. speed of your internet connection,no slow downloads guaranteed! My internet connection is 6MB/s that means that my max download speed is around 700Kb/s. See this image as proof: ******* Enjoy Description: Size: 6.3 GB Region: Region Free Genre: Action Developer: Warner Bros Publisher: Electronic Arts Language: English Superman Returns was inspired by the hit film & tries to recreate the wonder ofbeing the legendary superhero. Explore the game environment not only horizontally but vertically as well: Revolutionary new flight mechanics give you full command of your aerial maneuvers. Use them to explore a Metropolis that is not only expansive (80 sq. miles and more than 7,000 buildings), but also changes dynamically based on how you play. Experience what it's like to be Superman, like never before! Protect Metropolis from seven of the most notorious villains in the world, like Metallo and Bizarro Conquer more than 40 monstrous missions only Superman can overcome.
14 Jan 2011
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Music video to the motion picture "Superman Returns" Take Me Higher Diana Ross Music video edit David Ross Brandon Routh as Superman, as well as Kate Bosworth,
15 Jan 2011
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Return of the Dapper Men is a comic unlike any we've reviewed before. You won't want to miss it!
4 Feb 2011
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the official trailer for "the mummy returns"
12 Feb 2011
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BY CHRISTY LEWIS You're watching multisource entertainment video news analysis from Newsy. Apparently he wasn’t kidding when he said, “I’ll be back.” After seven years in the California governor’s office... Arnold Schwarzenegger is ready to get back to the big screen. Sacramento’s KCRA has his announcement. “California’s former governor tweeted quote, ‘Exciting news. My friends at CAA (that’s a talent agency) have been asking me for seven years when they can take offers seriously. Gave them the green light today.’” Well, he may be back, but is he back to battling bad guys and fast-paced fight scenes? E! News says - probably not. “At 63, Schwarzenegger admits he may have to tone down his kick ass persona reportedly telling an Austrian paper, ‘I have to adapt my roles to my age,’ adding, ‘extreme fighting or shooting is not possible anymore.’” After hearing Schwarzenegger’s new roles may not be as action-packed as Terminator or Predator - a Mercury News reporter worries... “This raises the frightening prospect that he may have to act.” After the announcement of Schwarzenegger’s return, blogs are buzzing with possible project predictions. An LA Times blog says Hollywood is obsessed with sequels and remakes, so why not expect it from Schwarzenegger? He suggests some potential screenplays. Here’s one: “‘The King’s Speech II’: The newly elected president of Austria (Schwarzenegger) is forced to appear on television to calm the nation after a terrorist attack. Unfortunately ... and the populace can’t understand his heavily accented English. The president’s wife (Jennifer Aniston) summons an unorthodox speech therapist...” The Atlantic Wire also put together a list of suggested first roles. Reporter Erik Hayden sees Schwarzenegger more successfully as a CGI Hummer in a third installment of Pixar’s Cars. “Pixar's Cars and Cars II were decent, but what they needed was Arnold Schwarzenegger as a hulking, yellow sport utility vehicle to balance out the Owen Wilson humor." And finally an MTV blogger says “The Expendables 2” or “Predator 4” are ready for Schwarzenegger... but another Terminator is not. At least not right now. “Yes, the clock is ticking ... but would you really prefer a rushed and poorly-conceived Schwarzenegger-led ‘Terminator’ sequel to a far-off but thoughtfully considered one? … We want you back, big guy, but only if you're pumping out the high quality iron we remember you best for.” Schwarzenegger says he is currently reading three scripts. One of which he’s had his eye since before becoming governor. So, what’s your guess? Another Terminator, Predator, or something brand new? Get more multisource entertainment video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy.
15 Feb 2011
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This strange trip immediately takes a turn for the worse, from awakening in a psychedelic wonderland to eating peppermint snails at a table of freaks, in Alice: Madness Returns.
16 Feb 2011
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20 Feb 2011
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We get a look at Alice: Madness Returns at GDC 2011, and finally get to play the game and find out when the game releases.
3 Mar 2011
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Alice cuts, slashes, and even shoots her way through the dark and twisted world of wonderland in Alice: Madness Returns.
7 Mar 2011
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GDC is over, but thanks to a bunch of embargoes, we get to relive the excitement all week long. Principly among the embargoes was Alice Madness Returns, which we'll have a full preview tomorrow, but have a new gameplay trailer to show you guys. It's also a big week for game releases - Dragon Age 2, MLB 11, and, most importantly to Max, Pokemon Black and White. He gushes for far too long about it today, and Jonathan Holmes wrote a review of the American version for the site. Plus, Zelda Skyward Sword has a new gameplay trailer, Harrison Ford is making a game, and Danny B stopped by to share his love.
8 Mar 2011
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We get a look at Alice: Madness Returns at GDC 2011, and finally get to play the game and find out when the game releases.
8 Mar 2011
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20 Apr 2011
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