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I hate moving it's annoying and tiring, so I haven't had much time to work on this. But for this song I think simple and clean works best.
12 Jan 2011
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30 Apr 2011
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Dla Ukochanej Hime ;* (Dla Kasienka161190) Kocham cie z całego serca mojego kochana Kasiu , to był najwspanialszy dzień i zarazem iseki (cud) gdy mogłem cie tylko poznać :* ! Zaczęło się wszystko od wspaniałej przyjaźni do dziś pamiętam co do mnie napisałaś tamtego dnia jak tylko sobie to przypomnę pojawia się uśmiech na mej twarzy,naszą przyjaźń umacniała się coraz szybciej i mocnej aż nie zaważyliśmy że kochamy się w sobie gdy nadszedł dzień rozstania to w tedy pojawiły się prawdziwe nasze uczucia choć je skrywaliśmy to i tak wyszły z nas ;* od tamtej pory jesteśmy ze sobą i kochamy się bardzo i właśnie dzięki tym uczuciom stworzyliśmy nasz własny świat miłości ! KOCHAM CIE MOJA UKOCHANA KSIĘŻNICZKO (całus)
23 Sep 2011
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21 Feb 2012
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Un vieil homme et une jeune femme se rencontrent à Tokyo. Elle ne sait rien de lui, lui croit la connaître. Il lui ouvre sa maison, elle lui propose son corps. Mais rien de ce qui se tisse entre eux en l'espace de vingt-quatre heures ne tient aux circonstances de leur rencontre
11 Oct 2012
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Akiko verdient bij in de prostitutie om haar studie te bekostigen. Wanneer ze op een dag een ongewone klant treft, betekent dit het begin van een bijzondere relatie tussen haar en de oude man.
10 Jan 2013
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Un uomo anziano e una giovane donna si incontrano a Tokyo. Lei non sa nulla di lui, lui crede di conoscerla. Lui la accoglie a casa sua, lei gli offre il suo corpo. Ma nulla di ciò che succede nel corso di quelle ventiquattro ore è legato alle circostanze del loro incontro.
26 Apr 2013
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Little Nils (a fomous funny characte rin Germany) smells something strange! But he is very convinced,, that he doesnt have anything to do with this smell ;)
6 Dec 2006
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This AMV is about the relationship between Kaede and Rin from 'Shuffle'. It shows how their relationship deteriorates into sorrow, then madness (I would choosen insanity, then madness if Kaede had any scenes of manic laughter). To illustate this mood the song I chose was 'They're Coming To Take Me Away Ha-Haaa!' by Napoleon XIV (AKA Dr Demento). I spent more time editing this video than I did making it. Also I decided to cut the last two choruses to give the ending more impact.
15 Feb 2007
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simple lang na parang maaliwalas na treatment. sa may dulo you can see may nilagay ako na trail sa jump. naisip ko puede rin siguro 'yung effect na tipong nagsstay yung trail tapos mag f-freeze frame siya sa peak ng action. yun, idea lang. haha. mas sporty/active ang dating. i like the first sample though...
31 Jan 2008
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It must be a pretty tough life, what with all the girls competing for Rin's affections. Kaede's running herself ragged to keep his belly full and his house clean. Spunky Asa can't keep her hands off him, even if most of the time she's just slapping the poor boy silly. Nerine's making omelet after omelet, immensely proud of her first cooking achievement. Sia's seeking divine advice and the perfect pair of panties. And the ever-silent Primula just stares after Rin with her big, sad eyes. They all have their charms, that's for sure. But summer break's around the corner and the action's sure to heat up!
4 Apr 2008
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Call of the Wilderness is a pleasant family and pet adventure movie that pits Caesar the Dog against both animal and human foes. Caesar was a cute and cuddly feature film star that was often compared to Rin Tin Tin during his film run. Using both intelligence and brawn, Caesar must save himself and his family in Call of the Wilderness. Leading his loving family through the forests, Caesar battles with rattlesnakes and even mountain lions on his way to proving himself a worthy dog. Call of the Wilderness exemplifies early talking cinema, and is great wholesome family fun from the 1930s.
27 Jul 2009
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