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The Monitor Starship is an arrow-shaped police ship according to Starfleet Battles. It could be watching anything from Fiji to Australia!
10 Aug 2010
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The ambiguously physically challenged Mr. Rhombus terrorizes his employees at a quarterly staff meeting.
18 Nov 2008
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#Shapes with names in English and pronunciation for kids. Learn 12 basic shapes in English; circle, oval, square, rectangle, triangle, rhombus, star, heart, cone, cube, cylinder and sphere. This video adds to the knowledge of the children also improves their vocabulary. Children can easily learn shapes from this video and can remember them well. Kids can also learn the pronunciation of these 12 shapes with the help of our video.
8 Nov 2016
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Visuals produced for the London Sinfonietta / Warp Records collaboration
24 Dec 2008
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Buy the Rainbow Loom® kit at www.rainbowloom**** You can find us at Michaels Stores and Learning Express stores! Learn how to make other Rainbow Loom® creations at****/twistzbandz Like us on Facebook at www.facebook****/pages/Rainbow-Loom/340822649338519 Follow us on Twitter RainbowLoom for the latest information on CONTESTS, PRIZES, NEW COLORS and MORE! Don't forget to LIKE this video and SUBSCRIBE!
15 Oct 2013
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The first half of this song is for preschoolers: circle, triangle, rectangle, square. The second half is for primary grade students: oval, diamond, heart, crescent, rhombus, trapezoid, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, and octagon.
27 Jun 2011
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Do the Canandian Brass... read on. The beautiful music video for Quintet (Rhombus Media, of The Red Violin), as seen on the Magic Horn CD enhanced feature! For more information about the piece, the composer Michael Kamen (Mr. Holland's Opus, X-Men), the CD, or Canadian Brass, visit canadianbrass**** *** *** *** *** *** *** DO THE CANADIAN BRASS 1. Make a video of you or an ensemble performing your fav Canadian Brass piece. 2. Sign into YouTube and upload your video. 3. Join the group: youtube****/group/dothecanadianbrass 4. Add your video! 5. Watch for your video to be featured at canadianbrass****
1 Nov 2011
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Music video by Canadian Brass performing Canon. (C) 1991 Rhombus Media Inc.
16 Jun 2012
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The Jackson brothers continue their journey down south through Mexico in search of some perfect waves. Along the way they pick up a mystery man known as Panchito, get some downhill longboarding in, and manage to get the van stuck in a parking garage, all before scoring some Baja swell. Support Brothers for Hope *******Jaxunion**** Stay tuned for a new episode every other Tuesday. Last episode: ***********/watch?v=viU8cOALCLY All episodes! ***********/show/brothersontherun?s=1 __________________________________________________________ Follow them on their journey through Twitter and Facebook! #BrothersOnTheRun johnjamun ********twitter****/#!/johnjamun *******www.facebook****/pages/John-Jackson/236864349685177 Ejackshreds ********twitter****/#!/Ejackshreds RedBull ********twitter****/#!/redbull Subscribe to Red Bull: ***********/subscription_center?add_user=redbull Music: Campfires- Come On Out 0:00- 0:16 The Almighty Rhombus- Honest Liar 0:45- 2:50 Campfires- Fail By Design 2:50- 6:06 Campfires- Laurentide 6:06- 8:53 Zigitros- Horses Hold On 8:53- 9:22 ******* Hot Bodies In Motion- Physics 9:22- 9:53 *******
8 Aug 2012
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*******www.bestonlinekidsgames****/game/954/Ben_10_Cavern_Run.html Best online Ben 10 games. To complete this game you must use the mouse. A line may serve as a floor or as a wall that will turn Ben 10 around. If you make Ben catch a circle with a rhombus he will turn into one of his creatures and will get some new abilities. Collecting circles with (+) sign gives you bonus. Enjoy with Ben 10 games. :):)
18 Nov 2012
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Download the Shape Videos: *******havefunteaching****/videos/shape-videos/ Download the Shape Songs: *******havefunteaching****/songs/shape-songs/ The Shape Video is a Shape Song Video that teaches Circle, Square, Triangle, Rectangle, Oval, Diamond, Heart, Star, Rhombus, Trapezoid, Parallelogram, Quadrilateral, Polygon, Pentagon, Hexagon, Octagon, Sphere, Cube, Pyramid, Cone, Cylinder, Triangular Prism, and Rectangular Prism. The Shape Name Game is a fun way to learn the shape names.
