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*******www.lookatmebaby****/ LAMB's RaDDical Twist Hair Bow Making rib-Bands.
6 Sep 2009
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*******www.LearnHowToMakeBows**** I love free stuff! How about a free video and written step-by-step instructions to make a boutique bow? Easy to follow, simple instructions for free! Have fun!
6 Sep 2009
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Free instructions on how to make boutique hair bows - *******www.lookatmebaby****/
6 Sep 2009
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Free instructions on how to make boutique hair bows provided by *******www.mycraftingmom****/
6 Sep 2009
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Over the Moon Ribbons presents
19 Nov 2009
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How to Sew- 10 Essential tools you need by Jini Pinto of www.Step-by-Step-Sewing****
15 Dec 2009
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I show you how to put together ribbon loopy bows to make a pretty cake topper. The finished bow should be inserted into a posy pic before being pushed into a cake. Half fill the posy pic with a little fondant to hold the ribbon topper in place.ho
26 Mar 2010
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I bought more shoes this week, so I made a compliation of the remaining shoes in my collection that haven't been in any videos yet. Eventually I'll use all of them in their own video. The Birkenstocks probably won't be in any videos because they're for comfort not looks. The final pair isn't what I would usually buy but I thought they would work well in a trample video with my toenails painted black. Maybe you will have a favorite pair? ***********/ShoeF3tish Song: "Hella Good" by No Doubt Shoes: Tortoise Shell Slingback Platform Heels (Steve Madden); White Patent and Cork Mules (Guess); Brown Satin Kitten Heels (Steve Madden); Black Patent Slingback and Cork Platform Pumps (Rampage); Black Peep Toe Flats with Bows and White Trim (Steve Madden); Black Kitten Heels with Tiny Patent Bows and Trim (Steve Madden); Grey Pin Stripe Flats with Black Ribbon Bows and Trim; Black Leather and Cork Birkenstocks; Vintage 70s Leather Sandals; Tall Black Platforms with Star Cutouts (Hot Topic) Please rate, comment, and subscribe to see future videos. Thanks!
25 Apr 2009
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This is a pink and green 4 tier diaper cake for a baby shower. The top tier (1st layer) has 8 diapers size 2. Each tightly wrapped into a roll and fastened with a rubber band...then one is placed in the middle and the 7 that are left are placed around it to form a circle. Then use a very large rubberband to hold them all together. 2nd layer has 19 total diapers (size 2). I used 7 to make the center and 12 outside the center....all secured the same way and then finally with a huge rubberband. The 3rd layer has 40 total size 2 diapers....I did sneek in some size 3 diapers too. I put 8 diapers in the center, then 13 around the center then 19 round that layer. To make the bigger layers more secure....make the center rounds and fastened with the huge rubberband then when you do the next layer fastenen it with another rubberband....then when you are doing the final layer secure the very outside with another larger rubberband...if you do not have one large enough tie it tight with a ribbon. After I constructed the layers I placed them on a clear plastic party tray from party city or a cake platter would do. I found baby blankets that coordinated with the theme colors (in this case it was pink and green for a baby girl). I folded the baby blakets long and skinny and wrapped the layers with the blanket making sure to end in the back of the diaper cake. I fastened the blankets by tucking it into itself in the back and then I added a ribbon in a coordinating color and I hot glue it in the back ribbon to ribbon. I added baby shoes and a ribbon bow to the top. I added various baby items all of the cake (pacifiers, baby bath, baby lotion, baby toys in the coordinating colors, baby socks and mittens tucked together and the tops ruffled out to mimick roses.) I did poke a dowel down the center of the cake to make it more secure but I didn't find that was necessary. Good luck on your cake and have fun! I did! (Sorry I haven't sent this out sooner...I've been preparing for Hurricane Gustav!...we live near New Orleans.
24 May 2009
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Nail Art Tutorial - using 3D stickers *You can find Dotting pens in Nail supply stores or on Ebay *Ribbons/bows were bought from a shop in Hong Kong called Sasa. Also try Ebay and Nail supply stores.
