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Spore has had its controversies -- the DRM in particular -- but I have to laugh when creationists take exception to it. For the record, I don't fancy the game and don't plan to buy it (or, indeed, rip it off). I'm just enjoying the bru ha ha.
28 Sep 2008
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www.ipodsandmacs.blogspot**** Ok, so you got everything in place in your ipod. All your fave music are in there. BUT, one day, you lost your original copy or for whatever case that maybe and all you have is the one that's in your ipod. What will you do? Simply, just rip it off by using Senuti. I love this simple app. Simple and fast. Enjoy:)
20 Feb 2009
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This is one from the archives :) Made back in 2005. The quality is a bit shit, but thats because i had to rip it off youtube since my HDD died with the original file on it :/
24 Mar 2010
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