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Callisto always comes back to torture Xena & Gabrielle
17 Jan 2009
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Turn your child into a star! Casting agent Lana Veenker shares tips on how to get your child into show biz -- no matter where you live.
24 May 2011
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Turn your child into a star! Casting director Lana Veenker shares tips on how to get your child into show biz -- no matter where you live.
28 May 2011
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Chapter 31 After they found Joe's phone everyone was exhausted and fell quickly asleep. Well, everyone but Kirsten.. Kirsten's POV It took me forever to fall asleep. I couldn't help but think about Nick. He was on my mind all the time anyways, and this just made it worse. I had just finally drifted into an uneasy sleep, when I felt someone's hand touched my shoulder. The hand was icy and cold, and my eyes flew open. I was about to scream, when the hand covered my mouth. Terror filled my body. I struggled to escape from the persons hands. It was dark and I couldn't see who it was. Suudenly the person flipped me over and whispered in my ear. ????: Stop moving brat. Kirsten: SAM!? Sam: What? Kirsten: Let me go! Suddenly a new voice spoke... ?????: No way bitch! You stole my boyfriend, and it's time to get rid of you. Realization sung in when I heard the voice. I knew I had to make a scene or I was in trouble. I had to get Joe or Kevin to wake up! Kirsten:....Miley.... Miley: Mhmm? Kirsten:...Sam.. Sam: What? Kirsten: Sam, why are you teaming with her!? I didn't do anything to you!! If you want her back, you think you can force her to go out with you to get me back? She's not like that!! Miley: Just shut up slut!! Ok, this wasn't working. I had a plan. I lay still a nd quiet for a whole two minutes, and they thought I had fallen asleep. Sam: What is she doing? Miley: I dunno. Maybe she died. Sam: *cough* idiot! She's planning something!! Miley: No she's not! Or..well.. i dunno... Both of them started arguing, so I braced myself, Sam's hand let go of me and I bolted to the bedroom door screaming the whole time as loud as I could. I didn't make it far; Miley tackled me, but a light came on and in flew....NICK!?? Nick: MILEY!?? Suddenly Joe appeared at the door, followed by Kevin, then Alyssa and Abbey. Joe: NICK!?? Alyssa: SAM!!?? Kevin: MILEY!?? Abbey: Uhhh ABBEY!!! *This time, it was Alyssa's chance to shove Abbey* Alyssa: Sam!! Oh my god! What is your freakin problem!? Can't you just stay out of my life!?? Abbey, can you go call the cops. I'm getting him gone for good. Joe: Miley's in trouble too. They both broke in. Kevin: Kirsten, are you okay!? Kirsten: Yeah I'm fine! They were gunna 'get rid of me' in Miley's words... Nick looked at Miley. Nick: Are you still so not over me that you have to try and kill my GIRLFRIEND!? *Kirsten's face lit up* Miley: Nick!! Please don't call the cops! This kid here dragged me into it!! Nick: I'm sure. Now your ruined, Miley. You could've had a bright future... Joe looks at Sam angerly. Joe: Can I punch this kids guts out please!? *Sam backs against the wall, remembering that Joe packs a powerful punch* Alyssa: No, Joe, you don't wanna end with the same fate as Miley. *turns towards Abbey who just finished calling the cops* Are they coming?\nAbbey: Mhmm. Sam: *Starting to panic* Alyssa! please! I-I-I-I just love you still! Alyssa: Sam, if you loved me you wouldnt try and kill my best friend or boyfriend, and you would just be my friend. *Sam gets desperate, and lunges forward to Alyssa and starts kissing her. Joe acts fast and rips Sam away from her.* Joe: WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK THAT WAS ABOUT!? Sam lunges forward and this time, kisses JOE!! Kevin: WHAT THE ****!!?? *Joe pushes Sam off of him and both Alyssa and Joe wipe their mouths and look disgusted* Alyssa: Who are you!? I don't even know you anymore... *Alyssa starts to cry and Joe wraps her up in his arms and holds her tight. Sam has a look of jealousy on his face* Suddenly the police crash through the door, and head straight for them. They immeaditely grab Sam and Miley and protestingly, drag them out the door. *After the police had left, and questions had been asked.* Abbey shut the door behind the police and shook her head. Abbey: Watch the news tomorrow...this'll be across the world... Kirsten was standing in the doorway to the kitchen, slightly shaken. Nick was standing behind her but she didn't realize it. Kirsten: That was frightening... Nick:...And so was the thought of losing you. Kirsten wiped around and stared at Nick
28 Feb 2009
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Please view my video and pass it on to your friends and colleagues. The more viewers I get, will support my case in the court of public opinion and pressure the three involved companies, Chrysler, Compuware d/b/a Professional Services, and Combustion Components to settle my 11 year homelessness. update video on the following link: vimeo****/5000559 Link to my video: ***********/watch?v=H_bqrNZL7YA or logon: youtube Search: Corporate Blacklisted engineer I worked as a Mechanical Design Engineer for almost 20 years collectively for the following companies; Pratt and Whitney, Williams International, Ford Motor Company, and as a contract engineer for Compuware d/b/a Professional Services at Chrysler Corporation in Auburn Hills, Mi. It is the latter two to which I am forging my complaint as they told prospective employers, my private investigator and my newspaper reporter, that I was not employed by them, thus blacklisting me, and preventing from all future employment. I believe that they did this to me because I found fault with one of Chrysler’s automotive designs that could have resulted in a safety issue, that they did not want to fix and it was easier and cheaper to get rid of me. I took my case all the way to the Supreme Court in Washington, DC and in Boston’s Federal court ….all courts denied me justice. A lawyer representing Chrysler offered me $1000 to settle the case about 2 years ago which I refused since I felt it was like a slap in the face compared to the injustice they have caused me. Your viewing of my video will greatly help to end my 11 yrs of homelessness by increasing public awareness of my case and consequently, will send Chrysler, Compuware and combustion components a direct message that I am not giving up and refuse to go quietly into the night. Thank you for your time and consideration, Bill Butler phone 508 620 2458 Read my story in progress at the following: www.billsin.ning**** Click on blog post! www.blacklistedengineer.blogspot****
10 Jun 2009
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I'm back! Just when you thought you'd gotten rid of me, I'm back with another video update. You've been warned.
12 Oct 2010
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