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Gasoline prices in the United States have fallen to their lowest level since 2010. And the reason for that is pretty simple — global oil prices are crashing. But why are oil prices crashing? That's a more complex story, as we explain in the video above.
5 Mar 2017
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8 Mar 2017
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Arguably one of Manchester’s finest Blues bands right now, the Lol Goodman Band step into 2017 with the announcement of their new single ‘Live My Life With The Blues’ on 3 March, alongside the deluxe edition of their new album, ‘Just Wanna Say…..A Little Bit More’, on the same date. With their last single, ‘Don’t Go Fishing’ boasting strong radio play during the Autumn of 2016 and a live set at The Skegness Blues Festival confirmed for January, Lol Goodman Band are clearly make their mark on the scene. The new single, ‘Live my Life with the Blues’, delivers the gritty essence of true Blues music. It’s an almost autobiographical tale of any bluesman that’s had it tough, been through good and bad times, but lives to tell the tales; still dreaming of happiness and fortune. That’s the blues – you can’t sing it if you aint lived it! Lol Goodman has lived it…..‘Live My Life For The Blues’ about people who come and go, and the fact that we’re not always in charge of our own destiny. The personal impact on Lol’s own life of losing his father at a very young age inspired this song, it’s a melodic reminder of how time and life can slip by very quickly. BUT, overall, how we manage to embrace those challenges and overcome the burdens and tough events in our life. So we live life with the Blues, but we still have hope, love and dreams in our heart.
26 Feb 2017
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In Phoenix, Arizona a radio station called Power radio is working illegally with Uber to advance self driving car technology. They are paying people, right now, to drive around and listen to their station. The streetlights are programmed to be in time with the music on Power radio. It's part of some experiment to push new music and automotive technology. They're testing it on the unknowing population here. They do this in all of Phoenix. This video was shot on Priest Drive. Anyone could come see it going on all day long. I'm not sure what their goal is, however here's what I've learned. If you understand music theory this will make sense, if not, hopefuly it does: They want to control time itself The main speed of the whole group is 80bpm or beats per minute Their main accent is on the and of 3 for example when counting in 4: 1, 2, 3(&),4 - 1, 2, 3(&), 4 This is when they "act" or "move", the most, the and of 3. If you're curious: Call Power Radio about this - 602-648-9800 or the Street Transportation Dept, that owns the lights - 602-262-6021
5 Mar 2017
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ATX Web Designs a Austin Web Design, Digital Marketing Company. Growing Businesses, Transforming Brands. The mobile device or tablet you’re holding in your hand, or the desktop screen you’re looking at right now is the golden key to unlocking the growth your company needs. We are a high-level web design & digital marketing agency in Austin TX specializing in SEO, PPC, web design & development that increases your business revenue.
8 Mar 2017
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When it comes to teaching English, there can never be more fulfilling feeling than a little challenge and successful students. This is what you will receive when going for TEFL teaching in Thailand. If a little challenge does not deter your determination then contact Media Kids Academy right now and plan your future dream job in breathtaking Thailand!
11 Mar 2017
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You probably don’t know that there is a place where the evil tree of the souls is located. This might seem as a regular tree, a harmless tree as all other, but actually the whole world is in danger right now because the evil tree collects all souls in it, making them evil. Just imagine what could happen if this tree manages to collect all souls in the world. The evil will become dominant and only bad things will happen around us. That is why Harold and his daughter Patricia came to this place, to use their supernatural powers and beat the evil tree, helping the world stay peaceful and good as it is at the moment.
13 Mar 2017
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13 Mar 2017
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This is our old version. It's actually what;s on the website right now. We are trying to modernize. Feedback is more than welcome.
20 Mar 2017
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January-February of this particular year there were over sixteen hundred and eighty defaulting homeowners in Massachusetts. It's still a problem right now for us there's still a backlog of homeowners even from the 2005 era who haven't received help from their lender or were caught in a paperwork ball that we couldn't get out of. So we're here for you in that case we are still working tons of short sales. If you're a listing agent and you need some help on a short sales give us a call and we can walk you through the process we are unlike any firm out there and do our research. We close our sales and it's really important for us to get all the way to the completion if you are a homeowner and you just have questions about the process or want to see what your options are in this market call us today my phone number is listed right here on the website and its 97 83 84 00 32 #MassachusettsLossMitigation #Massachusettsshortsales #Massachusettsshortsalenegotiator #lossmitigationshortsale #shortsalesmassachusettslisting #shortsalesinMassachusetts #lossmitigationMassachusetts
23 Mar 2017
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Book our luxury and Cheap Limo Service right now by Call Us:- (800) 371-1434.
27 Mar 2017
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You can browse the shared folders and devices on your PC, and who is connected to your PC right now. You can kick users and close their sessions if you want!
19 Dec 2006
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See the damning evidence shown of the terrorist hoax being repeated RIGHT NOW !
2 Feb 2007
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What Steve Irwin is doing Right Now by Roger and Waco
7 Feb 2007
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Paul shares his in the moment definition of who he is and what he is working on in his life right now...
19 Sep 2007
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Rome, Florence, Venice June 2007: Italy Right Now! brought to you by the Italian Broadcasting Company the only Italian travel channel and television network in English
21 May 2007
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