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*#92702689# press & see the lifetimer Install nemesis service suite download here-*******www.b-phreaks******/files/NS S/ when instaling select virtual usb divice Install nokia pc suite download here-***********/files/support /global/phones/software/Nokia_PC_Suite_r el_7_0_7_0_eng_web.exe Connect phone via USB - Open Nemesis Click on magnifying glass on the right Click on "phone info" icon Click on "permanent memory" tab on the lower right near "Fbus info" tab Click on "write" button Then choose to open the "" file here-*******rapidshare****/files/1311693 98/ wait That's it! Reboot the phone and type *#92702689# SURPRISE! Now you have 0 hours of talk. tested on n73,n70,n72,n80,6630,6680,n95,6110 navigator,e61i. donate some credit via paypal to kanishkaprryahoo**** coments & questions are wellcome
9 Nov 2008
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Hello again, this is Kyle with and today I have a cool little tip for everyone. If you're not a geek, then this probably won't mean a whole you, but it can provide you with some very useful information. If you have ever pressed: "ctrl+alt+delete" and chosen "task manager" then you know that you can monitor your cpu usage and all of the programs and applications currently running on your computer. Most people only use this when their computer freezes up and they don't know what else to do to unfreeze it. Sometimes it is very useful to have a shortcut to this, either on you're desktop or in you're quick launch bar, but this can be difficult to accomplish if you aren't very computer savvy. Now this is the part where I come in and teach you how to do this little task in a matter of 20 seconds. That being said, lets get started with this! Below is a screen recording video of myself demonstrating this process of creating the desktop shortcut to the task manager. There is also text below the video that states what is happening in the video, if for some reason you would rather read through this instead of watch it. First off, you are going to need to go to your desktop. I do this by using the keyboard shortcut, "windows key+D". If you don't know what the windows key is, it is in the bottom left of your keyboard right between ctrl and alt. Just hold that key down and press the D key on your keyboard at the same time, and you're computer will minimize everything and show your desktop. Now you need to right click on a blank spot and go to the tab that says, new, and then click on the tab that says, shortcut. This will pop a box on your screen that says, "This wizard helps you to create shortcuts, to local or network programs, files, folders, computers, or Internet addresses. Type the location of the item." Below that there will be a box where you can submit text into. Click in the box and type, "taskmgr.exe" and then press next. Now there will be another box asking you to state the name of the shortcut. You can put whatever you choose in this box. In my case I'm going to put, Task Manager. Then just click finish and you will see a new icon on your desktop. At this point you're almost complete, there is only one more step if you would like to customize it a little more for your liking. To do this you need to double click on the shortcut you just created and you should see a familiar screen. In the top click, options, and in the dropdown list there should be a few things already ticked. If not, don't worry they don't need to be ticked. In that list there will be an option that says, Hide When Minimized. Just click that and you're all set! Now when you minimize that window, it won't show up in your taskbar, but if you look to the right, in your system tray, you will see a new icon there that shows the cpu usage on you're computer. Now whenever you want to see how much cpu you're computer is using, you just need to look in the system tray and you will get an estimate of how much cpu is being used. I do need to site one source for this. I found this information at: ***********/en-us/library/bb727136.aspx and I thought it was useful so I decided to pass it on to all of you! If you think you have a tip or trick that is useful, then contact me and let me know! If I think its good enough, I might even make a video out of it!
22 Nov 2009
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music by linkin park song name is numb using ares is not illegal. ares is a p2p (peer 2 peer) network. first go to google and type in ares 2.0.9 then click on the link that saids in green letters filevolution**** after that click on download. when it finishes the download go to ares and click on search. type in the song you want and there will be a list of songs. double click on the one you want. when the song finishes downloading go to your folder right click on the song and click on locate file. there drag your new song to where ever you want it.
9 Dec 2008
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I used a theme I found on Deviant Art and True Transparency. Follow the links.. *******www.savefile****/files/1066056 [click Download File in the orange button] *******bf-87.deviantart****/art/Vista-Theme-for-XP-67785264 [Right click, extract, send to "C:\WINDOWS\Resources\themes"] if I got that wrong its in the video. enjoy!
24 Oct 2008
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10 Aug 2008
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13 Aug 2008
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A video of Halo 2 PC showing the Gravity Gun Mod. Gravity Gun: -to set it to gravity gun press the big huge button that says "set to gravity gun -to set it to jetpack, change the box with jetpack force to 1 and shoot at the ground -to set it to death ray, change the damage to 1000000000000 I did not create this mod, it is free to download of the internet. Links: Grav Gun Link ~ *******dl.dropbox****/u/8699825/halo/ (right-click and save target as) .rar extractor click on the file once it is downloaded and in the list it should say 7-zip, click that and go to extract here. It will go into a new folder. Have to run it as an administrator for it to work. When i said about the screen recorder after FRAPS in the credits that was a mistake
14 Aug 2008
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Harness the power of the "Send To" menu and send files anywhere with a right click of the mouse!
18 Aug 2008
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Haha Photoshaap.. stupid robovoice XD sorry i had no mic To make it more clear 1. Right click on the task bar 2. Select "toolbars" > adress 3. Unlock your taskbar by right clicking on the taskbar then "Unlock the taskbar 4. Drag de addres more to the right 5. enter anything from webpages to programs, =)
21 Feb 2009
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Video walkthrough on how to install a menu that displays on right clicking the mouse which allows you to access extra functionality and settings on the Acer Aspire One
23 Sep 2008
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Need to find your most used folders fast on Xp? How about creating a quick reference list that is a right click away?
31 Aug 2008
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So, if you are like me, a maniac wanting perfection in everything using little or no effort, you should know about Mouse Gestures by now. Using a right click and a few mouse movements someone could go back, go forward, increase or decrease the font size, open and close a new window or tab in Google Chrome, Safari for Vista or Total Commander. *******mousegestures.blogspot****/
12 Sep 2008
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first sign up under this link after that go to your layout section and create five or more layouts when that is done run each layout on a tab .note you must download firefox for this to work if you do not have firefox her is the link once that is done download the add on called reloadevery download link then once that is done set the reload time to 3 seconds on each tab.note you must right click on the webpage to find the add on and watch the views skyrocket.note you must log off your yuwie account for this to get the views
14 Sep 2008
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Video Shows How to Auto Lock Computer after n idle minutes (no input from mouse or keyboard) using Turn Off Monitor Utility from *******www.monitoroff**** Download and Install Turn Off Monitor Utility and then Right Click on System Tray Menu and Select [Turn Off Monitor If Computer Idle] , Specify the Duration and Check the checkbox [Lock Workstation on Resume] and finally click on Save to close the Dialog Box. Now whenever Computer remains idle for n minutes, the actions configured above would be taken. To Lock Computer / Workstation and Turn Monitor Off Instantly specify the Hot Key Combination in Turn Off Monitor Settings.
28 Feb 2009
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In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful, May the peace of Allah and His mercy and blessings be upon you. This Surah was revealed in Makkah. This is the first and only video of Surat Al-Fiil, recited by Sheikh Salah Bukhatir. For the Commentary, or Tafseer of Ibn Katheer, please go to: To download Tafseer Ibn Katheer, please right click below and click on "Save Target/Link As...": please subscribe and add as a friend. May Allah reward you.
25 Sep 2008
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21 Oct 2008
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