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Invisablend offers the most healthy approach to treat any type of hair loss. Free Trial As Real Proof.
31 Mar 2017
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Much-admired and highly-praised for the their exceptional services, Metropolis today is a house hold name in Southern India owing to their revolutionary ideas in building homes. Luxury Villas Bangalore Finding a flat in Bangalore to start living your dream life is not piece of cake, but thanks to Metropolis properties, finding a flat for sale has become easier.
3 Apr 2017
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JUST BETWEEN US is a documentary that was inspired by its creator and director Ken Jackson to educate the community about its own limitations of being a voice in American society. Jackson traveled the United States to meet the legends, the pioneers and the revolutionaries of the 21st Century in the African-American Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual and Transgender community to gauge its position as a whole since the start of the new century.
11 Apr 2017
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Our lives become fast, really fast... And the fast food is not fast enough anymore! Aren’t you tired of wasting your time, eating a burger that keeps all your hands full? Precious time is lost, and uhhh! Just look at all that mess! Well, you can’t wish for more hands. But what if we could invent a new way to eat food, completely hands-free? Introducing iBurger, a revolutionary product that combines the power of modern technology to revolutionize the way we eat. So now you can spend your time on things that really matter. What are you waiting for? Call 800-iburger right now and hurry up! It is selling like hot cakes.
20 Apr 2017
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REVOLUTIONARY NEW NVIDIA GRAPHICS PROCESSOR (GEFORCE 8800) BREATHES LIFE INTO ADRIANNE CURRY--VIRTUAL REALITY'S FIRST INTERACTIVE VIRTUAL SUPER MODEL AND TRANSFORMS THE PC INTO DEFINITIVE GAMING PLATFORM In a move that is sure to send waves through Hollywood, Adrianne Curry, model and star of VH1’s My Fair Brady, and leading graphics technology company NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA), have announced that they have teamed up to create the world’s first interactive, virtual celebrity. This breakthrough, which is enabled by NVIDIA’s new flagship graphics technology, will allow ‘stars’ to create and license detailed replicas of their likeness without ever having to make a physical appearance or take a photograph. Virtual celebrity licensing will have a multitude of applications, including adapting celebrity characters into newly developed video games, virtual modeling and endorsements; digital appearances in film and television; and virtual hosting on Web sites or traditional broadcast media. The new NVIDIA graphics processing unit or GPU ushers in a new level of visual realism for PCs. NVIDIA also designed the graphics technology for Xbox and Playstation 3 consoles. According to NVIDIA the new GeForce 8800 graphics processor is specifically designed to address the increasing need for graphics processing performance on PCs, delivering the best visual experience for Microsoft Windows Vista and PC games as well as high-definition video formats HD-DVD and Blu-ray.
12 Nov 2006
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Dr. Armani discusses hair transplants. Specifically, his revolutionary technique, FUE.
12 Apr 2007
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Jay Sankey - The Revolutionary Coin Magic
13 May 2007
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A revolutionary new imaging technology is expected to help physicians better classify breast lesions. Elasticity imaging is an ultrasound technique recently cleared by the FDA that allows doctors to measure the stiffness of tissue, relative to surrounding areas. This new technique may significantly reduce the need for biopsies. In fact, the American Cancer Society confirms only 20 percent of biopsies turn up positive for cancer. In a recent elasticity imaging study, doctors studied 166 suspected breast tumors in 99 women scheduled for biopsies. The lesions were measured using both the standard ultrasound technique and elasticity ultrasound. The results showed that elasticity imaging correctly identified all 17 malignant lesions and 105 of 106 benign lesions. Additional studies on elasticity imaging are currently underway. Doctors say thanks to this new technology the number of biopsies being performed may be reduced by 50 to 70%, greatly relieving patients of the stress and trauma of enduring invasive and unnecessary procedures. Produced for Siemens
31 May 2007
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ManiaTV’s newest show, Arcade, gives you the Top 10 revolutionary games of all time, including 'Final Fantasy', 'Wolfenstein 3D' and 'The Legend of Zelda'. Catch the premiere on ManiaTV on Feb. 29th 5pm! *******maniatv****/shows/arcade
27 Feb 2008
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Reggae, Dancehall, Dub Poetry and Spoken Word lovers will feel this performance video by Kamal Imani AKA Kamal Supreme as he bigs up the Revolutionary Divas and uplifts the ladies. The video takes place at the infamous Ron Alexander Video Show taping at the Kraine Theatre in New York City's East Village and it includes nice shots of the Brooklyn based model Crystal. Come on in and join the fun! Production by Richard Saunders. Executive Producer Kamal Imani *******www.myspace****/kamalsupreme *******www.soulgriots**** coming soon. Model Crystal (*******www.myspace****/crypage)
7 Apr 2008
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Dancehall meets spoken word as Jamaican Brooklyn based model Crystal meets Kamal on the stage of NYC's #1 underground video show, The Ron Alexander Show. On stage and outside the 2 of them enjoy the song. In this remix there are also new pics of some of Kamals revolutionary diva friends which include to UK dj Diva Brandy who rocks the song on her show. Revolutionary Diva is a constant top billing song on the American Idol Underground Spoken Word charts.
6 Aug 2008
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Katsucon 2005 - #11 Revolutionary Girl Utena
15 Jun 2008
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*******tinyurl****/4jew7m The Revolutionary Sex: Sexual Mastery Audio Course
4 Aug 2008
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8/25/08 Denver Co alex jones confronted by the revolutionary anti imperialist movement
13 Mar 2009
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See how doctors in Singapore treat patients with cancer. Watch this video about TomoTherapy, a revolutionary radiation. It allows for accurate positioning and delivery of radiation to the targeted tumor. So doctors can focus the radiation on the cancer itself not the good tissues around it. Really useful for areas in brain, spines and other sensitive areas. *******www.singaporemedicine****
9 Oct 2008
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Impossitoneing for Guitar is a revolutionary new guitar method/technique for guitar players of all ages and skill levels. Impossitoneing focuses on an individual persons unique creativity, rather than traditional methods of instruction. The result is music that is rich, spontanious, and awesome!
31 Oct 2008
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