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Bejuntos - Rhytm, Music, Dance, Sensuality. Mayumana and <b>David Broza</b> in a new one of a kind experience!
17 Mar 2009
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SINGLE KE-2 dari album LASKAR PELANGI OST, yang dinyanyikan oleh GITA GUTAWA - Tak Perlu Keliling Dunia sudah tersedia di video response. When I watched the trailer of LASKAR PELANGI the movie, I am surprised to know that NIDJI will contribute for the soundtracks The result is AMAZING, TRULY AMAZING. To me, it's just the best NIDJI's single ever. The lyrics is touching enough. Although the song rhytm can be considered as joyful, but somehow it can emotionally build you up ... For those who ...
16 Jun 2009
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la orquesta timbalaye que vous fait bouger et dancer sur de rhytmes calientes
14 Sep 2009
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me and my friend riding his bikes in montauk, ny. jumps, rhytm sections.
29 Oct 2009
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Its a closed circle informal friends get together and the different thing was the dress code. It was Shalwaar Kameez . Performing Rock In shalwaar kameez was a totally different experience. Fire Garden is: Waseem Abbas Xaidi : Electric Guitars (Solos) Waqas Rasheed : Electric Guitars (Rhytms, Manager Sound and studio) Azhar Rana : Bass Ahsan : Acoustic Drums, Drum patterns and FL . Sharik Xaidi : Vocals
21 May 2010
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What do you think of the new Waka Waka Mania? Shakira has really surprised everyone with a cheerful choreography and a breathtaking smile, but especially for the summer and engagingWaka Waka rhytm! On the video and below here the song lyrics... You're a good soldier Choosing your battles Pick yourself up And dust yourself off Get back in the saddle You're on the front line Everyone's watching You know it's serious We're getting closer This isn't over The pressure's on; you feel it But you got it all; believe it When you fall, get up, oh oh And if you fall, get up, eh eh Tsamina mina zangalewa Cause this is Africa Tsamina mina eh eh Waka waka eh eh Tsamina mina zangalewa This time for Africa Listen to your god; this is our motto Your time to shine Don't wait in line Y vamos por todo People are raising their expectations Go on and feel it This is your moment No hesitation Today's your day I feel it You paved the way, Believe it If you get down Get up oh, oh When you get down, Get up eh, eh Tsamina mina zangalewa This time for Africa Tsamina mina eh eh Waka waka eh eh Tsamina mina zangalewa Anawa aa Tsamina mina eh eh Waka waka eh eh Tsamina mina zangalewa This time for Africa Rate and Comment if you like my Lyrics Video, Please!
5 Jul 2010
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(I have no idea what this song is about. To be honest, I don't even care. I usually remake things in my mind the way I want... I just bumped into this tune and liked it. You can't help but dream on it... My dreams made me compose the following story:) ........... Inspired by the legends, the princess went to fight the beast... It was more than just a monster, it was a principle... Somehow, it was even a very ordinary way of life, an infinite faced devouring labyrinth, a gallery of pretending masks that explained in great detail the creation, the meaning of existence, the obedience in the face of magic. It was a thing that thrusted its roots deeply in the very abysses of human soul to the point that becoming one with the very being. Obedience is what the beast wanted, not death. It promised immortality and great rewards to those who followed its rules, so many... The people have been building temples for the thing that it was not what it seemed. To them it appeared in the form of beauty, reason, promise of salvation... It taught them even the meaning of love... But the princess felt herself different from all other human beings. She refused the kind of automaton life they practiced, turned her back to the unfair and prejudice, following her own way. The beast knew she could not be defeated but it also knew she had no visible chance of success. Finally it appeared to her and said: "You have no chance. I give birth and death, you are a mere toy in my hand! I could crush you with even one gentle blow of my breath and then you will be nothing but bones and dust for eternity! What a pity for a cute and innocent girl like you!" The princess said: "I know. And that is why I defy you. Destroying me would only prove your limitation, your failure in convincing me of your so called good intentions. Which will never be because you are a fake, a sadistic illusion. Countless souls fall for your subtle tricks but you know I will not, no matter the price. You rule destinies but I am not a destiny anymore. I'm dead for the past anyway and it is dead for me. I don't care about your eternity nor your heavy priced paradises. I found my own true call and you know what? I'm happy that even you, the omniscient, aren't able to see inside of me and find that! It is a kind of search for a twin heart, a kind of love you will never understand. That is my only happiness, my true heaven. That is my victory and that is your defeat!" The beast remained silent as the girl walked away. Could it be? A new kind of love, one that nobody knew about? One that was not implemented as a destiny or as a program? But how???... Where the princess wanders now, that is unknown. Unknown remains the fact if she found her prince. It does not matter the result. It is the different and totally unique beating heart rhytm that surprised even the existence itself that matters...
