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Hi, there. This is Paul Beckman (aka... "Palu Rainbow Song"). For personal information, all I have to say is that I'm into self and planetary healing. I'm a "New Age" being into transforming the earth so we eliminate homelessness, starvation and poverty. At the same time I'm into raising my awareness and elevating the mass consciousness of humanity so we live in a loving & caring world instead of an uncaring one. I support "true enlightenment."
Kids Who Rip is an entertainment brand aimed to promote healthy living, youth and family entertainment, in particular, safety in sports. Our vision is to extend our healthy philosophy to youths world-wide.
Adam Savage from Mythbusters, Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht bid goodbye to Reading Rainbow. After 26 years, the sole reason why our generation is literate comes to an end. Plus speculation on a new internet version, a rainbow revamp, which could be coming soon! Take a look; it's in a book.
14 Oct 2009
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