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BY YIQIAN ZHANG ANCHOR SALEM SOLOMON You're watching multisource world news analysis from Newsy. At least two people were killed and over 100 injured in Uganda’s capital Friday over the capture of an opposition leader. BBC has the details. “…plain-clothed police and security forces fighting with supporters of Uganda’s main opposition leader Kizza Besigye. He’s trapped in the white jeep. They battered their way in and fired pepper spray. He’s then bundled out of the car and dumped into a police truck.” Besigye has been leading protests in recent months over high food and fuel prices in Uganda. And while he was released Thursday on bail, the Ugandans held an unprecedented riot Friday. But Al Jazeera reports, the government isn’t backing down. “The government has so far refused to lower fuel taxes. Their response has been a clear signal that any unrest will not be tolerated. MINSTER: ‘You know that the police has the power to even shoot you to death…’” According to The Guardian, some wonder if the unrest is fueled by revolts in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. But Besigye himself is hesitant to draw comparisons. The Guardian quotes him as saying – “The only parallel goes to the extent that people are discontented with what is going on and their governments are non-responsive. There is a loss of trust between the regime and the people. I think that is the only parallel I can see." An editorial from Uganda’s The Observer calls for peace and tolerance -- while still holding the government responsible for its actions. “The display of bravado and impunity by state agents on Thursday can only remind Ugandans of past regimes that this government hates to be compared with. … Ugandans must say no to a return to the past. Uganda is big enough for all of us, regardless of our political, ethnic and religious differences.” But a Foreign Policy blogger says the riots are... just riots, and won’t go any further than that. "Uganda has had sharp increases in fuel and food prices due to drought and international oil fluctuations, and the opposition seized the opportunity to mobilize public dissatisfaction …But while the protests are getting more attention for the opposition, they don't necessarily mean progress.” ‘Like’ Newsy on Facebook for more World news.
3 May 2011
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He was one of the Goodfellas, now he's playing tough cop antagonizing Michael Cera in Youth In Revolt.
17 Mar 2012
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Live at the Culture Room in Ft. Luaderdale. I play drums
8 Jun 2007
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stuffed monkeys used to make school children smile on picture day, demand respect from their employers
4 Aug 2007
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English WXY Lit through film class
26 Mar 2008
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you can't run an honest man , you tell me
8 Jul 2008
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The Honorable James David Manning explains why he is calling for a full boycott of the African American/black community. This message was preached on 22 August 2008.
24 Aug 2008
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Frustrated at the difficulty of repairing the Estate, the Ponies accepted a can of magic paint, which not only instantly repaired the Estate, but brought it to life. The living furniture soon grew tired of the Ponies and threw them out, whereupon the wizard took over the Estate. When the Ponies and furniture fought back, he removed the spell, making the Estate lifeless again. He was driven away by his own wand which, receiving its own coat of paint, came to life and sought revenge
15 Aug 2009
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We shot this short video with a group of undergradaute students at Ankara University in 2007. It was a little cinema workshop in one of the History of Economic Thought courses offered by the Economics Department of Ankara University, in which people wanted to shoot short videos about the current state in economics. In this work, students want to show how boring the economics classes are: they leave the classroom one after another until the last one throws Samuelson's ''Economics'' (1948) into trash. The video lasts less than 6 mins. The soundtrack is Supertramp's "School" from "Crime of the Century (1974). The quotation in the very begining of the video is from a short passage by Anthony Standen ''Science is a Sacred Cow'' (1950). A cow, sitting in front of the Faculty building, is the amblem of the Faculty of Political Sciences, Mekteb-i Mulkiye. ("Inek" (
21 Sep 2009
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Zombies--- Not dead, not alive!
9 Oct 2009
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28 Dec 2009
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28 Oct 2016
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book trailer
13 Dec 2016
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Went into a cubicle in a nightclub and granted there was wee on the floor, but that is no big shock as there always is, bad aimers!! But what I could not believe was somebody had peed in the toilet paper dispenser. What a sicko...and they needed a better aim to do it than directing a basin that is much bigger!
22 Apr 2007
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keep it joking
9 May 2007
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A calm and nerdy accountant exploded and screams at his boss that he won't make the coffee anymore.
27 Jun 2007
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