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Hi! I hope you'll enjoy listening to my version of nokia 3310 tones! You can download and have it on your mobile phone! :D Find me on YouTube to see more! Many thanks to my friends Adrianna Kus and Jakub Bobulski for making this cool video! I hope you all like it and notice how good job they have made! I also thank my friend Mariusz who let me use his legandary NOKIA 3310 phone for this video! I played Schecter Damien-Elite 7 guitar, Marshall JCM900 AMP + Laboga Vintage30. Recorded with M-Audio USB device + ShureSM58 and MXL770 microphone.
16 Sep 2017
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I am going to buy this ringtone :)
10 Apr 2006
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How to find ringtones you haven't paid for in your computer. Copyright files are downloaded in your computer, every time you prelisten a ringtone. (and it doesn't stops there). Please more... delete the ringtones after you find them :)
10 Dec 2006
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how to get free ringtones by using the website givememytones**** its free and legal
15 Apr 2007
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Use your video to create a FREE Video Ringtones www.thevideolaod****.
17 Apr 2007
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If you like ringtones and wallpapers but don't want to pay 1$ or 2$ each and at each time . This website made for you.
1 Jun 2007
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i love mosquito ringtones too.. my mom and teachers can't even hear my phone ring ^^ download your 10 bonus mosquito ringtones => SuperHeroRingtones****
23 Jun 2007
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Don't be so dull Be exciting ! I just changed my ringtone Have you changed your ringtone today ? *******SuperHeroRingtones****
23 Jun 2007
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This video will show you how to get free ringtones it isnt a scam i promise im not a scamer, my old girlfriend showed me how to do this and i just wnated to show everone else, it works on almost all phone carriers, this is for cell phones only
18 Aug 2007
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Tonethis is a program that allows you to choose the part of an mp3 or other formats of audio and send to your phone as a ringtone!! it's ALL FREE!! no charges, only charges are those added by your carrier such as data or text messaging... but tonethis charges NOTHING... try it!! if you can't see this video... try *******www.divshare****/download/995685-587 for a larger version... you may even download it for future refrence
27 Aug 2007
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This is a video on how to get free ringtones to your cell phone. Its simple and easy.
28 Aug 2007
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So the iTunes update is out, and now the ringtones are in the library. One problem: I can't get an iPhone in Canada! iTunes is TAUNTING me! It's so frustrating! (more)
17 Sep 2007
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