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Andrew Reynolds at the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp talks about the recent postal strike
6 Nov 2009
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Andrew Reynolds gives away his Bentley Continental GT to one lucky winner as a prize at the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp
9 Nov 2009
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Andrew Reynolds at the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp at the O2 in London, where he talks about the negative effects of discussion forums
8 Nov 2009
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Andrew Reynolds Helps Housing project
7 Nov 2009
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Ryan Reynolds, along with fellow Canadian celebrities Jason Priestley, Rachel Blanchard, William Shatner and Denise Donlon, star in the Nature Conservancy of Canada's "A Force For Nature". This 30 minute television journey takes viewers through most of Canada's magnificent but endangered landscapes. For more information please visit:
1 Dec 2009
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Elicia and Stephen Reynolds' 2007 Intermediate Free Dance.
2 Jan 2010
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*******russ-reynolds**** This is Russ Reynolds rendition of the Google superbowl commercial but used for local businesses. Russ is a Toronto SEO Consultant
22 Feb 2010
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The Bob Reynolds Loop Collection - Available at *******www.thelooploft**** Recorded over the course of several days in a Los Angeles studio, we worked directly with Reynolds to produce 13 complete sessions of high quality sax recordings.
10 May 2010
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Andrew Reynolds cash on demand course was far too slow for me, I wanted to get started now so this is what I did!!
24 May 2010
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24 May 2010
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BOOK REVIEW BOWSTEAD & REYNOLDS ON AGENCY Nineteenth Edition By Peter Watts and F. M. B. Reynolds Sweet & Maxwell The Common Law Library ISBN: 978-1-847-03745-9 www.thomsonreuters**** EXPLAINING THE LAW OF AGENCY: A CLASSIC AND DEFINITIVE WORK, NOW COMPLETELY UP TO DATE An appreciation by Phillip Taylor MBE and Elizabeth Taylor of Richmond Green Chambers This is a practitioner’s book; the main objective of which, is to state and explain the law of agency, rather than to re-shape it. From the date of its first publication in 1896, (edited from 1896 to 1932 by William Bowstead), this formidable and scholarly volume has carried the weight of unassailable authority and has acquired a towering reputation as the definitive work of reference within this area of law. In case you need reminding, agency is as much a concept as a word (estate agents, advertising agents and so forth) and therein lies the complexity of it all. Agency in a strictly legal context is described under the chapter heading ‘Nature of the Subject’ as ’the fiduciary relationship between two persons’, the agent and the principal, (we’re simplifying here) one of whom agrees to act on the other’s behalf. The person who thus acts is the agent; the other on whose behalf he acts is the principal. Anyone other than the agent, or principal may be referred to as the third party. Significantly, this latest edition -- the nineteenth -- is noteworthy for being the first edition of Bowstead since the 13th edition of 1968, to involve a new author, Peter Watts, who, on the recommendation of Prof. Reynolds, has assumed principal responsibility for the preparation of this edition, in which Prof. Reynolds has nevertheless maintained a continuing and significant role. This edition contains ‘a myriad of minor (updating) changes and quite a number of significant ones’ says Prof. Watts -- even though much effort has been made to retain the existing text. Much new material has been added to the book since the previous edition of 2006, including around 150 new English cases, with every chapter affected. Without going into detail, the most significant changes have taken place in three major areas. One concerns the duties an agent owes his principal. The second is the increased reference to the application of agency law in the operation of companies, many of which of course have to operate through agents – hence the prominence of agency law in company law. Third, there’s a new chapter by Reynolds on the conflict of laws in agency law, a difficult area, as the author points out. For these and almost innumerable other reasons, you’ll need this book in its latest edition in order to provide your clients with the most up to date advice on agency. ‘Very few parts of the book have failed to acquire new case law,’ warns the author. This is indeed a formidable and careful work of reference. The Tables of Cases section alone (alphabetized) is at least 130 pages long and cites cases from a variety of jurisdictions, besides the UK, including Europe, The United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore to name only a few. Tables of Statutes and Statutory Instruments are also included and there is a detailed index for ease of reference. The law addressed is at 31 March 2010: Bowstead & Reynolds remains the classic and definitive work.
16 Sep 2010
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Green Lantern movie news from Comic Con. Release Date: 17 June 2011 Ryan Reynolds Hal Jordan / Green Lantern Blake Lively Carol Ferris Peter Sarsgaard Hector Hammond Mark Strong Sinestro Tim Robbins ... Senator Hammond Peter Sarsgaard says his version of the mega supervillain will have a Size 60 hat size, and Sarsgaard described Hammond as "the kid who licked the battery or went up the rooftop with a coat hanger" to see what happened. Martin Campbell said Hal's relationship with his father Martin as seen in the "Secret Origins" arc and how that's going to play a large part in the movie, finally culminating at the end of the movie when Hal becomes a Green Lantern. Sinestro will be a hands-on mentor. As in the comics, Sinestro (Mark Strong), the Green Lantern who later becomes a major villain, will be training Hal Jordan to be a Green Lantern - and we'll get to see Sinestro kick some ass along the way. Parallax, the villainous identity that Hal Jordan took in, which was later to be a kind of fear monster that took control of Hal? Ryan Reynolds let slip that we'll see Parallax in the film, as a kind of physical manifestation of fear itself. Reynolds says his Hal is a guy who can "tell a joke, throw a punch and kiss a girl." And director Martin Campbell says there is some humor in the film, mostly thanks to Reynolds. But Reynolds also described the character: "I saw this guy who is arrogant and cocky in the film who is given this amazing gift, and that becomes humbling for him. I thought that was a great arc for a character in a superhero film." This could be the beginning of a shared universe. At least DC's Geoff Johns hinted that was the case. He said he couldn't talk about it here - but he did say there are a couple other movie projects in the pipeline. Everything depends on how well GL's movie does, though. At the end a kid asked Ryan to recite the Oath of the Green Lantern Reynolds recited the Green Lantern Oath
27 Dec 2010
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