18 Sep 2010
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Press Release Artis : Merpati band Single : "Tak Rela" Cipt. : Andi "Merpati" Label : Big Indie NAGASWARA Tahun : Oktober 2010 MERPATI Band mengeluarkan album perdana "TAK SELAMANYA SELINGKUH ITU INDAH (TSSII)" pada awal tahun 2008. Lewat album tersebut, single pertama" Tak selamanya Selingkuh itu Indah" dan single kedua " Bintang Hatiku", langsung melejit dan menjadi hits. Sampai sekarang, meski sudah lebih dari setahun belum mengeluarkan karya terbaru, tapi masih banyak orang yang men-download RBT lagu lagu di album perdana mereka itu. Pada Ramadhan tahun 2008, Merpati mengeluarkan single religi berjudul "CARAKU MENSYUKURI". Sementara, di Ramadhan tahun 2009, band asal Banjarsari, Ciamis Jawa Barat itu kembali memperkenalkan karya single religi mereka yang kedua berjudul "TAUBAT". Secara keseluruhan, single religi Merpati ini dimasukkan ke dalam "Album Kompilasi Religi NAGASWARA", yang berisi 12 lagu dari band dan artis-artis NAGASWARA. Kini, di akhir tahun 2010 ini, MERPATI Band yang berdiri pada 22 Oktober 2002 itu, merilis single terbaru mereka berjudul "Tak Rela". Yang menarik, tentu saja selama 8 tahun eksis di industry musik Tanah Air, band ini masih mempertahankan formasi awal mereka yakni; Rani (vokal), Andi (vocal/rhytm), Liez (lead guitar) ,Ayuz (bass) dan Boegil (drum). Single ini sendiri, tampaknya sudah cukup lama ditunggu para penggemar mereka yang akrab dengan sapaan "Sayap Sayap Merpati". Semula, Merpati sudah bersiap untuk melempar album kedua mereka. Namun, adanya kesepakatan dengan label, membuat mereka memutuskan untuk melepas single saja. Proses recording untuk single ini dan sebuah lagu lain, dilakukan di dua studio yaitu di Studio NAGASWARA dan Colloseum Studio milik Arya Baron dari band Baron Soulmates. Baron pula yang banyak memberi masukan dan konsultasi menyangkut aransemen musik dan sound. "Kita masih tetap memainkan pop kreatif/ alternative namun tetap dengan sedikit sentuhan Melayu. Selain itu, lagu-lagu Merpati masih tetap disuguhkan secara duet antara suara saya dan Rani," ujar Andi. Lirik lagu "Tak Rela" bercerita tentang ketidakrelaan seorang kekasih melihat pasangannya berduaan dengan orang lain. Hal ini begitu mudah terjadi karena rasa sayang yang ada di antara mereka, sering berubah haluan menjadi rasa saling curiga. Bermain dengan lirik-lirik pendek, Andi mengaku terinspirasi dari kisah pribadinya. Untuk video klip single ini, penggarapannya dipercayakan kepada sutradara Eman Pradipta dari Ulet Bulu Production. "Saya percaya, semua orang pernah mengalami hal serupa. Makanya kita percaya, lagu ini dapat dengan cepat mempengaruhi pendengarnya," harap Andi. *** PR
30 Jul 2011
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as 35 melhores musicas de dance antigas seleção de ouro para quem gostar das musica só fazer o download do esta o link........ *******www.4shared****/file/6HFUAeq_/dance_-_as_35_melhores_das_ant.html valeu pessoal e comentem ai as musicas????????????? as pessoal os nomes das musicas e dos cantores.... 2 Brothers on the 4th floor - Dreams black rose - Melody corona - Baby Baby corona - Rythm of the Night Culture Beat - Mr.Vain dalimas - Your Love Darude - sandstorm desiireless - voyage voyage DJ BOBO - EVERYBODY dj bobo - take control Dj Tiesto - Titanic (Tecno Remix) eric prydz - Call On Me Everybody Dance Now fr david - WORDS global deejays - The Sound Of San Francisco global deejays - What A Feeling haddaway - What is Love la bouche - Be My Lover La Bouche - Sweet Dreams lasgo - something magic box - Sorry Marin masterboy - Feel The Heat Of The Night Masterboy - Generation Of Love Mc. Sar & Real McCoy - Run Away Newton - Sky High O-Zone - Despre Tine P. Lion - Happy Children Playahitty - 1-2-3 playahitty - The Summer Is Magic Real Mccoy - Run Away Robert Webb performs - What A Feeling Sequenza meets Megastylez - Color of My Dreams Snap - Rhytm is a Dancer The Underdog Project - Remember WHIGFIELD - Saturday Night ai esta pessoal tds os nomes delas das 35 musicas valew comentão ai o video ficão com deus?????????