7 Sep 2009
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Learn how to decorate a chair for any special ocassion with fabric, ribbon bows, and flowers
15 May 2010
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Celebrate the holiday season in style with the Barbie Collector 2010 Holiday Doll. Dressed in a snowy white gown with red and gold accents, Barbie is ready for winter wonderland festivities. Ideal for the adult collector but suitable for children six and up, this special-occasion Barbie's fabulous dress and accessories will give your collection a merry holiday touch. This holiday season glows glamorous 2010 Holiday Barbie doll shines in her snowy white gown Beautiful red and gold-studded bodice, extra-long red wrap, and ribbon bow Magnificent head piece and chandelier earrings complete the look For the Adult Collector A Dramatic Winter Look for Holiday 2010 Glamorous Barbie is ready for the winter ball in her full white gown with a red and gold bodice, red wrap, and red ribbon bow. To complete her snow queen look, she wears removable white heels, a golden headpiece bejeweled with red gems, and matching drop earrings. Barbie's festive ensemble is finished with dazzling detail--a full, wavy mane, flawless makeup, and an impeccable manicure. An Ideal Holiday Doll for Collectors Barbie's packaging makes her an ideal collectable. With the snowy, joyful background and Barbie's photo-worthy pose, the entire package has definite eye-catching energy and a mirthful aura. The removable cardboard prop beneath her skirt keeps her dress round and voluminous. Out of the box, you'll notice that elements of Barbie's dress are kept in place with thread. If purchasing the doll as a toy for your child, you may need to snip these threads so that Barbie can be changed easily. The position of her arms, which are not straight as with most Barbies, may also make this holiday version a tad challenging for young kids to change. But whether you purchase Holiday Barbie as a collectable or toy, you'll be pleased with her complete and festive accessories. Product Description 2010 HOLIDAY BARBIE® Doll: Celebrate the holidays with this beautiful Barbie® doll in her snowy white gown with beautiful red and golden bodice, red wrap and ribbon bow. Magnificent headpiece and chandelier earrings complete the festive look. Doll cannot stand alone. For ages 6 and over.
6 Oct 2012
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If you need to learn how to tie the ribbon that goes around the package first, here is my tutorial for that: ***********/watch?v=A4Brz8gmbuw I have another bow that is very easy that you may want to try: ***********/watch?v=EvDf8GV8Cvg How to make your own curly ribbon bows: ***********/watch?v=nv0xhUVyVWI (super simple) Also see my Dior bow (or triple loop bow). ***********/watch?v=EvDf8GV8Cvg
21 Dec 2012
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¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨) ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨) (¸.•´ (¸WANNA MAKE MY DAY? SUBSCRIBE! (¸.•´ (¸ (¸.•´ (¸ (¸.•´ (¸ How to Light a Christmas tree and How to Decorate a Christmas tree Christmas Decorations by San Diego Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson who shares her personal Christmas Decorating tips What The Buck response video on how to decorate your Christmas Tree. Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson takes you behind the scenes and teaches you the steps behind the magic. Decorating your Christmas tree is a layering process that has an impact on how your tree looks when finished. step #1. Put up the tree and fluff the branches (if artificial:-) step #2. Light the tree step #3 and 4. add twig type or icy branch garlands step #5. Add the balls and ornaments starting from the inside out. step #6. Add strings of jeweled garland and ribbons/bows. step #7. Add the ice cycles to the tips of branches step #8. Top the tree with something special like an angel, bows and artificial flowers and branches or in my case a large snow flake. #1 Christmas Interior Decorating Part 1..... Ideas, Tips and INSPIRATION! ***********/watch?v=-imV204WEXU #2. Interior Designer's Christmas Tree decorating tips ***********/watch?v=4mKjxiI9vVE #3. How to decorate the staircase for Christmas ***********/watch?v=nsJkTAYt_XU #4. Christmas