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Actor Richard Wilson talks to whatsontv****** about the magic of Merlin, playing Gaius and spouting spells
16 Sep 2008
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As a Graphic Designer, Web Master and Motion Graphic Animator, I offer One in All Design Service for my customers and Companies, enhancing their ideas and Marketing their Products in all media possible.
29 Dec 2009
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Uploaded with permission of *******www.anightlessordinary******* & Arts Council England ~ Thank you! :D In February 2009 the Arts Council England launched a brilliant new scheme that offers thousands of free theatre tickets throughout England to anyone under the age of 26. The scheme's called A NIGHT LESS ORDINARY (*******www.anightlessordinary*******) Since November 2009 Anthony Head is an official ambassador for the scheme. On November 4th Tony was interviewed at London's Royal Court Jerwood Upstairs Theatre where he talked about his passion for theatre, his role as Uther Pendragon and how it is to snog a troll. Interviewer: Louise Wylie, Arts Council England Note: No copyright infringement intended, uploaded with permission of *******www.anightlessordinary******* . The rights belong to their respective owners.
18 Jun 2010
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Find out more: *************/merlin As Merlin is saved from a terrifying flying monster by a heroic stranger Lancelot. Eager to repay him, Merlin attempts to get Lancelot made a Knight of Camelot. There is, however, one drawback: Lancelot is not of noble blood, and changing destiny is a very risky past time.
15 Oct 2011
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BBC Mel & Griff "Talking Heads" promo featuring appearances by, among others, John Hurt, Letitia Dean, Richard Wilson, Noel Edmonds and Lenny Henry
6 Jan 2009
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