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Riz time pass
11 Mar 2018
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Check out RIZ's new SUMMER SMASH, "Miami". This is his club promo release, following 'Rock The Bed', which was produced by Akon! RIZ has just signed with Ultra Records and is preparing for his summer 2010 full album release! 'Miami' was remixed by one of the most recognized club DJs and producers of Miami - S.H.A.Y aka Shay Cohen (****). RIZ (www.addictedtoriz****) is an upcoming, unique singer and songwriter; exploding on the scene to establish a fresh view and singularity in the music industry. With his Afro-European brand of surgically precise lyrics, RIZ is soon to be hailed as an unexpected but welcomed break to the industry norm. His vocal style is reminiscent of a young Mark Morrison seamlessly blended with an Lady Ga Ga/ Akon/Ne-Yo hybrid. Born in Nigeria, RIZ moved to The Netherlands with his family at age 11. World traveled and fluent in five languages, RIZ has striven to achieve the pinnacle of everything he embarks on. He would soon join together with music producer extraordinaire and former Capitol Records A&R, Roy (Royalty) Hamilton; writer & producer of Joe's 'Stutter', Britney Spears' 'I Got That Boom Boom', and numerous smash hits for R. Kelly, K-Ci & Jojo, 'N Sync & Michael Jackson. Together they collaborated on what was sure to be one of RIZ's best songs to date: 'Sexy Mama', featuring platinum rapper Lil' Zane. Soon after, RIZ caught the ears of Akon, who was mesmerized by his creative melodies and immediately asked him to join the Konvict songwriting family. Riz began writing on upcoming projects for major recording artists, and in the process, met with famed artist manager and industry veteran Jimmy Rosemond (Czar Entertainment), who took interest in his work as well. Through the years, RIZ has seen himself grow and flourish as a singer, songwriter, dancer, entertainer and individual. Drawing inspiration from the past and present- from musical greats Bob Marley, Luther Vandross, Marvin Gaye & Michael Jackson to modern chart-toppers Usher, R. Kelly & Sean Paul- RIZ brings sound and substance to the title 'Prince of R&B'.
15 Apr 2010
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Préparer en écoutant le disque « Allez! Prenez leurs armes » du groupe Pom Pom War. » Consulter la recette: *******
28 Aug 2010
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Une cuisine raffinée et authentique dans un cadre unique. Au Café du Soleil, Madame Kongjon-Keller vous propose des plats thailandais traditionnels accompagnés de grans crus de la région. Café du Soleil Route du Mandement 173, 1242 Satigny Tel: +41-22-7531171, contactcafedusoleilsatigny****, www.cafedusoleilsatigny**** cuisine thailandaise thai riz plats exotiques curry snacks manger boire vin café bistro brasserie
15 Feb 2011
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For three nights of abstinence after their wedding with the youg virgin Boccadoro (Monica Vitti), hot-bloded Sir Guerraldo (Tony Curtis) is persuaded by many means to keep a cool head – apparently it was a Middle Ages ritual known as The Night of Tobias. Unfortunately, before the virile bridegroom gets the reward for his spiritual and moral sacrifice, he has to rush off to war, leaving his bride securely fastened in a chastity belt. She follows him, and steals the key to her belt… only to lose it… The main theme TOBIAS NIGHTS belong to the soundtrack composed by Riziero "Riz" Ortolani (born September 4, 1931 in Pesaro, Italy), one of the best italian film composers.
16 Apr 2012
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A Dog's World (1962)) is a documentary that consists of a series of travelogue vignettes that provide glimpses into cultural practices around the world with the intention to shock or surprise Western film audiences. These scenes are presented with little continuity, as they are intended as a kaleidoscopic display of shocking content rather than presenting a structured argument. Despite its claims of genuine documentation, certain scenes in the film are either staged or creatively manipulated to enhance this effect. At the beginning, there is a scene with a dog pound. At the dog pound, a dog is presumably killed by other dogs through the camera's point of view. At Castellaneta, Italy, there is a statue dedicated to Rudolph Valentino. At the US, Rossano Brazzi has his shirt torn off by his fans. At New Guinea, there is manhunting. Back at the US, bikini-clad girls woo sailors. Back at New Guinea, pigs are slaughtered for a long-waited feast. Riz Ortolani composed the famous soundtrack and the main theme “More” was sung by his wife Katyna Ranieri.
20 Apr 2012
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riz restaurant produced by
31 Oct 2008
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*******www.youniquerichdad**** - Robert Kiyosaki was featured on the international television news show, The Riz Khan Show, which reaches over 180 million viewers worldwide. The interview discussed Robert newest book Conspiracy of the Rich: The 8 New Rules of Money. Are we programmed to be financially illiterate? Do our schools mass produce graduates destined to work for someone else? In 1997, Robert Kiyosaki, a US entrepreneur, decided to self-publish a brochure with advice on investing and personal finances. That publication, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and its sequels went on to sell more than 26 million copies in 38 different languages. The "Poor Dad" he refers to is his biological father, who was highly educated, worked all his life, but had very little real net worth. The "Rich Dad," however, invested in real estate and businesses to generate "passive income," and knew how to take advantage of the tax laws to his benefit. Kiyosaki argues that the only way to break free of the rat race is to support oneself by investments alone. He stresses financial literacy as a means of obtaining wealth.
12 Apr 2010
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*******c-riz.goswanky****/ C-Riz - Atmosphere. Song From the Magic and Madness Album. Coming Soon, by the Independent label CSC Records in Houston Tx. To Buy This $.99 Single and hear more go to: c-riz.goswanky****
8 May 2010
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*******c-riz.goswanky****/ C-Riz Baby Baby. Song From the Magic and Madness Album. Coming Soon, by the Independent label CSC Records in Houston Tx. To Buy This $.99 Single and hear more go to: c-riz.goswanky****
10 May 2010
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*******c-riz.goswanky****/ C-Riz Lets Go. Song From the Magic and Madness Album. Coming Soon, by the Independent label CSC Records in Houston Tx. To Buy This $.99 Single and hear more go to: c-riz.goswanky****
12 May 2010
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*******c-riz.goswanky****/ C-Riz - Sweet Dreams. Beyonce Cover. Song is from the Magic and Madness Album. Coming Soon, by the Independent label CSC Records in Houston Tx. To Buy This $.99 Single and hear more go to: c-riz.goswanky****
13 Jan 2011
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