Decorating Part 4 Fireplace Mantle and Table Settings ***********/watch?v=xs9WcPXZUbA #5. Christmas Decorating Part 5 adding the sparkle! ***********/watch?v=Y2jctuWO-T0 #6. Christmas ... The True Joy ... by Interior Design Guru ***********/watch?v=nFsDJbjllq8 #7. How To Wrap a Gift or Christmas Present ***********/watch?v=X7-1DRvX-LU #8. How To Make a BOW for Christmas Gift ***********/watch?v=ZNBVDP_CRik #9. How to set the table ...which side does the Fork go on? ***********/watch?v=RzozmyCWsc0 #10. How to Set a beautiful Table for Fabulous Entertaining! ***********/watch?v=57iQHZR8cwY #11. How to set a Beautiful Table for Fabulous Entertaining... bonus tips ***********/watch?v=Z7_e0cCQBMI #12. How to give a GIFT ***********/watch?v=mDOv2kK7Iok #13. CHRISTMAS Decorations "how to" Store and Organize ***********/watch?v=JxA80m-33hM #14. Christmas decorations HAUL !! ***********/watch?v=2W8fwWB5hfQ EXTRA VIDEOS.... Interior Design Flower Arranging by Interior Designer ***********/watch?v=WYjFLsfM3yE Interior Decorating Gift Wrapping Tutorial ... by Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson ***********/watch?v=XDha2lQRMMQ Category: FOR PART 1 IN SERIES: ***********/watch?v=-imV204WEXU FOR PART 3 IN SERIES: ***********/watch?v=nsJkTAYt_XU FOR PART 4 IN SERIES: FOR RESPONSE VIDEO TO YAY CHRISTMAS: ***********/watch?v=oTR8a96fAJ0 FOR BOW MAKING TUTORIAL: ***********/watch?v=ZNBVDP_CRik FOR GIFT WRAPPING TUTORIAL: ***********/watch?v=X7-1DRvX-LU
30 Apr 2013
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Hot high heels, shoes, sandals, flats and Summer shoe collection and shoe haul dance video! Spankie Valentine shows shoes in animal print, studded heels, spike heels, glitter, and bright color shoes! Perfect for Summer and all year! ******* Shoes below: Animal Print: Leopard Strappy Pump: *******www.urbanog****/Glance-Leopard-Stiletto-Pump_112_14176.html Leopard Open Toe Sandal: *******www.urbanog****/Liliana-Irena-9-Leopard-Open-Toe-Sandal_114_13998.html Zebra Pump: *******www.urbanog****/Qupid-Neutral-70-Pleated-Zebra-Pump_114_14278.html Cheetah Bow Pump: *******www.urbanog****/Speed-Limit-98-Akey-S-Cheetah-Bow-Pump_114_13846.html Leopard Chiffon Ruffle Sandal: *******www.urbanog****/Wild-Rose-Urban-68A-Leopard-Chiffon-Ruffle-Sandal_114_13838.html Hardware Heels: Black Gold Spikes Pump: *******www.urbanog****/Whip-Studded-Spiked-Round-Toe-Pump_112_13479.html Red Studded Pump: *******www.urbanog****/Liliana-Emma-Studded-Stiletto-Pump_112_14108.html Black with Silver Spikes: *******www.urbanog****/Liliana-Angelina-Spiked-Studded-Pointy-Toe-Pump_112_14204.html Beige Spike Peep Toe: *******www.urbanog****/Liliana-Jordan-Studded-Peep-Toe-Sandal_114_14056.html Bright Colors: Purple Lace Bootie: *******www.urbanog****/Sydney-Floral-Lace-Peep-Toe-Bootie_114_14324.html Pink Cuff Peep Toe: *******www.urbanog****/Wild-Rose-Foxy-50-Cuff-Peep-Toe-Sandal_114_13816.html Red Bow Patent Pump: *******www.urbanog****/Tammy-02-Ribbon-Bow-Patent-Round-Toe-Pump_114_14172.html Red Ruffle Ankle Bootie: *******www.urbanog****/Qupid-Figure-39X-Ruffle-Bootie-Ankle-Boot_116_7212.html Glitter Shoes: Gold Strappy Sandal: *******www.urbanog****/Wild-Rose-Foxy-55-Glitter-Strappy-Sandal_114_14297.html Pink Ballet Flat: *******www.urbanog****/Qupid-Serina-667-Glitter-Round-Toe-Ballet-Flat_108_14134.html Blue T-Strap Sandal: *******www.urbanog****/Gabriell-Glitter-T-Strap-Sandal_114_14048.html Silver Peep Toe Sandal: *******www.urbanog****/P4102-Glitter-Peep-Toe-Sandal_114_12160.html UrbanOG Facebook: *******www.facebook****/urbanogfans Spankie Facebook: *******www.facebook****/spankievalentine Bloopers: ***********/spankievalentine Music: "Jack & Cola" and "Magic" by The Jane Does iTunes: ***********/us/album/invisible-diamond/id340707080?i=340707254&uo=6 Free Download: *******thejanedoes.bandcamp****/track/jack-and-cola Web: *******www.thejanedoes**** (Songs used with expressed written permission from copyright owner)
1 Aug 2013
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This is a tutorial of how to tie a double ribbon bow, I demonstrated this on Create and Craft TV but promised to do a step by step video to add to my video tutorials on my blog. You vcan find all of my tutorials on mt blog here *******www.jakheath****
30 Oct 2013
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