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Dennis Lambert, was raised in Brooklyn NY, and is now a Boca Raton real estate agent in his 60s, but as a young man in Los Angeles during the 1970s was a very successful songwriter who wrote or co-wrote over 75 Billboard Hot 100 hits. As a solo artist he released a sole album called Bags and Things in 1972. His life was recently documented in a new film that premiered at SXSW 2008 and followed him on a 2007 comeback to tour in the Phillipines where he is still revered for his popular song Of All The Things. On his own and with his partner Brian Potter in the 1970s he wrote numerous radio ready pop, soul and yacht rock classics during a stint at ABC/Dunhill such as and The Four Tops hit classic Aint No Woman (Like The One Ive Got), and The Grass Roots top 20 hit Two Divided by Love. Other top tunes he was behind include #1 R&B single for Tavares It Only Takes a Minute, Glen Campbells crossover smash Rhinestone Cowboy , Hall & Oates Shes Gone, Covens One Tin Soldier, and British group Freddie & The Dreamers, novelty hit Do The Freddie. In the 1980s Lambert penned the embarrassingly catchy career saving monster Starship hit We Built This City and the touching The Commodores hit Nightshift, a tribute to black music legends Jackie Wilson and Marvin Gaye. Lambert was also behind The Righteous Brothers hit Rock And Roll Heaven, which did a similar service to other lost rockers a decade earlier like Janis Joplin and Bobby Darin. ..pls enjoy!!!
17 Feb 2009
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Hello world. I’m a person still in transition. I retired from my position as the chief executive of a multi-million dollar financial institution after more than twenty five years in the industry. Retirement was short lived as boredom can be a definite driving force. My first reaction was to return to work in the same industry yet then I realized it was time that I did something I wanted to do rather than what was just easy. I became a business entrepreneur and gained the ultimate independence. I used all the skills I had perfected over the years to start a successful business. This transition has brought me immense blessings and perhaps most important, helping others to find their success gives me a great deal of personal satisfaction. If you’re wondering about my name, Rhinestone Pepper, it comes from my passion for collecting and wearing vintage costume jewelry. I particularly love rhinestones. Most of my collection is from the 1940's and 1950's yet some of my pieces come from the Art Deco period. I'm that petite person with a tall personality who loves wearing her rhinestones!! Introduce yourself to me. I would love to get to know you as a person. Our paths may be crossing for a purpose that will reveal itself later.