18 Mar 2013
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*******YouTube****/gwatsky ********twitter****/MosesAnderson Download Cardboard Boxes ********www.dropbox****/sh/q0impx593eb3a9u/ts30aV1kDO/Watsky%20Cardboard%20Boxes Lyrics I thought Swag was dead way before this I thought Swag had been buried in the forest But then Bieber said Swag in a chorus And I went and bought a big fat thesaurus I thought Swag was dead way before this I thought Swag had been buried in the forest But then Bieber said Swag in a chorus And I went and bought a big fat thesarus Verse 1 you're a Boss hog, you're a top dog You're so slamming, that I would say you've got pogs You're suave, swell, sick In the sense of being ill, chill, slick You're hip, You're a hit, You're Legit, You're it If I were being rude then I would say you're the SSHSHHHHS-- Shimmy shimmy cocopuffs, You're so loco you're so dope it's nuts. you're raw as an open cut You're bold, you're golden, You're Funner a stone cold stunner, A real mean mugger You're colder than the other side of my pillow or hot as the underside of the cover in a los angeles summer You're not dumb and dumber, You're smart and smarter You're hard and harder You're Peter Parker right after the spider bite You're so dynamite brightest light A hypest hype you're so zen, you're a ten, you're gem Creme de la creme de la creme de la creme BREAKDOWN (Spoken) In 1860 Walt Whitman described his care free attitude towards life in his famous poem Leaves of Grass by writing "I cock my hat as I please" In 2012 Just Bieber said "Swag swag swag swag, on you Chillin by the fire while we eatin fondue I don't know about me, but I know about you So say hello to falsetto in three, two, swag I thought Swag was dead way before this I thought Swag had been buried in the forest But then Bieber said Swag in a chorus And I went and bought a big fat thesaurus I thought Swag was dead way before this I thought Swag had been buried in the forest But then Bieber said Swag in a chorus And I went and bought a big fat thesaurus Four, three, two, Swag Verse 2 (Double time) presence, essence, pizzazz, panache, dashing flash, brazzen and brash, the verve, the nerve, the truth, the proof the cash the passion and the class better than ever, cool as cucumber, smoother than butter, a little bit smug Hotter than a mug, eye of the Tiger, the heart of a lion, The look of thug pick of the litter, The Attitude, the cleanup hitter, The baddest dude totally sure, full of allure, a raconteur, the poison and cure gravitas, glamour, you're dropping the hammer, a swashbuckling, debonaire An A lister, with X Factor, capital G with the best hair Dragon slayer, the franchise player, The king, the president, governer, mayor You're rare, the opposite of square and pompus, You're shaped with flair like a rhombus confident, jaunty, awesomely saucy, You got more props than Ghandi You got it on lock, got rocks and moxie, like you're rocking some brand new socksies you could be the grittiest kid, from the grittiest city But if you're a rapper saying Swag is obnoxious And if you be looking capture the confident way that I'm walking and talking there's options You could even say swagger, Which is a real word that has existed for hundreds of years Written by and starring George Watsky ******* Director: Jackson Adams. Editor: Joseph Shahood: Effects: Alan Gwizdowski. Music: Kush Mody. Engineer: Nils Montan. Producers: Corey Moss, Tiffany Moore, Amy Laslett. DP: Topher Osborne. No Copyright Intended
27 Apr 2013
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Hey marzipans, as you can guess from the title this video is going to be about how to restyle your old sweaters with just a couple of cheap and easy ideas to do by yourself ^_^ I really hope will enjoy it! LINKS - Check out Sheinside for some cute clothes *******www.sheinside****/ - Sweater: *******www.sheinside****/Blue-Orange-Rhombus-Hair-Bulb-Pullovers-Sweater-p-101479-cat-1734.html - Parka: *******www.sheinside****/outerwear12102509-photo-3059.html - Boots: *******www.chictopia****/photo/show/766386-Lace+up+Knee+High+Camp+Combat+Boot-boots - Dr Martens Aggy: *******drmartens****/ Tweet me MarziaPie "Like" me on Facebook: *******www.facebook****/CutiePieMarzia­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ Do you like fashion? *******chictopia****/cutiepiemarzia Visit my Website: *******cutiepiemarzia****/ Follow me on Tumblr: *******marziacutiepie.tumblr****/ FTC: I have been sent the sweater and the parka from Sheinside**** for free, but I picked them myself and I'm not being paid to make this video.
7 Nov 2013
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