19 Jan 2012
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Amazing street artist shaping cotton candy at Michael Jackson rhytm
14 Jun 2012
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#1 WE NO SPEAK AMERICANO #2 I KNOW YOU WANT ME #3 BLUE MONDAY #4 WALK THE LINE #5 HOT #6 INFINITY 2008 #7 MONDAY #8 TAKE OVER CONTROL #9 RHYTM IS A DANCER #10 WORK IT #11 LET THE BASS KICK IN MIAMI BITCH BÔNUS: #12 THE TIME #13 ALORS ON DANSE #14 LIKE A G6 MÚSICAS para clicar na tela: #15 BARBRA STREISAND #16 RELEASE ME #17 I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO #18 PARTY ROCK ANTHEM #19 MICHAEL JACKSON IS NOT DEAD #20 SPYZER - HEY YOU (RELEASE YOUR LOVE) (TIKOO'S GROOVE REMIX) + + + Conheça as músicas que tocam no quadro "Vai dar namoro" em o melhor do Brasil, apresentado por Rodrigo faro! NÃO COPIE O VÍDEO, FAÇA O SEU! Gostou? Avalie Inscreva-se e receba novidades
21 Dec 2012
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((Paroles)) [Big Ali] Yeah ! Let's Go baby ! [Dadju] Wati B ! Big Aliiii (Hands Up!) On s'hypnotise comme la drogue qui tourne dans le blow (OohOoh) Je ne comprend pas quand tu dis que ça sonne faux (OohOoh) Pas le temps pour toi la miss si tu racontes ton dos (OohOoh) On pourrait be a dream avec toutes sortes de mots (OohOoh) (Let's Go!) Donc laisse moi vivre (Everybody get' stupid) WatiBigAli Laisse ma mélodie T'en est loin d'ici [Black M & Dadju] Plein milieu de la night Black M lui donne un verre d'eau (OohOoh) Gifle dans ta gueule si tu ne chantes pas OohOoh Et si le faut on crie comme Big Ali "Chut ! Tu pourrais te faire mêler dans la petite allée" Big Black M ramène les mecs, les mike miller mais laissez la-bas les p'tites mineurs (Ouh) Oh my god faut que je bosse encore J'suis pas une star tant que j'ai pas mes disques d'or On me dit Dadju n'empêche jamais tu dors, J'aime pas sale fou je dormirais quand je serai mort [Big Ali] Wait one minute All back, give me all (?) Wati aaah Jack (?) everybody loose that Bad boy (?) [Dadju] On s'hypnotise comme la drogue qui tourne dans le blow (OohOoh) Je ne comprend pas quand tu dis que ça sonne faux (OohOoh) Pas le temps pour toi la miss si tu racontes ton dos (OohOoh) On pourrait be a dream avec toutes sortes de mots (OohOoh) (Let's Go!) Donc laisse moi vivre (Everybody get' stupid) WatiBigAli Laisse ma mélodie T'en est loin d'ici [Black M] J'arrive sur la piste de danse en moonwaaaaalk Tout le monde fait les gros yeux tellement pour eux c'est trop J'rappe avec la tête de tous les haineux dans mon putain de viseur Oui je sais je fous la haine aux terriens comme l'autre là, Freezer Dis leur que le ons il tourne pas que sur Deezer (Deezer) Que JoeyStarr ne répond pas sur Twitter [Big Ali] Swatching Watistem First like Jay-Z in poppin' play And no way to stop the kill, Action Man vs. Wolverine Double vie, RT, EB, EG, RL, Eh oui ! All the best ! Merciiiiiii [Dadju] On s'hypnotise comme la drogue qui tourne dans le blow (OohOoh) Je ne comprend pas quand tu dis que ça sonne faux (OohOoh) Pas le temps pour toi la miss si tu racontes ton dos (OohOoh) On pourrait be a dream avec toutes sortes de mots (OohOoh) (Let's Go!) Donc laisse moi vivre (Everybody get' stupid) WatiBigAli Laisse ma mélodie T'en est loin d'ici [Dry] Stop les problèmes, nous on veut pas d'histoire Fais tourner le son dans tes oreilles, de Paname jusqu'au square DRY, Black tu connais, c'est complet pour ce soir Big Ali feat Wati B impossible de s'asseoir Mais laisse-moi pire quitte à en délaisser ton rhytme Punchy j'ai plus l'time pour mon beat fais vite Que que des singles phénoméno Pour te faire des hits, No One il va pas mollo Trop les crocs devant mon empire Ici les titres et les crânes on les empiles Toujours en marge, j'viens des sommets Ne dors pas car l'oseille ici n'a jamais sommeil [Dadju] On s'hypnotise comme la drogue qui tourne dans le blow (OohOoh) Je ne comprend pas quand tu dis que ça sonne faux (OohOoh) Pas le temps pour toi la miss si tu racontes ton dos (OohOoh) On pourrait be a dream avec toutes sortes de mots (OohOoh) (Let's Go!) Donc laisse moi vivre (Everybody get' stupid) WatiBigAli Laisse ma mélodie T'en est loin d'ici WatiBigAli !!!
2 Jan 2013
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- The wonderful theme song of Gundam Wing ^^ Lyrics are shown below - in English!!! *I didn't do the translation myself, so don't blame me for a wrong translation... - I have the song in mp3; if you want it, I prefer trading another song. I also have 'White Reflection', 'Battle Theme', 'Who Burns Away', 'With Only My Words' and 'Rhytm Emotion'. JUST WILD BEAT COMMUNICATION While being pounded by rain I want to let you know the unfading hot feelings in side me TONIGHT! I held your damp shoulders to warm you Your fingers tremble--what are they seeking? In broken speech, tell me why you want this pain You no longer seem so grown up, as your pretenses fa de I want to protect this image of you-- Believe that love will change sadness to strength * JUST WILD BEAT COMMUNICATION Don't be afraid of anything Because noone's going to take away the shared feelings of now, our youth JUST WILD BEAT COMMUNICATION While being pounded by rain I want to let you know the unfading hot feelings inside me TONIGHT! Until the far away dawn, I want to spend the night nestled close to you We can lose everything else, as long as we don't lose gentleness From words, through kisses, we feel each other's heartbeats Drawing passion near, for an instant, for eternity... Painfully, violently, I want to focus on this In this tearful situation, only you are precious JUST WILD BEAT COMMUNICATION Don't surrender anything Because, if we both understand each other, we'll be able to fight as one JUST WILD BEAT COMMUNICATION Don't let go of love This overflowing, hot face will tell you its deepest secrets TONIGHT!
10 Feb 2013
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NO copyright infringement intended and NO financial gain by this upload All rights go to their rightful owner/s Sorry for the fact, that it's a liitle too fast- that's because of youtube. my original video is in the right rhytm
3 Jun 2013
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Rhytm and garbage can make sense.. :) This is full footage of the movie from fantastic group STOMP - Out Loud.
4 Sep 2013
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Feel free to sudscribe to my channel for a daily trance, house lounge , chillout music Check out my other channel ************/channel/UCbx35dmq6nfnEFq85smxGLg Erotic Chillout and Rare Grooves 2013 ***********/watch?v=LoY0EUnxuG0 Buddha Lounge ( Yoga Cafe and Chillout Bar Sessions ) 2013 ***********/watch?v=YwiHLJJF92c Buddah Tibetan Lounge Masters Vol2 ***********/watch?v=24MymyIyZG8 Sexy Chillout del Mar Ibiza Lounge Cafe 2013 ***********/watch?v=JluokgMcxh4 Artist : VA Album : Erotic Lounge Bar Sexy Chill Out and Relax Session Year : 2013 Genre : Lounge, Chillout, Relax Label : RTM Quality : CBR, 320kbps, stereo Track listing 01/20. Francesco Demegni - Don't Forget 02/20. Sphunk - R U Happy in This World? 03/20. Diego Polimeno & Alberto Vigano' - Tramonto di un giorno d'estate 04/20. Bluelight - Wood - Theep Mix 05/20. Easy J - Lounge Theme 06/20. The Models - Lounge Tree - Cinematic Mix 07/20. House Of Jazz - Hilton Bad - Jazzhouse Mix 08/20. Esotica - Indu Passion 09/20. King Sinth - And You Won't 10/20. Cool Beach - Deeper and Deeper - Cool Bass Mix 11/20. LB Sound - Impact 12/20. Lover House - Alther Sckelmer - Piano's Rhytm Mix 13/20. NYC Lovers - Ilon Town - Manhattan Groove Mix 14/20. Fast Connection - Oltreoceano 15/20. Benotto - Drive My Destiny 16/20. Deep Elements - Varion - Deep One Mix 17/20. Enrico Lenardis dj - Ibizenca 18/20. Jet Set - Bossacabana 19/20. Deep Tune - Flute 20/20. Francesco Demegni - Hold Playing Time : 94:34 relaxing meditation music meditation music relaxing meditation meditation music relax relaxing piano music relaxation meditation relaxing music ocean relaxing music sleep relaxing voice relaxation music guided meditation spa relaxing thunderstorm sleepy music soothing relaxing music guided sleep meditation yoga meditation music alpha waves chinese relaxing music meditations music to study jamaican music mantra mediation classical music
15 Oct 2013
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